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The Guy in Charge

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Summary: A new Goa'uld has risen to the top of the System Lord power structure. He's not as happy as he should be.

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Stargate > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesEvilAuthorFR71565053,19918 Sep 0318 Sep 03Yes
Disclaimer: Characters and concepts belong to their owners who I'm too lazy to list.

"Milord, I have wonderful news!" the First Prime announced to

his god. "The other System Lords have recognized your greatness

and bow to your leadership."

"No..." whispered the System Lord Huu'eziit, looking anything

but pleased. In fact, sitting on the throne of his lone Ha'tak

Mothership, he looked down right dismayed. "It cannot be!"

"Milord?" the First Prime asked in confusion. "Is this not good


"No, it's not!" Huu'eziit snapped. "Perhaps it has escaped your

notice, but every System Lord who has attained supreme power

over the others has soon lost not only their power, but usually

their very lives. Usually at the hands of the Tauri! Ra.

Apophis. Sokar. Anubis. Ba'al. Perhaps you have heard of them,


"Yes, milord!" the First Prime gulped.

"The other System Lords no doubt think I am the most expendable

so they decided I shall be 'Supreme Overlord'," Huu'eziit

continued bitterly, "or whatever title they are using now."

"But, Milord, if you act quickly, you could secure your

position against all threats," the First Prime reasoned.

"Surely you will be the exception."

As if in reply, the ship suddenly shook like a child's toy.

Reports immediately began streaming in.

"Milord! A signifigant number of the crew have turned Sho'fa!

They are attempting to capture the bridge and engine room!"

"Milord! Jaffa are in rebellion on your worlds! Both of them!"

"Milord! It's the Prometheus!"

The last, Huu'eziit could see for himself since he was facing

the external viewport. He ignored the Tauri ship. He ignored

its mighty Asgard weaponry that pounded his shields to

nothingness. He ignored the boarding craft it launched. His

attention was entirely on his First Prime, but said nothing. He

merely raised an eyebrow as if to say, "I told you so."

"My lord!" the First Prime cried as the ship rocked again.

"What shall we do?"

"What shall we do? Hmm, good question," Huu'eziit mused aloud.

He began ticking off his fingers. "My worlds are in rebellion.

My ship is being taken over by a combined force of Sho'fa and

Tauri. They incidently happen to be between us and the shuttle

bays. Since the Tauri control local space, escape pods are

pointless. There is no Stargate on board. And I have already

concluded that the other System Lords have offered me as a

sacrifice so I will find no refuge among them. In other words,

I cannot escape and there is no point in doing so since there

is nowhere to escape to."

"You shall find a way, milord!" his First Prime replied in

complete faith of his god.

"Yes, yes," Huu'eziit said dismissively. "There is a way."

"What are your orders, Milord?" the First Prime asked proudly.

"Hmm, I hear the Tauri treat their enemies well," Huu'eziit

continued. "We surrender."

"Yes! We will sur... what?" The First Prime seemed to deflate


"I said we will..." Huu'eziit began to snap, but something

outside caught his eye and he sighed. "Nevermind."

An instant later, a Tauri boarding shuttle that was built by

the lowest bidder who had cut a few corners suffered a thruster

malfunction and crashed nose first into the Mothership's

bridge. It was a testament to Tauri engineering and design if

not manufacture that the shuttle, its crew, and its passengers

survived with only a few superficial scrapes. The Mothership's

bridge and those in it were a total loss however.

The End

You have reached the end of "The Guy in Charge". This story is complete.

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