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Summary: How did the Watchers begin? Several people want to know.

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Highlander > GeneralEvilAuthorFR71634051,96418 Sep 0318 Sep 03Yes
Disclaimer: Characters and concepts belong to their owners who I'm too lazy to list.


"Yes, Willow?"

It had been quiet lately. Aside from the usual number of

vamps staked each night, there had been no new demons or

apocalypses sighted. So Willow was in the library this

night going through some of Giles' books, looking for

interesting tidbits of information.

"How did...


"...the Watchers begin?"

"That's an interesting question, Mac. What brought it up?"

"Methos has been telling tall stories, Joe. And he got my

curiosity up, so I thought I come talk to you. Methos can

exagerate sometimes."

"I'm flattered." The bar was closed. Joe and Duncan were

alone, and he had time. Why the hell not? "Well, I can't

say for sure it's true. More of a legend really..."


"...but I'll tell you what I know." Giles paused to wipe

his glasses. "We began before civilization arose, passing

oral stories to one another around campfires. Writing had

not been invented then. We told each other of the spirits

and demons and things that passed in the night. We told

each other of true Immortals..."

"A true Immortal, like what's described in this book?"

Willow held up the book she had been reading. It had just

arrived in the mail from England. On its cover was a

single symbol, a double circle that contained a stylized

bird or "M".


"Demons and spirits?"

"That's how the legends go," Joe said defensively. "And

after your encounter with the real thing..."

"Alright, I get your point."

"Anyway, civilization arose, writing was invented, and we

started putting the legends we had learned down on clay

tablets and convenient walls. We started calling ourselves



"We gathered in the first cities. In fact, we always

headquartered ourselves in the hub of trade routes. It

simply made it easier for Watchers to report in. But I'm

getting ahead of myself.

"In the first cities, we gathered all we had learned. The

council was formed. Initially, the Council was supposed to

safeguard the accumalated lore. Their central location

made it convenient for the most respected Watchers to

gather there, those Watchers became leaders, who joined

the Council...well, you get the idea."

Willow just nodded, fascinated.

"But then, there came the Schism."


"The Schism?"

"Yeah. Seems some of the early Watchers had taken to

hunting down some of those spirits and demons I mentioned


"Hunters," Mac said with distaste.

"Uh-huh. Legend has it that they didn't actually do the

hunting themselves. They trained special young girls to

do the actual hunting. Called them Vampire Slayers. Though

they'd 'slay' anything else given the chance."

"Young girls against demons? Against *us*?" Mac was


"Well, these so-called Slayers had notoriously short



"It shocked the other Watchers. Watchers, you see, are

supposed to Watch in their view. We're not supposed to

interfere, they said. Watchers are supposed to record, to

be passive. Our side argued that we should be using our

accumalated knowledge to defend humanity against the

forces of darkness."

"So both sides couldn't agree and split up," Willow

guessed. At Giles' nod, she asked. "What happened to the

other guys?"

"Well, we assumed that the other group..."


"...just up and died out."

"You assume?"

"Well, there have been rumors that they still exist. That

some Watchers are in contact with them, but nobody can say

for sure. In fact, nobody wants to admit it, probably

afraid they'll be blacklisted like Horton."

"Not that it stopped him."


"So how come this is the only reference to true Immortals

we have?" Willow asked. "The book makes them sound pretty


"Well, after the Schism, we concentrated on the threats

to humanity and such. I suppose True Immortals weren't

counted as such."

"That's not what it says here," Willow said indicating her

book. "The guy who wrote it, Horton, says something about

a Prize..."

The End

You have reached the end of "Legends". This story is complete.

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