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This story is No. 1 in the series "Hellmouth Zealot". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: A soul is restored but Acathla still needs his sacrifice, and Buffy will be damned before it is her Angel

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Games > Sci-FiBurningLightFR1876,35514121,68125 Feb 092 Apr 09No

I looked into the abyss, she looked back and cried

Disclaimer in chapter 1

I looked into the abyss, she looked back at me and cried

Jim left to fight the Swarm. Time passed and he was trained. He was called Terran Zan-Dar “Terran of the (Tassi)Dar (brigade)”. Protoss humour go figure. The Templar Eretor trained him implanting memories from other Zealots. He taught them as well new tactics from all his RTS days, playing Red Alert paid of for something solider boy helped a lot too. New ideas and a blending of Terran and Protoss technologies. He joined the fight against the swarm. Zerg were as dangerous if not mor than the deamons.

The Paladins, Zealots with one energy blade and one rifle for long range and short range attack.

The Spiders, cloaked Dragoons with observer sensors mixed in.

The Spheres, heavily armoured and shielded units quite fast but no weapons basically a shuttle but on the ground.

The Tripods, think war of the worlds.

The war continued but it was a turning point. The blood on the sword was enough to base new weapons on, which were used to fight the swarm, and the new units and tactics confused the cerebrates for a while

The Greater Archons were searching for a way to return him home. The demons were like the zerg. Infesting and corrupting other life forms. They needed a warrior to defend the hell mouth one they could trust. Research continued.

Eretor was kind yet stern he helped him though his rage, anger and depression. They talked late into the nights. Xander was never aloud to forget that his deception though right was a betrayal against his comrade. That he had lied and occasionally manipulated on many occasions. While it was for the grater good it was always better to confront his allies directly. Xander had to do much soul searching over that year. Training and healing continued.

Different Place, Different Time.

Buffy had broken down in guilt, right after rescuing Angel. She had killed her best friend or worse sent him to hell. She could not function in Sunnydale so she ran with Angel to another city. Angel had spoken to Giles over the phone telling him what had happened. Ripper had come out. Arguments and accusations were made then understanding and action. Willow, Oz and Cordelia were helping researching summoning spells locator spells anything that may help. Research continued.

Buffy was crying again. Angel was there for her to talk to help her through the pain. He understood the lie and even thought it was the right thing to do on one level. Yet he hated it and resented it on another. There was not much he could do except help his love through the worst moment of her life.

He kept in contact with the watcher informing him of the progress they had made in healing Buffy and any ideas on tracking and summoning he could think of. All they needed was time. Time they did not know if the boy had. In their research he learnt that time could move very differently in other dimensions the boy could be dust or mere moments could have passed. In two cities the two groups searched for anything that could help them find their missing friend. Research and healing continued.

A/N review at me, tell me what you do like or don’t like. The background is done and the real story starts soon.
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