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Finding Myself Again

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Summary: Xander finally completes his road trip and meets a special new friend...and his mother.

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Title: Finding Myself Again
Author: Tim
Rating: Mature
Pairing: Xander/Piper, Charmed xover
Disclaimer: I own nothing but my dog, Lily. The characters belong to Joss and Constance.
Spoilers: Post-Chosen for BtVS and post S5 for Charmed
AN: The muse is evil.

“Take it, Xander,” Giles said holding out the keys to a brand new 2004 silver BMW 530i sedan.

“Giles, I want to be here to help you guys get the new Council up and running.” I knew this was going to be a hard sell, but I wanted to be here.

Giles put his hand on my shoulder. “And you Will be, but I want you to be all here, and I think a road trip Will do you some good. If you continue to argue with me, I’m sending Andrew with you.”

And that is what sold me on going.


Like my last trip, I headed up the PCH. But instead of breaking down in Oxnard, I drove right through it. I was going to stop in Monterey for the night, but I wasn’t all that tired so I pushed until I got into San Francisco. I checked into the Orchard Hotel for the night and thought about where to go. Then I remembered that San Francisco had a great art scene. I wasn’t all that interested in art in high school when I would occasionally work for Joyce, but that was something else Anya changed for me. When your girlfriend is almost twelve hundred years old, she has seen most of the eras. Not to mention as a construction worker, she showed me a lot about architecture. I could honor two of the people I lost while I’m here.

Before breakfast, I used the little computer wisdom I picked up from Will and Dawn and researched art museums. I found a couple that would fit what I wanted to accomplish in regards to remembrance. Plus, I found one that was right up my alley. I would tell Faith about the next time I saw here. After breakfast, I started with the Museum of Craft and Folk Art, and while I was there it almost felt like both Anya and Joyce were with me while I walked through the exhibits. By the time I finished walking through the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, I was feeling really happy that Giles ‘made’ me take this trip.

If Buffy knew I still ate at the Doublemeat Palace, she would wig out, but I happened to like the meat pro-cess (Dawn would laugh) so after my Doublemeat Medley, I headed for the Cartoon Art Museum. Yes, I was surprised it existed too, and I knew Faith would get a kick out of it, too. I was checking out a display when I felt something yanking on my pants. I looked down to see a kid probably no more than two.

“Are you a pirate?” he asked with a big smile as I knelt down, matching his smile.

I put my finger to my mouth. “Shh, I’m undercover.” My little friend thought that was funny.

“Wyatt!” I heard a woman yell as I looked at the little boy.

“You’re Wyatt, aren’t you? I’m Xander.” He nodded. “Let’s hope your mom doesn’t turn me into a toad.” I decided to keep my new friend company until his mom found us.

“Mommy’s a good witch. She wouldn’t do that.” Okay, I could honestly say I wasn’t expecting that.

“Wyatt Matthew Halliwell, you know you aren’t supposed to run away from mommy.” I looked up to see a beautiful brunette approaching.

“Sorry, Mommy, Xander is an undercover pirate.” I had to chuckle since I did tell him that after I shh’d him.

“Xander Harris, I only said that because the real reason isn’t that exciting, and Wyatt told me you wouldn’t turn me into a frog since you’re a good witch.” I smiled as I stood up and offered my hand.

Wyatt’s mom shot a look at him, but he just smiled and looked up at me. “It’s okay Mommy. Xander sees.” Okay, now it was my turn to give Wyatt a look.

Wyatt’s mom grabbed his hand before shaking mine. “Piper Halliwell, what does my son mean by ‘you see’?”

I didn’t think this was the best place to be discussing this, so I smiled before grabbing Piper’s hand and led us outside. I headed toward my car, but Piper’s must have been closer since I found myself staring at a Jeep with a car seat in the back. I had to shake my head and look up since it was similar to the one Joyce had. I watched Piper get Wyatt strapped in before opening my door for me. I accepted the gesture before turning around and smiling at Wyatt as his mom opened her door.

“Where are you staying?” Piper asked, starting the car.

“Orchard Hotel, I just drove into town last night.” I was trying to figure out what else to say, but nothing was coming to mind. “So do you pick up guys at art museums often?” The look Piper gave me made smile (even though it was a death glare).

“The Manor is closer, and no, I don’t. I just thought that since you seem to know about what I do and aren’t put off by it, we should talk privately in the safety of the Manor. Besides, you seemed to have the same thoughts, and we’ll pick up your car later.”

I just nodded as she pulled into traffic. I was like a little kid as Piper drove us to her house. I had never seen such spectacular architecture. Sure LA had skyscrapers, but San Francisco had the old-style homes. I may not have the sight in my left eye anymore, but I knew when someone is staring, so I turned back toward Piper with a smile. “What do you want to know, Piper?” We were fighting the same battle. It may not be the same things we are fighting, but evil is evil.

“I don’t mean to pry, but I was wondering how that happened?” It was the question most people wanted to know, and for once, I could tell the truth.

“It all started when The First Evil waged war on the Slayer line.” As she drove through the streets, I told her everything that happened leading up to the assault on the vineyard. “We were prepared, but they were expecting us, so when Buffy had us fall back, I went back for Kennedy. Caleb grabbed me and told me that I was the one who saw, and then, he shoved his thumb through my eye.” I finished telling what happened leading up to us now being in Los Angeles.

Piper didn’t say anything right away as she pulled into a driveway. When she said manor, I thought she was kidding, but it was a Manor. “I’m sorry about your eye, Xander. What if I told you that you could see out of it again, though?”

I didn’t know what to say, so I undid my seat belt before turning towards Piper, raising my patch. “I’ve been to the best specialists in LA, and there was nothing they could do. I know you are a special witch, Piper, but magic can’t fix this.”

Piper’s smile got a little bigger as she reached for Wyatt. “Close your eye, Xander,” my new little friend said. I did and I felt his little hand cover my injured eye. It got warm.

“Now open your eyes, Xander,” I heard Piper say.

When I did, I saw Piper and Wyatt smiling – I saw them out of both of my eyes. I reached up and touched my eye and couldn’t believe it.

“Come inside Xander, we have a lot of things to talk about.”

I followed behind Piper and Wyatt looking around like I was doing it for the first time, and when I walked into the house, the carpenter in me took over. I was on Cloud Nine. “Wow, this place has great architecture.” This caused Piper to turn around with an odd look on her face. “Sorry, I was the resident handyman, too. Buffy’s house was always getting trashed.”

Piper smiled at that comment. “Hmm, I might have to keep you around here then. Demons are always surprising us, not to mention, I sometimes blow stuff up.” She sat Wyatt down before motioning toward the couch. Taking a seat, I waited to hear what Piper was going to tell me. “Since you’ve been around the supernatural, you know about witches, and while my sisters and I are also witches, we also have special powers. We’re the Charmed Ones.”

Willow was going to freak out when I told her this. “Yeah, I’ve actually heard about you from Tara, my best friend Willow’s ex and Buffy’s current. You being a Charmed One doesn’t explain how Wyatt healed my eye, though.” I knew there was more to the story, and by the look on Piper’s face, it wasn’t a happy one.

“Wyatt’s father, my ex-husband, is a whitelighter. They are essentially angels sent to witches to guide them. They have the ability to heal, so Wyatt has both magical and whitelighter powers - which also means demons like to come looking for him. My sisters and I make sure that doesn’t happen.”

I reached over and stroked Piper’s hand. I knew what the ex stuff felt like since Anya and I were just getting back to normal when she died. “Well, it won’t be just you anymore. It may take some time, but I’m sure I can get a Slayer team stationed here and have myself appointed as their Watcher, so there won’t be too much awkwardness.” I gave her a smile. “Well, that is unless you would like someone else.”

Piper returned my smile. “It just so happens that the house next door is for sale, and I can’t control who purchases it. I would have to warn you that I have two younger sisters.”

I leaned backed, laughing heartily. “Just two? I spent the last few months in a house full of girls so two will be nothing, especially if they are half as pretty as you.” Yep, I still had it since I got Piper to blush.

“Charmer. Since I’ve already kidnapped you, can I interest you in some dinner, Xander? Phoebe is working late at the paper, and I have no idea where Paige is and could use a little more than baby talk for dinner conversation.” Hmm, I just got here, and I already have a date.

“You don’t have to ask me twice. It has been far too long since I’ve had a home cooked meal.” I stood up and offered Piper my hand. “Can I escort you to the kitchen?”

“Such a gentleman.” Piper took my hand as we headed through the sitting room and past the swinging kitchen door. “I hope you have an appetite, Xander. I’m known for my courses for dinner.”

I hopped up on one of the stools before placing my chin in my hands. “I don’t have a Slayer’s stomach, but it’s close. Besides, leftovers make great lunches or snacks,” I said, giving her a wink. “Or refueling after strenuous ‘work’.” It wouldn’t be the first time I made love to someone I just met.

I think I piqued Piper’s interest since her nipples were protruding through her shirt. “Let’s start with dinner and see where the night takes us.” She turned around and started to get to work while I watched.

While we ate, I told her how I found out about the supernatural and all the things we’d battled. She told me some of her stories, and as different as they sounded, we’ve both had similar lives. We even got to talking about our love lives, and after she told me about Jeremy, I had to laugh. Before she got testy, I explained my run-ins with demon girls. I even told her about leaving Anya at the altar.

She grabbed a beer from the fridge and poured herself a glass of wine before sitting beside me. “While your timing might have sucked, Xander, I can’t say I wouldn’t freak out if I was shown those things. And it sounds like Anya was understanding that from what you told me.” I gave Piper a smile before tilting my bottle towards her glass. “To new futures.”

She clinked her glass with my bottle before taking a drink. “So, tell me about your friends?”

My smile widened at the question. I started out by telling her about Willlow and Jesse before adding the Summers clan and Giles. Then Faith followed by Tara. I omitted Oz since he wasn’t around. I kept the coupling talk to a minimum since the girls swapped so much it wasn’t funny. I told her about Willow’s magical problem that broke her and Tara up, and Faith helping Willow through it. And before any of us knew it, Buffy and Tara were together. I finished up with the newly found friends along with how Dawn tamed the gruff Kennedy.

“Okay, so are all the Slayers gay?” I had to laugh at the question.

“Just Buffy, Faith, and Kennedy as far as I know. If any of the others are, I couldn’t tell you. It was bad enough being one of only three guys in a house filled with girls.” I felt my cheeks get a little warm saying that.

Piper just leaned over and kissed my cheek, and I don’t know if it was the few beers I had while we were talking, but I returned the kiss - only mine was on Piper’s lips. I was planning on pulling back, but Piper deepened it as I drew her into my lap before starting to deeply knead her ass with my hands. She moaned into my mouth. I felt her fingers starting to undo the buttons of my shirt.

“Mommy, can you read me a story?” I heard Wyatt ask over my shoulder as Piper’s lips popped off mine.

“Sure, baby, I’ll be right up.” I saw the blue lights reflected in the microwave as Piper faced me with a smile. “My room is the first door on the right. If you are there when I finish the story, we can finish what we started down here.”

I leaned forward and lightly kissed her lips. “I’ll clean up while you do that and meet you there.” She roughly grabbed the front of my shirt and gave me a hungry kiss before heading for the stairs while I wobbled off the stool.

The leftovers were stowed. The dishwasher started, and I checked to make sure that all the doors and windows were locked before heading upstairs. I noticed the pictures on my way up and smiled wider, knowing Piper was just going to get better looking. I walked into her bedroom and sat down on the bench in front of the bed and took off my shoes. I slid them underneath it and looked toward the door as I heard it close.

“Those are the last things you are taking off.” My pants got even tighter as I stalked over to the door and scooped Piper up before pressing her into the door.

While my hands kneaded her ass, hers were starting to unbutton my shirt. When we broke apart to breathe, she yanked my shirt from my pants and tossed it to the floor. The feel of her hands stroking my chest led me to walk us over to the bed until I tossed her on it. She went for my pants, but I smacked her hands away before wagging a finger at her. I reached for her left leg and pulled it as I took off her shoe and tossed it behind my back. The other followed shortly after, which led to me stroking up the inside of her thigh until I reached the button on her jeans. I undid it and pulled them down her legs while smiling at the darker patch in her panties. Her shirt quickly followed as I took a step back before putting my hands on top of my head.

She climbed off the bed and unclasped her bra as my eyes went straight to her very aroused nipples. But then she knelt on the floor, pulling down my pants and boxers. I threw my head back in a loud moan as I felt the warmth of her mouth surrounding the length of my erection and let out an even louder moan as her tongue twirled around the head. I was about to pull her up, but after sucking me in deep again, she laid back down on the bed. I grabbed her panties and yanked them roughly down her legs.

I climbed onto the bed, and just as I was about enter Piper, I realized that I had no protection. She must have known since she gave me a smile. “I’ve always wanted a big family.”

She didn’t have to tell me twice as I drove my cock deep inside.

Piper wrapped her legs below my butt which pushed me even deeper with every thrust, and I reached between us and started to roughly roll her nipples with my fingers. That caused her to scream out before attaching her mouth onto my neck. She was both biting and sucking, which had me working her nipples even harder as I angled my hips slightly, so I could stroke along her g-spot. And the first time I went over it, Piper let out a scream as I felt her internal muscles starting to clamp down.

Without missing a beat, she flipped us over and started riding me hard which had me moaning louder as I felt my climax starting to crest. I reached and worked her breasts as both our moans were getting deeper and deeper as the edge kept coming closer and closer until…

Piper arched back while I arched up as our screams matched our orgasms. We kept going until Piper collapsed, sweaty and spent, on top of my chest. I stroked her back until I heard the soft snores telling me she was asleep. I quickly followed but made sure to at least pull a cover over us in case someone happened to walk in.


I woke up the next morning to find Piper still in my arms, but she was awake and wearing my shirt. “My sisters are home now, and they are waiting for breakfast. I wanted to make sure you would be okay with it.”

I sat up with a huge smile on my face as I reached my hands up her shirt to cup her breasts. I kissed her deeply while stirring the pot for later. “Bring ‘em on. Then they can take Wyatt out while we try for an encore.”

The End

You have reached the end of "Finding Myself Again". This story is complete.

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