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Consequences VII - The Gangs All Here

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This story is No. 7 in the series "Consequences". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A woman from Buffy's past who made this reality her new home is trying to fix some mistakes. She's finally found a way to do so, but in doing so she's breaking several rules. Of course, since when has the Buffy gang ever cared about rules?

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Harry Potter > Multiple Pairings
Television > Moonlight
EmmaLoveFR151343,07813015,00627 Feb 096 Jul 10Yes

Chapter Thirteen

Note: I realize that some (most) of you will be disappointed that I didn't write everything with Harry at Hogwarts, but trying to do that is mostly what stalled this fanfic for over a year. The wall I hit had to do with the fact that with both Dumbledore and Voldemort out of the picture I'd basically be writing Hogwarts 90210 to have any drama, and I just couldn't get into that - I'm not saying it'll never happen, once I get the main story finished it's possible that I will come back and write Harry's adventures in Hogwarts for this part of Consequences. However, I wouldn't get my hopes up for that to happen, because even if it does it would be at least a year (probably more) before I'd be able to even attempt to get started on that.

Still I decided to provide a little detail about Harry's Hogwarts years this time around (that doesn't get included in the chapter itself) at the end of the chapter.

Consequences VII - The Gangs All Here
~Chapter Thirteen~

The years passed, and finally Buffy knew the end was near. The past three years especially had been so sugary that they'd all probably end up with a bad case of diabetes, but each of them had started to feel the end rushing toward them, and so they'd basically locked themselves away together trying to make as much of their stolen time as they could. Even Buffy, Xander, and Spike had ended things with Lucius and Narcissa over a year ago to spend more time with the rest of their family. Thankfully, Lucius and Narcissa had understood, and it wasn't as though they hadn't seen the Malfoy's off and on over the past year, they'd simply ended the sexual aspect of their relationship.

Now everyone who had lived here the past seventeen years was headed outside, even Remus wasn't present today, he'd said his goodbyes yesterday. But even without Lucius, Narcissa, and Remus there was still a lot of people gathered, and so it had been decided they would gather outside for this, more room for everyone (even those not leaving) to gather around.

Dawn moved to pass Buffy, and Buffy grabbed her for another hug. Dawn had grown into a beautiful woman, and Buffy couldn't deny that Dawn had more composure and assurance then she'd had the first time around. Of course, Buffy wasn't exactly thrilled that Dawn was taller than she was, but it wasn't unexpected since the first time around Dawn had also passed Buffy in height.

"Ugh! Mum," Dawn groaned, and once again Buffy had to smile at the girls butchered accent, half American and half British. "Yes, I will miss you guys, I really will, but enough with the bloody hugging all ready."

Buffy could understand why Dawn was tired of all the affection, but Buffy thought that might only be because Dawn didn't yet truly understand. They weren't simply going on vacation, they were leaving for good. Buffy understood, and that's why she wanted to make sure Dawn and Harry understood that they would be missed.

While Dawn had been whining, Harry had tried to sneak past them, but Buffy grabbed him. When she finally released Dawn, she pulled Harry close. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Xander grab Dawn, who started complaining all over again, but it appeared as though Dawn had resigned herself to endless hugs.

Like Dawn, Harry had grown into a handsome man. After starting Quidditch in his second year, he'd decided to get muggle contacts for his third year, so he generally didn't wear his glasses anymore, which made his eyes stand out more, and Buffy suspected drove the girls even more crazy for him, but Buffy found that she actually missed his glasses.

However, the strange thing was that Harry wasn't a whole lot bigger this time around then he had been the first time, though like Dawn he was all ready taller than she was, but still not as tall as some of his friends. At least, Buffy hoped that meant that the Dursley's hadn't actually starved him the first time around, because he certainly hadn't been starved this time around. So, Buffy found herself hoping that meant he was simply destined to be slim.

To Buffy's surprise, Harry did not resist or complain.

Buffy grinned. Also like Dawn he seemed to have more self-confidence this time around, though she couldn't be as certain of that since she hadn't known him as well as Dawn first time around.

She pulled back, without letting him go, and realized that he was crying.

"I know you don't want to leave, and I know you can't stop it, but I wish you didn't have to go," Harry whispered.

A tear escaped Buffy's eyes.

"It's why I allowed them to talk me into learning magic," Harry admitted. "I wanted to find a way to stop you from leaving."

"I know," Buffy replied softly, and on some level she always had. "But this is bigger than all of us."

"Well, it fucking sucks," Harry said, and Buffy was startled into chuckling.

"Just remember that no matter where I am, and no matter how much time passes, I will always love you," Buffy said. "And so will Spike and Xander."

"I know," Harry replied. "And thank you."

Buffy blinked.

"I know I haven't said much about what I remember, and it wasn't until the summer before my fifth year that all the memories fell into place, before that the things I did remember," Harry paused, and Buffy felt he was searching for the right words. "They were fragments, bits and pieces of a whole with little or no context to fully understand them."

Harry looked to the ground, and Buffy started to worry a bit. When he looked up, she realized that he was still searching for the proper words.

"I should have said this long before now, because even before all the memories fell into place, I knew enough to be grateful that you swooped in and spared me that life."

Now Buffy was really crying.

"I'll keep Dawn safe - I'll make sure she never wants for anything."

"Oh, baby," Buffy managed to get past her burning throat. "I'm glad Dawn has you, her big brother, to watch out for her, but don't spend so much time taking care of her that you forget to take care of yourself."

Harry nodded, and then suddenly he let go and was out the door almost before Buffy could blink.

"Um, Buffy," Giles said, startling her.

She turned to face him, and almost started crying again.

"There are things I need to say," he started, then removed his glasses. "Things I should've said long before now."

Buffy grabbed a kleenex, and started to stop Giles. She didn't need to hear him say this, once upon a time she would've, but who'd have ever guessed that time really did heal all wounds? Years ago, she'd realized that she'd forgiven Giles. Sure, he'd made mistakes, but who among them hadn't?

"I am sorry for all the times I failed you. It doesn't matter that the first time I thought I was doing the right thing - that doesn't make it right. And the next time...," Giles paused, and put his glasses back on his face.

Giles took a deep breath. "The next time, I let my personal feelings for Spike cloud my judgment."

Buffy tried to quietly blow her nose.

"I am sorry, I should have trusted you, even if I couldn't bring myself to trust Spike."

"Oh, Giles," Buffy said, and grabbed him in a huge hug. Giles had apologized for his first mistake (leaving her after she'd been pulled out of heaven) before, but this was the first time he had apologized for his second, and while she had all ready forgiven him, she realized that it was nice to hear him apologize.

"I love you," Buffy said against his neck. "And for what's it's worth I forgave you a long time ago."

Buffy felt him sag with relief.

"Thank you," he replied, and they stayed that way several minutes until Giles spoke again. "Um, but if you could release me, I'd rather like to keep breathing."

Buffy laughed, and pulled back. "Sorry."

Giles waved her off. "It's all right, and, um, er, well, I love you, too."

Buffy really blew her nose, then looked at the door. Everyone else was all ready outside, and the time was getting close now.

"We should probably..."

"Yes," Giles replied quickly, and Buffy grinned. Even now Giles still wasn't good with the big emotional scene's, which made his relationship with Anya more fun to watch then it should have been.

"Do you know," Buffy asked when neither of them moved. "If Anya's having a boy or a girl?"

Sadly, Buffy hadn't spent much time with either Giles or Anya over the past year, she'd been spending most of her time with Willow, Tara, Dawn, and Harry, but she knew that Anya was at the moment very pregnant, and likely to have the baby at any time now.

Giles shook his head. "Anya didn't want to know."

"You'll make a great father," Buffy said. "In fact, you all ready have."

Giles flushed.

Buffy grinned. If she hadn't all ready forgiven him she would have now. However, she'd forgiven him when she realized that she had her own mountain of mistakes piled up behind her, and considering that Giles had lived even longer than she had, he was bound to have more then a few mistakes piled up.

Finally, they were all outside, and Buffy looked around realizing with a jolt that while she had so many precious memories, and yet she'd only have a few pictures to remember everything by. What was worse was the fact that she was going to miss so much of her children's lives. She wouldn't be around for their weddings or any grandchildren, and for a moment sadness filled her very soul. There was so much of their lives that she was going to miss.

Buffy panicked when she tried to remember the name of Harry's fiancée, because no matter how she tried she could not remember the girls name. She was sure it was one of his fellow Ravenclaw's, and that he'd been dating her off and on for a couple of years, and that Harry had finally popped the question three months ago, but she simply couldn't remember the girls name. She opened her mouth to ask, but closed it again without speaking.

At least, she could take comfort in the fact that both Dawn and Harry had grown up well. It had taken more than a few years for Dawn to truly come to terms with being the normal one, but she finally had.

Buffy grinned. She was so proud of Dawn, once Dawn had truly accepted she wouldn't be a witch, she'd gotten serious with her normal school work, and in just over a month Dawn would start college at The University of Oxford. Dawn hadn't yet decided on her major, but that was okay, Buffy was simply amazed at how well Dawn had handled her new life after accepting that Hogwarts would not be a part of that.

Harry would be starting his career as a medical professional soon, it was a magical medical career, of course, so Buffy didn't understand all the ins and outs.

Buffy almost laughed. Not that she would've understood all the ins and outs if he'd chosen to be a normal medical professional. All that mattered, as far as Buffy was concerned was that Harry was happy with his new life.

The goodbyes had been said over and over again for the past three days, but now that the time was nearly here, it seemed that everyone was struck speechless. Thankfully, at the very least, Harry and Dawn seemed to be taking things much better than everyone else, even Spike was a wreck, which was more amusing then it probably should have been.

Buffy looked up, and forced a smile. She had to smile, because she knew if she lost it then everyone (including Dawn and Harry) would lose it. However, the smile turned real when she saw Giles and Anya move to stand behind Harry and Dawn. While she would regret missing so much of their lives, she knew both Harry and Dawn would be perfectly okay with Giles (and even Anya) there to watch over and guide them. Not to mention Sirius and Remus, though more Remus than Sirius - sometimes Buffy thought Sirius simply wanted to turn Harry into his father. It wasn't anything that Buffy could call him on, just a weird feeling she got off of him from time to time.

Buffy frowned. She probably wasn't being fair, because while Sirius had been disappointed in Harry a few times over the years, it had never been serious. When Harry had been sorted into Ravenclaw, he'd been disappointed, but Buffy suspected that Harry had never known, because Sirius had been adult enough to not let on in Harrys presence. There were other times, but as with the first Harry probably never knew, though Sirius had joked about his disappointment at the Quidditch World Cup over the fact that Harry had been more interested in the girl he was dating at the time (who wasn't a big fan of Quidditch) then the game itself, but that was all in jest, Buffy was certain.

That lead back to Buffy trying to remember the name of Harry's fiancée, and suddenly she wanted to scream. She could remember the names of girls from his past, but not the current one. At the time of the World Cup, he'd been dating a young witch named Hermione Granger, but Buffy had known that wouldn't last - puppy love was wonderful, but rarely lasted. Actually, it might have been more than that, Buffy realized. She hadn't known, until now, exactly when Harry's memories fully returned, now that she knew, she realized Harry might have remembered Hermione, he just hadn't known what she'd been to him the first time around, but might have known that he cared about her.

His relationship with Hermione hadn't been helped by the fact that Harry had started to develop a crush on another girl towards the end of his relationship with Hermione. But at the time of the Cup itself, that girl (Cho Chang) had been dating another boy, Cedric, said boy was now a man who was currently dating Dawn, but things didn't seem very serious between them. Dawn seemed much more interested in going out and living her life then settling down with a man.

To Buffy's surprise, Hermione had dumped Harry for another boy before Harry ended things with her. Buffy had expected Harry to end things before Hermione. Sometime after that, Buffy wasn't sure how long, but Cho got herself dumped by Cedric, who Buffy always thought she'd only started dating because he'd been a champion of that big competition that had taken place at Hogwarts in Harry's forth year. Still Buffy couldn't prove that, because despite her best efforts she didn't know much in the way of details. Still that had left Cho free, and at some point the following year she and Harry had started dating. Buffy was glad that it hadn't lasted long, because there was just something about Cho she hadn't liked, so Buffy had been grateful when they'd broken up just before mid-term.

After that, as far as Buffy knew, he'd spent the rest of his fifth year single, though Dawn thought he'd briefly dated a girl named Ginny Weasley. Buffy knew, through the Luna insert right after they arrived in this reality, that Harry had been pretty serious about Ginny the first time around, and suspected if Harry had dated Ginny (she kind of doubted it, though Dawn's gossip was rarely wrong, at least when it came to relationships) again this time around he'd probably found himself missing the original relationship he'd had with Ginny. It would explain why he was so closed mouth on the subject of Ginny Weasley.

Buffy clenched her fist. She even knew that Hermione was currently engaged to the boy she'd dumped Harry for, Viktor Krum. Dawn thought that was a bad match, but Buffy didn't know either of them well enough to make a call on that, but Dawn thought that Hermione should get back with Ginny's brother Ron, who Hermione had briefly dated during one of her break-ups with Viktor. It was annoying that she could remember all these names, but not the name of his current gal.

Finally, it came to her, Padma, the name of Harry's fiancée was Padma. She was the twin sister of the girl Harry had taken to the magical prom in his forth year. Another story that no matter how Buffy tried she still didn't have all the details. Though Dawn swore up and down that Harry had told her that he'd just asked Parvati to the magical prom spur of the moment, and then they'd both had a miserable time because Parvati was more interested in being seen with the boy hero then actually being with Harry Potter.

That made sense, because Harry hated it when he thought people only wanted to be friends (or more) because of his status as the-boy-who-lived. Buffy suspected he might have been a bit cruel to Parvati, because he usually was when he felt someone was trying to use him for his fame, which made it all the more amazing that he'd ended up with her twin sister. On the other hand, Harry and Parvati clearly got along now, because they'd all been over for supper before, and there hadn't been any tension.

The mystery of her sons fiancée solved, Buffy found herself looking at Anya, and smiling again. Anya was carrying low, and Buffy thought they might have to rush her to the hospital the moment they shifted out. It was honestly shocking that Anya was here at all, and the only reason she was here was because there was a magical professional standing by. The doctor was standing just outside the main circle of bodies keeping a very close eye on Anya, which was good.

Buffy opened her mouth to say something, after all this was a profound moment, but she couldn't come up with anything clever to say, actually she could think of anything at all.

Suddenly she had an armful of Willow and saw Tara smiling somberly over Willow's shoulder.

"I'll miss you," Willow said, and Buffy could tell she was close to sobbing. Willow pulled away and grabbed Xander. "You too."

Xander smiled goofily, but Buffy could tell that he was on the verge of tears.

"Oi," Spike snapped. "And what am I? Chopped liver."

Willow turned to him. "I will miss you as well you big dumb vampire," then she turned serious and stern. "But if you hurt either one of them...."

"Yeah," Spike said, but he sounded happier. "Head meet shovel. I've heard the speech."

Willow grinned and hugged him quickly. She stepped back, and gave all three of them one last look.

Out of the corner of her eyes, Buffy caught sight of Coraline simply watching. There was something about the way the vampire held herself that made Buffy believe she was feeling sad, but the expression on her face was actually smug.

Suddenly, Buffy thought she understood. Coraline was sad that no one (sadly) was going on about how much they'd miss her, but she was feeling smug for that same reason. In the end, Coraline wouldn't leave this reality truly missing anyone, and as far as Buffy was concerned that was a tragedy, especially when she saw Sirius looking at Coraline with regret in his eyes. He clearly regretted that they hadn't had a relationship.

Spike glanced at Harry and Dawn, and then glared at Giles. "You'd better take good care of them, Watcher." The actual threat went unsaid, but was clearly understood.

A half smile crossed Giles's face, and then he nodded. Buffy knew that even with his own child on the way that Giles would still watch over Dawn and Harry to the best of his ability.

She opened her mouth, but then she felt another tug, and knew the time was drawing even closer. This time it seemed even Willow felt it, because she turned away from them, and rushed back to Tara, who she grabbed as though she was never going to let go.

The world wavered, and Buffy saw Anya grab her stomach, and as she turned back to Willow and Tara, Buffy saw the healer start toward Anya.

Buffy smiled, because Tara, who'd been unbalanced by Willow, wobbled on her feet, then just before vision winked out, Tara lost her balance and she and Willow crashed to the ground entwined together.

It was a good last memory of them, but suddenly Buffy wanted everything to stop, because she knew that for some this was the truly the end. Not just that they wouldn't see each other again, but that this was literally the end for Tara.

It's not fair! Buffy wanted to scream, but couldn't open her mouth. They'd had a long time together, but suddenly it wasn't enough, and, at the moment, the fact that nothing would be considered enough time wasn't important, Buffy wasn't ready for everything to change. It wasn't right, it wasn't fair! But as usual Buffy didn't get a say, she could not stop this from happening.

~ * ~ * ~
The End?

Note the First: A quick rundown of how this Harry's years at Hogwarts went down vs how they went down in canon.

Year One Originally - Voldemort trying to get the stone. This time around no Voldemort, so nothing but a normal school year for Harry. *snore* Even if I came back to Harry's Hogwarts years I'd be skipping this year.
Year Two Originally - TeenyBopperMort using Ginny to open the Chamber of Secrets. This time around no diary, so again nothing but a normal school year for Harry and Ginny. *snore* See above.
Year Three Originally - Sirius breaks out of Azkaban after (everything thinks) Harry. This time around, Sirius was let out of Azkaban early, and Luna dealt with Peter, so again nothing but a normal school year for Harry. *snore* See previous note.
Year Four Originally - World Cup action, followed by Tri-Turny action. This time around, yes, Crouch would probably be at the World Cup, but I think he only did the Dark Mark thing because the free Death Eaters pissed him off with their antics, and this time there would be no such antics. Also, while I imagine the School Year Turny happening (a celebration of peace) Harry wouldn't be entered, cause there would really be no reason for either side (light or dark) to enter him this time. So, again a mostly normal year for Harry, but this would likely be the year I'd start writing Harry's story, because at least this year I'd have him start dating, so that would at least be something mildly interesting to write about since I wouldn't play it exactly like canon.
And the years after I feel would be even more peaceful for Harry because there would be no coming together of the Order of the Phoenix in response to Voldemort Rising. No searching through people's memories for Voldemort's "lost" objects, and finally no hiding in the woods after Voldemort has taken over. So, all in all there isn't much potential for any drama outside of potential relationship antics between the characters (Hogwarts 90210). Sure, maybe something could be done with Crouch causing trouble somehow, but right now I got nothing, because even though Crouch did start breaking the curse on his own he still needed Voldemort's help to get away from his father, so without Voldemort Crouch probably wouldn't be much of an issue.

Note the Second: Yes, Harry remembered his past before he started dating Cho, but he developed a crush on her again before he remembered everything, and so I decided that he'd probably try dating her again in the hopes that things might be different this time.

And I decided to have him date more in general since I figure without Dumbledore and Voldemort hanging over his head Harry would have loads more free time on his hands.


So, anyway done now for now!
(PS - If I did come back to write a bit of Harry's Hogwarts years, I'd probably come back and put that into this story instead of posting yet another fanfic - just thought I should make a note of that.)

The End

You have reached the end of "Consequences VII - The Gangs All Here". This story is complete.

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