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Weiss Xander

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Soul Twins". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: The fateful Halloween Xander wore a very specific soldier uniform, unfortunately it was originally worn during an undercover mission by a certain redhead assassin, and there is a very good reason for this, think prophecy, think twins? Slash,sub-muiltcross

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Anime > Weiss Kreuz
Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Theme: Road Trip
EvaMcGregorFR152678,1471013358,07323 Feb 0928 May 09Yes

Chapter One

Weiss Xander

Eva McGregor

Pair: Aya (Ran)/Xander possibly.

Warning: Slash, angst, attempted murder, possible multi partners (not three/moresomes).

Rating: PG-15, subject to change but likely won’t.

Summary: Written because TTH only has two WK crossovers; the fateful Halloween Xander wore a very specific soldier uniform, unfortunately it was originally worn during an undercover mission by a certain redhead assassin, and there is a very good reason for this, think prophecy, think twins? Set just as Xander goes off on the road trip; multi-cross announced as featured.

Disclaimer: not the owner, I’d like to be…..BTVS/ATS owned by Joss, Weiss Kreuz owned by Project Weiss (I think) all other fandom’s owned by their perspective creators; which will likely be Jerry and Don.


Xander was just putting the last of his bags in the back seat of his car when the taxi pulled to a stop letting out a single passenger. Xander gave the person a passing glance as he closed the door.

Then paused.

Did a double take.

Standing on the sidewalk across the street with a duffle bag slung over his shoulder was a very familiar face. One he recognized from the mirror, for a few short hours years ago. There were a lot of things that he could say, or do, in this situation knowing, with an intimate knowledge born from living it, what this man was capable of doing.

But there was only one thing to say.

“How’s Aya?” Xander asked casually.

The tall Asian redhead crossed the street casually stopping on the other side of the car. “As much as I hate to think of it happy without me.” Ran ‘Aya’ Fujimiya said with a soft growl. “Where are you going?” he asked.

Xander tilted his head, the full sentence speech was new, must have been a side effect of both Aya-Chan waking up and the night Xander spent in his body. It was just like Xander had become more observant and silent when he needed to be. Smiling his said. “Road trip. Coming?” he offered.

Aya rolled his eyes. “Someone has to make sure you don’t get into trouble.” He said putting his own bag in the car. “And get into trouble.”

“Must get into trouble.” Xander agreed.

With someone that will have your back, was left unsaid.

Then they were on the road. For a while there was silence, but not the type of uncomfortable silence Xander had been experiencing over the last few months, since the kiss. This was a silence only two lifelong friends could pull off, or maybe two people that knew the intimate details of each other’s minds.

God that was so messed up.

“You know Schuldich was so pissed off when he finally found out why he couldn’t read my mind.” Aya said after a while watching the passing coastal water with interest. “He threatened to find you, but started smoking more instead. I don’t think he knew what he’d do if he ever found you.”

“I can guess.” Xander said grinning. “He really liked you.”

Aya snorted. “Worse than Farfarello.” He said rubbing a hand over his face. “I don’t know what was worse the death attempts on the clock or the grope attempts off the clock.”

“I guess you at least get attention.” Xander muttered.

“Somehow I’d rather be ignored by bitches than hold the attention of serial killers.” Aya said looking at the younger man.

“I’ve had both.” Xander said. “Hey we should go to LA find Deadboy and bug him.”

“How?” Aya asked skeptically. “Have sex in his bed so he knows what he’s missing?”

Xander made a face. “I really don’t want to think about Angel, sex, and you at the same time.” He said merging with traffic to get onto the freeway headed toward LA. “Are you sure you’re still Aya?”

“Do I look like I’m bottling up my emotions so I don’t have a mental break down?” Aya asked raising an eyebrow. “Or at least so I don’t kill Yohji?”

Xander laughed. “Tell me he’s still alive.” He said; he liked the lanky blond for reasons they would never discuss.

Aya looked sad for a moment. “I don’t know. After New York I don’t feel safe trying to contact them.” He admitted. “Yohji vanished shortly before, don’t know why.”

“What happened in New York?” Xander asked curiously.

“Someone got a kid to stab me.” Aya said softly. “A fucking kid no older than ten. I got a plane here as soon as I got out of the hospital. Closed all my accounts the Kritiker could get to. They don’t know about you. Which means they won’t find me easily if they bother to care.”

Xander nodded. “Well, I know mojo. And I know this handy little spell that will keep them from finding us.”

“When did that start?” Aya asked. “And do they know?”

“Hell no.” Xander said shaking his head. “Do you think I’d be here if I did? I mean given Buffy’s personality if I announced I could do magic better than Willow and not botch almost all my spells both would call me jealous or possessed. No its better if they don’t know until I have the money to leave if I have to.”

“Can I gut them then?” Aya asked with just a slightly sadistic smile. “Or give Farfie their number?”

“No,” Xander said but smiled. “Just have my back if you’re going to stay.”

“Always.” Aya promised and they fell silent again.


It was almost nightfall by the time they reached LA. Xander used a simple tracking spell to find Angel’s residence. They left their things in the car; knowing that Angel would likely give them awkward silences then they would have to leave to get away from the uncomfortable atmosphere. However Xander felt it was a good idea to tell the vampire he was in town for at least a week. It was safer that way.

Xander knocked on the office door before he entered the main room with Aya following.

“Hello?” Xander called. “Deadboy? Angel?”

Another door swung open and a slightly shocked ensouled vampire entered the office. “Xander?” he asked temporarily ignoring the redhead. “What are you doing here? Is something wrong in Sunnydale?”

Xander shook his head. “Nah, everything’s fine. Just passing through on our way to see the sights, thought I’d drop by and say hi.”

“Oh.” Angel said unsure of what to say now. “Who’s your friend?” he finally settled on.

Xander smiled. “This is Aya Fujimiya. We were each other for a night. You remember? When I was soldier boy?”

Angel blinked; he looked from Aya to Xander and back again. He opened his mouth, closed it, and opened it again.

Xander grinned. “You’re right this is fun.” Xander told Aya. “We should go find Spike and see what he does.”

“You are not going to go find Spike!” Angel growled, but there was a slight wrinkle at the corners of his eyes suggested that he would like to see Spike’s reaction too. “So do you have a place to stay?” he asked changing the subject quickly.

Xander shook his head. “I think between the two of us we can afford a decent hotel.” He said smiling. “Seriously we just stopped by to say hi.”

“You can stay here.” Angel offered. “I have a pull out couch, if you don’t mind sharing and at least you know nothing will get into your room.”

Xander and Aya exchanged looks. Honestly they hadn’t expected Angel to offer any sort of hospitality. The vampire had always been near hostile to him and Xander knew what Angelus was like even if Aya only had the memories of the soul’d alter ego. With a shrug Aya looked at the vampire. “Why not.” He said for both of them. “I’ll go get out bags before the sun fully sets.”

“Thanks.” Xander said to Angel when the redhead had gone. “Buffy would have freaked.”

“I could smell the difference you know.” Angel said. “Living your whole life on a hell mouth; two in fact if your records are correct. After that night I could tell there was something different, something stayed where everyone else’s memories faded.”

Xander nodded. “Aya remembers to.” He said. “We did more than share a body for a night, we shared our lives. We went through some pretty fucked up things where we had to pretend or die. I don’t think any could possibly understand us like we do each other.”

“Probably not.” Angel agreed. “If Buffy give you problems you’re welcome here. I know how irrational she can be, how closed minded to things that she doesn’t want to see. Which unfortunately is kinda important for a Slayer, they have to be almost completely selfish and task oriented. Or else some demon could use a loved one against them.”

Xander nodded. “Yeah, Aya had to go through that. He couldn’t risk his sister by letting anyone, not even the people he closely worked with to know she existed. Still the enemy used her against him. So I understand Buffy. That isn’t the part that pisses me off. It’s knowing that no matter what I do I’ll always be the weak one to her. Not because I am weak or haven’t proven myself, but because essentially I’m male.”

Angel titled his head to the side thinking about all of his observations with Buffy and how she interacted with Willow and Xander individually. Granted she was a girl, but she was also a feminist when it came to male- female roles. Xander was right, because he wasn’t a body builder or at least had super strength to make her defer to him, Buffy saw Xander as the damsel. It was sad really because he contributed so much by sheer force of will and an extraordinary talent of seeing what no one else did.

“As long as you are alright with whom you are, never let anyone call you worthless, or make you think you are.” Angel advised. “Because you aren’t.”

Xander genuinely smiled. “Thanks Angel.”


Angel got out of bed unable to truly sleep while darkness prevailed, the literal kind this time instead of the metaphorical. Silently he padded toward the stairs that would lead to his office and stopped near the foot of the pull out couch where his two guests slept. A small smile graced his lips at the open comfort both males took in each other. Xander more or less lay on his back, one arm flung over his belly the other resting along the slender redhead’s hip. Aya for his part was molded to the brunette’s side one leg tangled with Xander’s his arm wrapped around the others middle to snuggle closer as he used the bigger man as a pillow. Angel wasn’t sure if they looked like long time lovers or close siblings, but it was a comfort he had never seen in Xander before.

Sighing softly he made his way to his office thinking of the teenager he apparently knew nothing about. Xander had never been comfortable around anyone, the few times he had fallen asleep in the library after a very long night of research or fighting for his life Xander had always woken when someone so much as looked in his direction. He had almost expected Xander to refuse to share the couch bed with his traveling companion, but somehow, knew that this was the one person Xander would never be uncomfortable around.

It was almost like their aura was the same, or maybe they were part of the same person.

Given that they had switched bodies due to a spell that had lasting effects that was understandable. The fact that they were able to find each other was a miracle, and that Aya was a real person, or at least a living person was a one in a billion shot in the dark. From what Angel understood of Ethan’s spell, switching bodies with a living person should have been impossible. But then again, this was Xander, he was the only person Angel knew of that could defy of the law of gravity if he had a mind to, or had no knowledge of the impossibility as the case may be.

Truthfully that didn’t explain why Xander and Aya were so close. Angel would have thought that the boy would never want to meet the person that knew all his secrets. Maybe it was for that very reason that Xander was so close to Aya, he knew for a fact that the redhead would never reject him for some asinine secret. He already knew.

Rubbing a hand over his face Angel looked at the clock. If he was going to have human teenage guests for a week he was going to need something other than water. No sugar or caffeine though, he really didn’t need two bouncing balls of hyper activity. Getting up he grabbed his wallet, luckily two hundred years of smart investing and pilfering had been very lucrative, the boys couldn’t eat him broke at least.

When Angel returned Aya was sitting on his kitchen counter sipping a mug of coffee. Angel really hoped it was coffee.

“Morning.” Aya said softly.

“It’s not even dawn yet.” Angel said setting down his bags and started putting the contents away.

“We’re used to being up this early.” Aya answered. “Xander’s in the shower. “Plus you woke us when you got up.”

“Sorry.” Angel said reflexively.

Aya shrugged. “Whatever.” He said dismissively. “I had to live with three other guys in a trailer once, every time one of them rolled over in their sleep I’d wake up. Finally had to sleep at a hotel. You’re nothing compared to them.”

“I’m not used to sleeping at night.” Angel offered by way of explanation. “So what are you planning on doing today?” he asked changing the subject.

“Shopping.” Aya said with a little smirk. “Get rid of Xander’s eye-bleeding clothes and half of mine are ruined or not meant for the weather. Gonna get phones and a lap top too so we can communicate with others.”

“I’ll make sure you have my email and number.” Angel said. “Just don’t give either to Buffy.”

Aya snorted into his coffee. “If I have my way we won’t be going back.” He promised. “I don’t particularly like you either, but at least you I understand. Xander understands. Expect the sixteen year old girlfriend, ‘cause I’m sorry even human I’d be kicking your ass. But the killing vampire thing I get.”

Angel blinked. “I’ve killed people, and you’re focusing on the sixteen year old girl part?” he asked amused.

“I’ve killed people.” Aya said bluntly. “And my sister is sixteen.”

“How old are you?” Angel asked curiously. He didn’t have to be a vampire with super observational skills to know Aya was telling the truth. Which was kinda creepy looking so young.

“Eighteen.” Aya answered. “Exactly the same age as Xander.”

Angel frowned. “How so?” he asked

“We were born on the same day.” Aya answered smiling into his coffee. “At the same time, the same year, in a hospital called Mercy, by a doctor Kim. However I was born in Kyoto, Japan and Xander was born in Cleveland, Ohio. I think also our parents names are variants of each other.”

Angel blinked. That sort of coincidence was unheard of; sure they could have any number of similarities, like the hospital or the date, but to have so many coinciding points of the start of their lives had to be prophecy related.

“We checked.” Xander said from the door way dressed in jeans and a plan color tee-shirt, his hair damp and slicked back. “There is one reference but no prophecies.”

“What was the reference?” Angel asked almost dreading the answer.

Xander smiled. “Spiritual twins.” He said. “True spiritual twins to be exact. Two halves of the same soul.”
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