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Rise of the Phoenix II

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Summary: The next stage of the Eternal Battle is in motion. Buffy & Willow are growing into their new powers, Karthila is on the move and the last of the Angelics is awakening. What will happen once the battlelines are drawn and what role will the SGC play?

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Theme: Buffy's Real FamilyGypsyDruidFR1857,87075415,75723 Feb 093 Aug 09No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15

Chapter Three

Chapter Three

Sam managed to catch up with the girls before they made it to the isolation room where Janet and her father were still examining the 'thing' that had once been Anise. She'd had to use one of the base phones to contact the security room to find out that the elevator that they had 'hijacked' had stopped on level 21, and had known in an instant exactly where they were headed.

"What are you doing?" She hissed. She was panting slightly from her rush down the stairs to head them off.

"There's something here, Sam." Buffy said, barely acknowledging her with her focus on the threat. Her eyes were the amber color of her recently acquired new powers. "Something beyond bad."

That brought Sam up short. She knew that Buffy sensed anything that wasn't human, more so if it was evil. The fact that she immediately sensed the larva in Teal'c confirmed that the symboites fell firmly into that category, but this hadn't started when the Tok'ra had come running through the Stargate. Her quick mind immediately made the connection that the girls hadn't started their 'rampage' until after Anise had collapsed and that thing had emerged. Her thoughts immediately shifted, and she raised her hand to stop the MPs that were coming around the corridor with P90s.

"What are you sensing, Buffy?"

"Something new, and yet ancient." Her voice had taken on an eerie, detached quality, as if she were responding automatically even though her mind had gone past the conversation. "It is pure, like nothing has been since the beginning. It is a servant of the One that would destroy all living things in its quest for vengeance and retribution."

Sam's mind flashed back to that night at the coven. 'One comes,' they had said. She had a sinking feeling that the 'One' they had been referring to then was the same that Buffy was referring to now. Taking one of the P90s, she motioned for Buffy and Willow to continue on their search, and fell into step behind them. She'd apologize to the General when the threat was dealt with.

Inside the isolation room, Janet, who had been ignoring the alarm in favor of a possibly bigger problem, jumped back in shock as black eyes suddenly snapped open, and everyone took an unconscious step back as well when the creature jackknifed into a stiff sitting position. Although still weak, it sensed a power very similar to its Master, but according to the information that the Master embedded into its genetic make-up, all others like the Master should no longer have physical form. This world should be ripe and defenseless for the vengeance that the Master would reap upon it. This news must be taken back to the Master. It would have to leave before its strength was regained. It jumped off of the bed in a swift, almost graceful motion, with only the slightest wobbling. It took in the other occupants in the room. Ignoring the human, the creature looked closer at the ones that felt familiar, yet different. "Return me to our Master."

"Who are you?" Jacob asked. Selmac was being uncharacteristically quiet in the presence of this creature.

The creature tilted its head to the side. "Return me to our Master." It demanded again.

"What Master?" Jacob questioned, confused. "We have no Master, and we don't even know who or what you are."

"I am the Seeker." The creature said. "I seek out that which our Master desires, and prepares it for the Master's arrival."

"And what does this 'Master' desire?" Jacob asked cautiously.

"The destruction of this world and all that reside within it." The Seeker intoned, then demanded once more, "Now, return me!"

*I'm afraid that won't be possible.* The Seeker looked around at the sound of the bodiless voice. After a moment, it looked up to stare into the window above. *As you've just made threats against this planet, we're going to have to detain you for further questioning.*

At those words, several soldiers entered the room to surround the creature. However, before anyone could make any other moves, the Seeker was standing toe to toe with the one closest in a move that no one had seen. The young man jerked once, then gasped and looked down. The uneasy feeling returned to the pit of Janet's stomach as she carefully shifted around, and she paled at the sight of the arm penetrating the soldier's chest cavity. It pulled free with a gory sucking sound and the poor soldier wobbled for a moment before slipping to his knees, then slumping to the side.

Knowing what was coming next, Janet backed up through the soldiers that were raising their weapons, her eyes flickering to Jacob who was doing the same and pulling Garshaw along with him. Another poor young soldier died before the first shot was fired. From behind the wall of camouflage, she didn't see what had happened, but Jacob's exclamation and Garshaw's cry of horror were enough for her to know that something had happened. Then she had to cover her ears at the sound of rapid staccato of automatic weapons fire. She dropped to a crouch as her situation training had taught her, and didn't make a sound until she felt a hand on her shoulder. She opened her eyes to see the concerned gaze of Samantha Carter, and she could see Buffy and Willow standing near the door.

"Are you all right?" Sam asked. "Are you injured?"

"N-no." Janet finally managed. "I'm fine. What about Jacob and Garshaw? The soldiers?"

"We're fine." Jacob called over as he helped the Tok'ra leader to her feet. He had thrown his body over hers to protect her when the bullets started flying. "Four of these boys went down before that thing finally left. The bullets didn't even faze it. I could see the wounds already closing on the body where Anise's tunic had been shredded from all the hits."

"What the hell are we dealing with here, people?" Hammond asked, still in the observation room. He had already made the call for his soldiers to desist their attempts at apprehending Buffy and Willow in light of this new, more immediate, danger.

"I'm not sure, sir," Sam said, looking up at him, "but Buffy sensed it from the briefing room. That's why they left. According to her, it's something 'beyond bad'."

*It wants to get back through the Stargate.* Hammond told her. *Colonel, I don't want it to even get off of that floor. Is that understood?*

"Yes, sir." Sam turned to the others in the room. "Garshaw, you stay with Janet. Corporal, give my father a weapon. Aim for the head. Maybe that will at least slow it down."

Jacob nudged the shaken woman in the doctor's direction with one hand even as he took the sidearm in his other.

"Too late, Sam." Buffy suddenly said. "It's found the stairs, and it's going down. Fast."

*This is Hammond. Initiate emergency lockdown procedures.*

"Let's go." Sam said. "The gateroom and the control room will be sealed and the computer access locked out. Elevators are going to be shut down as well, so we're taking the stairs."

Idly, she wished that Teal'c was there, but since nothing interesting was supposed to happen today, and SG-1 was still on downtime with the Colonel out of commission, the Jaffa had taken the opportunity to visit Master Bra'tac and his son, Rya'c.

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