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Welcome to the Hellmouth

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Toy Soldiers". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The IDC is working with the United States government, and now eight agencies will learn that the things that go bump in the night are real. Some of them will learn a lot more. (NCIS, CSI, CSI NY, CSI Miami, Criminal Minds and Buffy)

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Multiple Crossings > GeneralSariLaneFR18619,3131411359,09023 Feb 0926 Mar 09Yes

Fishbowls...With Minor Cheating?

Series: Toy Soldiers
Fandom: Multi-Fandoms (Buffy, NCIS, CSI:Miami, NY, and LV, and Criminal Minds)
Summary: The IDC is changing and in its evolution it’s dragging some of the Countries top law enforcement agencies with it. Now these hardened agents and CSI’s will learn what really happens when the sun goes down.
Type: Slash, Het
Rating: FRM
Author’s Notes: Remember this is AU. There will be changes from canon. And there are things happening on some of the shows that will never show up here.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

**Thanks to my Beta, Sere

Twelve women, including Buffy and Faith headed up to the bowls first. Willow held the bowl in her hands and shook it to mix up the papers. “Just an FYI people, there’s no trading! You get what you get! I don’t want anyone getting mad if they want to trade and someone else doesn’t want to… Who’s first?” she asked the girls.

“B,” Faith responded. “She’s the longest lived Slayer. She gets to pick first.”

Buffy looked at the other girls and saw them nodding. Most of these girls had been with them for the Sunnydale battle. It’s why they’d been picked for this program. They had the most experience. Closing her eyes she reached in and grabbed a slip of paper. Reading it she smirked. “Looks like I’ll be heading for Washington,” she told them. “DC that is. I got BAU.” Her eyes rose and met those of Agent Hotchners’, who looked a bit puzzled. “Faith’s next.” In her mind, Buffy sent Willow a message, Wills, can you keep Faith with Xan? I know it’s cheating, but…

Willow smiled at Faith, “Go ahead.” She held out the bowl.

Faith snagged a paper, and read. “I got NCIS, yo. We’ll be neighbors, B.”

Buffy smiled at the dark haired slayer. “Wouldn’t want it any other way, Faith.”

“I remember a time when that wasn’t so true,” the other girl smirked.

The two moved off and the rest of the slayers took their turns. Rona ended up with New York, Amanda with Miami, Vi went to Las Vegas, along with a slayer named Maria Ramirez, Lark went to Houston, and the twins April and Lisa went to Seattle together. Molly and Chao-Ahn would stay in Cleveland, work with the Cleveland police department, and continue to train new slayers.

“Next is witches!” Buffy called out and moved forward to take that bowl.

“I’m first!” Willow jumped in. “But that’s not because I’m like more important or anything it’s just because I can’t stand to wait and not know I’m not at all good with the not knowing I hate surprises I’ve never been good with them at all and I just think that I should go first so I’m not standing back there anxious and all wondering where I’m going to be sent and then maybe I’ll break out in hives or something-”



“Just pick.”

“Sorry,” the redhead flushed and saw that everyone was staring at her. She chose quickly. “New York! Think of the shopping!”

Buffy smiled, “And you’re just a plane ride away!”

Willow, still smiling, shrugged, “Or a teleport.”

Dawn was next, and she looked at Buffy through narrowed eyes. “I swear if you had Willow do something to make it to where I’m where you are…”

“I didn’t,” Buffy promised.

Dawn smiled, “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Dawn pulled out her slip of paper and started doing a jig. “Oh yeah! I’m getting a tan! I’m going to Miami!” she started singing the Will Smith song and danced away from her sister who was just shaking her head.

A tall girl was next. She was taller than Buffy, but a few years younger. She had dark brown hair that fell in curls to her shoulders, and her eyes were a dark, navy blue. Her name was Quin O’Connor, and Giles had brought her to them from Dublin the year before. She was twenty four and had led a hard life until coming to the IDC. She trembled a bit as she reached into the bowl.

“Everything’ll be fine, Quin,” Buffy assured her younger friend.

“I’m a natural worrier,” the girl told the blonde in her Irish lilt. “What if Davy doesn’t like it wherever we move? What if whatever agency we choose has a problem with children?”

“Not gonna happen.”

Quin sighed and stuck her hand in the bowl, saying a prayer to her Goddess, Brigid. “It appears I’ll be working with both NCIS and BAU.”

Buffy smiled brightly, “Well see! You’ll have me and Faith there!”

This made the girl look slightly relieved, and she moved over to talk to Willow and Dawn. Andrew was next and he practically vibrated with giddiness. “I’m so excited Buffy! Did you ever think this day would come? Did you ever think I’d be sent somewhere as a representative?”

“Honestly? No, but you’ve come a long way, Andrew.”

He opened his slip of paper and gasped. “Oh my Gods!! I’m going to Vegas Baby! Showgirls! Showguys! The best of both worlds! I’m gonna pass out!” Xander and Gunn rushed forward to lead him to chair and push his head between his legs.

The last four witches chose with Abe picking Houston, Marco picking Seattle, and Carina and Eli staying in Cleveland. Thirteen people remained. Three of those thirteen would be staying in Cleveland to help with the watchers and slayers in training.

Dawn had moved up and grabbed the bowl, bickering with her sister about how it was her turn to hold it. Giles came forward.

“I would like to choose first, Dawn.”

“I still can’t believe you’re just not delegating,” she told him.

He gave her a smile, “Now that wouldn’t be very fair, would it?” Giles read the slip of paper, “It appears I shall be joining Andrew, Violet and Maria in Las Vegas.”

“Look out Sin City, here comes G-Man!” Xander cried out.

“Really, Xander, must you continue to use that deplorable nickname?” the older man griped as he moved out of the way.

“I really must,” Xander nodded. “It’s almost like a good luck thing now.”

“Your turn, Xander,” Dawn told him impatiently.

“Keep your britches on Dawnmeister… DC here I come; I got NCIS,” he announced, his eyes flickering for only a moment to meet Gibbs’ intense gaze, before he too moved out of the way.

“I’d like to go next,” Robin Woods had moved forward. “Who knows, maybe I’ll get the other NCIS spot, or even the BAU spot.” He smirked at the Scoobies from behind his swollen face.

Dawn scowled at him, but said nothing as he pulled his selection.

He frowned as he read, then balled the slip of paper up. “Seattle,” he snapped.

Connor moved in next, ignoring the other man. “The Destroyer meets the Big Apple… sounds like a bad B movie.”

Dawn giggled, “The Destroyer and the Red Witch.”

Connor grinned widely, “Even better.”

Oz had moved forward, his wounds from the night before mostly healed. He looked at Dawn a bit nervously.

“What’s wrong?”

“Wherever I go Jordie and the little one go… Maybe I shouldn’t be doing this, Dawn? They’re my pack… no one out there is going to understand that.”

The rest of the Scoobies had moved up see what Oz was saying to Dawn, and they reached out to comfort their friend. “You can handle this, Oz,” Giles told the young man softly. “We would never have offered you this if we didn’t believe in you. Why don’t you let some others go, and think about it for a few minutes.”

Oz nodded and moved to the side, sorrow on his face. He wanted to get Jordie and the new pup away from this Hellmouth, and he would, but now perhaps it would seem that it wouldn’t be as part of the IDC.

“Wait your turn, Sammy,” Dean pushed his brother.

“It’s Sam.”



“BAU? The feebs? I got the feebs?” Dean was dumbstruck, and Sam passed him snickering.

“Hey, I got NCIS. Cool, wait, that means I’ll still have to see your ugly face,” he grimaced at Dean before going over to high five Xander.

While a few others chose, Horatio moved up to Willow. “Is everything all right?”

Willow looked at the man who’d helped the night before. She shrugged, “Oz is just concerned because of his… condition, and that of Jordie and the baby.”

Horatio nodded. He was just beginning to understand their world, but he could imagine that it was a big responsibility the young man had undertaken. “Does he have control over his… beast?”

Willow looked startled, “Oz does, and Jordie does. Oz taught him; they learned in Tibet. Oz will teach the baby too, and really the baby won’t be a problem until he reaches puberty. Right now he’ll only be able to transform if Oz is there as Alpha. Still…”

“We’ll take them… if he’s interested in Miami.” Horatio moved away from the redhead and headed back to his group, missing the grateful look in the girl’s eyes.

Three people had picked Cleveland house right in a row, and a watcher by the name of Kyle Lake had gotten Houston, which meant the last three spots were left. Willow marched forward calling out to Oz. “Get over here and pick, Daniel Osbourne!” She gave him her Resolve Face.

He looked at her from wide eyes, but did as he was told. He reached in and grabbed a piece of paper, unfolding it and reading aloud. “Miami.”

Dawn squealed. “You’re gonna be with me and Amanda!”

Willow leaned in to hug him. “Horatio Caine said he has no problem with your Pack.”

That startled Oz even more, but he nodded, and knew he would have to give thanks to the other man. Not for him, but for his Pack.

Gunn and Cordelia were the last two, having let everyone else go before them. They stood grinning at each other.

“Ladies first,” the black man said.

“Yeah, I don’t think so, Mister. How about we reach in and grab at the same time?”

He nodded. “I can live with that.”

The reached in and took the last two slips. Cordy smiled her thousand watt smile, “Guess I should stock up on sun block.”

“I’m going to New York.”

“The Destroyer, The Slayer, The Red Witch, and Their Big Gunn take on the Big Apple,” Connor cackled.

Gunn, Rona, and Willow groaned, “That was horrible.”

Dawn was bouncing, “Just think of the shopping, the beaches, the clubs, we’ll have such a good time, Cordy!”

Cordelia smiled at the younger girl, glad she’d made friends with Buffy, the Scoobies, and Buffy’s little sister. “When we’re not working, we’re gonna have a blast.”

“Now that everyone’s chosen, why don’t you go meet up with your agencies and get to know each other a little better?” Willow offered. She sent a thought to Buffy, I cheated so badly…

Giles moved over to join the group from the Las Vegas Crime Lab. Andrew was already over there talking to an older gentleman with graying hair, that Giles recognized as Gil Grissom, a well known forensic entomologist. The group that had accompanied Grissom included a slender strawberry blonde by the name of Catherine Willows, a stocky Texan named Nick Stokes, and a tall, muscular man named Greg Sanders. Sanders had been their injury for the night.

“Mr. Giles,” Grissom shook Rupert’s hand. “I must say we were quite surprised to get the Director of the IDC.”

“Yes, well, it’s been a while since I’ve been able to do any field work. I find I quite miss it. And while I won’t always be out in the field, I can certainly get my work done from whichever office I find myself in. I have a truly amazing support staff.” He looked fondly at Vi and Maria. “It will also give me a chance to be more of a Watcher. These days Buffy does not have the need of a Watcher as much as Vi and Maria do.”

The girls grinned at him. “We will be glad to have you, Mr. Giles,” Maria told him in her lightly accented English.

“Totally!” Vi agreed.

“Just think, Giles, we’ll get to practice spells together!” Andrew exclaimed in exuberance.

“I can hardly wait,” Giles sighed.

Willow had led her group over to the New York group. “So, we should be there in about two weeks. Does that give you guys enough time to get us some space to work in? I’ll need some lab space for my witchy stuff, and of course a computer with internet access. Gunn will need a computer as well, maybe a conference room or something where we can keep some books and have some computers set up? Let us know of any cost. We’re paying for that, and of course we’ll want to keep it locked up unless one of us is there. Then we’ll need an area where we can all work out. It’ll have to be semi private so the whole world doesn’t see Rona, or Connor, ‘cuz, hello, Connor’s all super strength too ya know?”

“Wills?” Gunn interrupted.

She blinked at him.

“You should really let them talk to… and remember to breathe.”

“Oh! Sorry.”

Danny was grinning, “That’s all right! I think it’s interestin’.”

“We’ll get everything squared away as soon as we get in first thing on Monday,” Mac promised.

Stella watched the four with some amusement, “Are you going to need help finding somewhere to live?”

Connor and Rona looked at each other. “Um, yeah, we’ll leave that to Willow and Gunn,” Connor told the Greek.

“They’re the brainiacs,” Rona added.

“Are you a Watcher, Mr. Gunn?” Stella asked.

He smiled. “I’m a little bit of a lot of things… started out as a hunter, but I’m also an attorney licensed in every state. I’m fluent in both human and demon law.”

The New York crew blinked at him. “Demon law?” Flack asked.

“You’d be amazed.”

Oz had approached Horatio first, although the rest of Horatio’s CSIs and the Detective were there as well. “I wanted to say thank you. We won’t abuse your trust.”

Horatio looked at the younger, smaller man looking at him so earnestly. “I never doubted it.” He turned to his people. “This is Daniel Osbourne. He’s also known as Oz. He’ll be coming to Miami, as you all heard. Oz is bringing his young cousin and his adopted son with him,” Horatio announced. “Oz is werewolf who has control of his beast, as does his cousin. They are no danger to us.”

Oz watched the reactions of the group. They looked startled, a little scared, but they looked at Horatio Caine with complete trust. He felt some of the tension leave him. The blonde woman smiled at him.

“Hi, I’m Calleigh,” she introduced herself. “How old is your son?”

Horatio had turned to the three women who would be joining them in Miami. “On Monday I’ll start getting areas cleared for you. I know you’ll need something for research, training, lab…”

“Thanks Lt. Caine,” Dawn beamed at him.

“Call me H.”

Dean was scowling at the FBI agents, including Fornell. “You know you aren’t the boss of me, right?”

“No, they aren’t… I am,” Buffy’s voice came from behind him.

He turned and looked at her. “I’m well aware of that, Tinkerbell.”

“I hate that name, Dean!”

He shrugged, now smirking, “Hey, if it fits…” His gaze fell on Quin who’d come up with Buffy to meet the BAU and NCIS agents, since they were all in the same area. “Quin the beautiful… it’s fate, we’re ending up in the same place.”

“I was thinkin’ it was more along the lines of bad luck, Winchester,” she told him with one raised eyebrow. She turned to Fornell and Vance. “It’s a pleasure to meet you gentlemen, I’m Quin O’Connor, the witch assigned to both yer teams.”

“What part of Ireland are you from, Ms. O’Connor?” Fornell asked.

“Dublin, sir. And please, call me Quin,” she looked at everyone, “all of you. I’m not sure if’n anyone’s mentioned it, but I do have a son, so I’ll be bringin’ him with meh of course.”

“How old’s your son?” Gibbs asked.

“He’s eight, going on eighteen,” she told him wryly. “The boy thinks he’s knowing it all.”

“He’s a good kid,” Xander assured her as he joined them. “Calliope Jeffries is coming with me. She’s my ward.”

“That’s the girl who helped me earlier today?” Gibbs remembered.

“That would be her. Another great kid,” Xander’s tone was sad now.

“Are you going to be able to travel at a moment’s notice?” Hotch asked Quin.

“Of course,” Quin told the man. “Davy will stay with Xander or Faith if I’m gone. He knows the drill.”

“What about a lab?” Abby asked.

“Well, it’s nice to have a space to work, but I don’t want to get in anyone’s way…”

“Oh! No!” Abby assured the woman. “I’ll totally make some room for you! I’d love to! In fact I’m so excited about it!”

“Are you able to perform your… spells without a lab?” a younger man from BAU, with longer hair, asked. His nametag read Spencer Reid.

She grinned now, her navy eyes sparkling. “Trust me, Mr. Reid, I’m quite good at working on the fly.”

It was maybe an hour later, while everyone was still playing ‘getting to know you’, that Xander approached Gibbs. “You wanna go see my workshop?”


He led the man out the back and to a large shed that they’d seen but never entered. Xander unlocked the door and flipped on the lights. Gibbs was impressed. It reminded him of his basement somewhat, only it was bigger, brighter, and had more wood. In the middle of the room stood a half finished crib. Against the far wall was another crib, finished but not stained.

Gibbs moved forward, checking the craftsmanship. “For Faith?”

“This one is,” Xander responded, pointing at the half finished crib. “The one against the wall is for Cal’s baby. I figured I would wait, and once they were both done I would stain and gloss them then.”

Gibbs nodded. Efficient. “Good work.”


“I mean it.”

“I know.”

“What happened to her?”

Xander didn’t play dumb. He knew Gibbs wanted to know about Calliope. “She grew up in Iowa, with her grandparents. She got good grades, did what she was supposed to. Six months ago she started having strange dreams… she thought she was going crazy. Her friend Delilah started acting strange around the same time. They finally talked, and Del told Cal about everything that had been happening to her. Del told Cal that she was meeting with some people that ran a special academy for girls like her. The day she was meeting with those people, Cal was raped. It just so happened she was meeting with us; me, Buff and Wills. We, along with Delilah, found her. Delilah told us about Cal’s dreams and we took her with us.”

“Did they catch the man who did it?”

“It was more than one,” Xander told him gruffly. “It was some of the football players from the girls’ high school. They were arrested. We made sure of that. They pleaded guilty, so Cal doesn’t have to go through a trial, but… she’s dying, Gibbs… that little girl is dying. She knows it and there’s nothing we can do to stop it.” The two men were silent. “Sometimes that’s the really sucky part of this life. We stop apocalypse after apocalypse, and we can’t save a fifteen year old girl.”

“But you did.”

Xander looked up at him from across the crib.

“You took her away from that town where she’d have to live with that for the rest of the time she had. Gave her happiness for the rest of whatever time she has. Seems to me that saved her as much as she can be saved.”

Xander had grabbed some sandpaper and was smoothing it down a rail. “Thanks.”

Gibbs grabbed the same grain paper and began to do the same.

“Go with…”

“The grain… I know…” Gibbs couldn’t help his smile. “What about the father?”

“None of them want to know if it’s theirs. They all signed away their rights,” Xander told him in disgust.

“Who’s going to ad… you are… you’re adopting the baby.” It wasn’t a question, it was a statement.

“Yes I am.”

Gibbs moved around the crib, staring at Xander intently the entire time. Xander looked up and met his gaze. The older man cupped Xander’s neck, drawing him closer, and then pressed their lips together. Xander didn’t resist, instead, tilting his head slightly, so their mouths fit together better. Gibbs moved his mouth over the brunette’s leisurely, enjoying the feeling of the mouth beneath his own. He let his tongue slip out and lick softly at the seam to Xander’s mouth, and smiled inwardly as Xander opened for him. The younger man let his tongue meet Gibbs’, and Xander moved closer to the warm, hard body. After only a few moments, but what felt like eons, the two men pulled apart. Both were panting slightly; both with glazed eyes.

Gibbs moved back around the crib, picking up the sandpaper once more, and gave Xander a smile. Xander grinned back, and the two began working together in silence.

Sunday morning saw everyone saying goodbye, exchanging last minute instructions, and reiterating meeting times in two weeks when the new program would begin. The Scoobies watched the last of the vans leave the estate drive, and headed inside to begin the chaos of packing and sorting.

When it was just Buffy, Xander and Willow, they headed up to the roof and looked down on the quiet grounds.

“I think we’re heading for good things,” the redhead told them.

Buffy nodded.

“Tell me the truth, Wills,” Xander looked at his best friend. “You cheated, you made sure I got NCIS, didn’t you?”

Willow blushed a fiery red.

Buffy’s eyes widened. “We just want you to be happy,” she tried to explain quickly.

Xander grinned. “Thanks guys! Thanks for cheating.”

The End

You have reached the end of "Welcome to the Hellmouth". This story is complete.

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