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Consequences VII - The Gangs All Here

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This story is No. 7 in the series "Consequences". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A woman from Buffy's past who made this reality her new home is trying to fix some mistakes. She's finally found a way to do so, but in doing so she's breaking several rules. Of course, since when has the Buffy gang ever cared about rules?

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Harry Potter > Multiple Pairings
Television > Moonlight
EmmaLoveFR151343,07813015,00427 Feb 096 Jul 10Yes

Chapter One

DISCLAIMER: Once again I do NOT own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Harry Potter or Moonlight, nor am I even remotely associated with anyone who does.
I don't honestly know who or what entity owns these things - Joss Whedon created Buffy, but I think Fox owns it or at least a part of it along with Whedon. J. K. Rowling owns Harry Potter, but I think someone else "owns" the movies. *sheepish* With Moonlight I don't even know who actually created it, let alone who owns it, except that neither of those is me.
(Sorry for the long windy, but I'm trying to make sure the disclaimer is within the site rules.)

Note: This was supposed to be mostly a pointless romp, a break for Buffy and friends. However, the story/fanfic quickly became something completely different than was originally intended... Originally there was NOT a complete rewrite of the PotterVerse, Buffy and company were simply meant to drop in and be pestered by both sides while they simply sat back and tried to enjoy the time they had left together. I.E. Mostly fluff.

Sorry about the delay in getting this posted, the chapter itself has been ready for about a week, but I hated the original title, and I also felt the summary was lacking. Hopefully they are both better now. ;)

Consequences VII - The Gangs All Here
~Chapter One~

Buffy almost screamed when she opened her eyes. They had moved, but they had brought the bad guys with them, which had never happened before. Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that they'd been inside a cave when the shift happened.

"Enough of this, little girl," one of the vampires said. "Stay where you are, and take the test, you are getting tiresome."

"I think you'll find your little test is pointless now," Buffy replied rising to her feet. She and Spike had kicked the stone wall hard enough to bring some of it down, but now there was nothing to hunker down behind, besides now they had plenty of room to fight.

What was strange, she noticed out of the corner of her eyes, was that they'd landed in the middle of two groups. Both groups were watching, and seemed almost stunned, but neither side was making any move to help, though some individuals on both sides looked as though they wanted to.

"Son of a bitch," she heard Xander yell, as she dusted the last of the four that had been facing her down.

Xander was surrounded by three of the vampires. Spike and Coraline were finishing off the others, so Buffy moved toward Xander.

She pulled two of the vampires back and realized that one of them had managed to break Xander's arm, which pissed her off.

"You," she said to the vampires. "Don't know it but you've just broken one of the rules."

"Really," one of them said nastily, and the rest began to move around her.

Buffy nodded. "You can fuck with me all day long, but nobody messes with my boyfriend!"

Spike and Coraline started toward them, but Buffy didn't need help. In three moves all four vampires were dust.

"Wow!" Several different voices called out from both sides. Neither of the leaders looked happy, the wanna-be Gandalf looked more unhappy than the wanna-be-snake man.

Buffy looked down, Xander looked grim, but nodded. His arm needed to be set, and it was going to hurt, a lot.

She grabbed his arm, and as she twisted, Xander screamed.

Buffy felt Spike's hand on her shoulder.

"I'm beginning to understand," Coraline said absently. "Why a Slayer is necessary."

Buffy couldn't help herself, she laughed.

"You okay, Pup?" Spike asked, when Xander opened his eye.

Buffy tried to hold back a laugh and ended up coughing. Trust Spike to come up with a new nickname that was different but still pretty much meant the same as the one he'd been using. He and Xander really were a lot alike sometimes.

"Asshole," Xander replied, but he was grinning. "I'll live, but I think I'd like some painkillers, and a nice fluffy bed now."

Buffy started when she realized that she'd completely forgotten about the two groups of people around them. Thankfully, Spike and Coraline had not been so distracted.

Both leaders were watching them intently, there was some interest on the snake-mans face. Buffy didn't know whether that should worry her or not.

"It looks like we interrupted a big fight with our little fight," Xander said, as he allowed Buffy to help him to his feet.

"I think you're right," Buffy replied, and turned to the snake-man since he seemed less hostile. "We'll be going now so you can get on with your apocalypse nowish."

The snake-man, and several others, smiled.

"What?" Spike said. "You not gonna jump in and save the world again."

"And how would we go about doing that?" Xander asked. "I shouldn't have to remind you that we have walking wounded here."

Buffy turned from glaring at Spike to smile at Xander. Xander grinned back.

"That," she said to Spike without taking her eyes off Xander. "And the little fact that we don't know which side is the saving the world one."

Something, or rather someone caught Buffy's eye, so she didn't hear Spike's reply.

"What? How?" Buffy asked the young girl who was standing on the wannabe-Gandalf's side. She was smiling dreamily, and while she was much younger, Buffy knew exactly who she was. This was a much younger version of the woman who had told her about scythe back in Sunnydale, except she wasn't a woman now.

"A, you're dead, I was there, and B, you're not a kid, but a very old woman," Buffy said, and realized that seemed a bit insulting. "No offense."

The girls smile widened, and Buffy could see that people on both sides, actually all three, were looking between the young girl and Buffy in confusion.

The young girl continued smiling, and Buffy started to wonder if she was mistaken. But she knew she couldn't be, because while the girl was much younger, she was still the spitting image of the woman from Sunnydale.

Finally, the girl stopped smiling, and opened her mouth. "I distinctly remember telling you that I'd forgotten how young you'd be."

Now it was Buffy's turn to blink.

"As we were talking, just before I died, I realized that I had forgotten what it was to be young. I wanted to capture that feeling, and experience all the joys that came with it again," she said, and stepped away from the others, who were looking at her in shock and confusion, to move closer to Buffy.

Out of the corner of her eye, Buffy saw what was probably the oldest man on the field tense, though he also looked very pleased. On the other side, several, especially the snake-man, were looking very interested.

Buffy realized that everyone who'd been gathered beside the woman/girl were starting to look at the young goddess as though they were seeing her for the first time. They probably were, because it was clear they'd had no idea who or what she was.

"I realized that I would have some problems," the now young goddess said slowly. "The first and foremost one is that I am very powerful," it was said as a statement of fact, not a boast.

"I knew that no matter how I tried I'd never be able to completely hide my power, especially not all the time. I started to despair, then I realized that there were other realities out there, realities where a powerful child wouldn't be the exception but the rule. There was one in particular where I could even be useful to another chosen one," she said and then her expression turned sad. "Though, in the end, I intervened much to late."

Buffy frowned, for two reasons. One she was starting to suspect the reason why she was here, and secondly if death meant nothing to the goddess then why hadn't she returned to help Buffy in the final battle?

The young goddess smiled as though she knew what Buffy was thinking, and after a moment Buffy realized she probably did. Then her head was filled with flashes of images that speed past so fast that Buffy couldn't keep up.

When they stopped Buffy knew many things, but what really stuck out for her was this realities chosen one. A green eyed boy named Harry Potter. Buffy almost sighed. She'd only thought her life sucked, his really did.

"I had already given you all the help you needed, Slayer," she said. "There was nothing more I could do for you, until now," the girl smiled. "By the way, you may call me Luna, Luna Lovegood."

Buffy gave a startled chuckle, which quickly turned into a full-blown laughing fit.

"I simply couldn't resist," the young goddess said almost sheepishly.

Once Buffy, Xander, and Spike composed themselves, Luna looked at Buffy and smiled gently.

"Congratulations, Slayer," Luna announced. "You and yours have been granted a slight reprieve."

"And if they find out?" Many around them were looking confused, but Xander and Spike seemed to have a vague understanding of what was going on. Buffy wondered if they'd gotten the strange visions as well.

"They will let things play out," Luna said serenely. "Because you are doing their bidding, in a round about way. Besides I am the one flouting their wishes in this case, not you."

Then Buffy understood the vague visions, and she wasn't sure which emotion was stronger joy or fear.

"So, you reset time and we stay here and raise Harry Potter?"

Harry's mouth fell open, and the wannabe-Gandalf started toward Luna.

"You cannot do this! I will not allow it!"

"I can, and there is nothing you can do to stop it," Luna said harshly. "You had your chance to make things right, and you have failed. Epically, and possibly more than even I can fix."

Luna did something, something Buffy didn't see, but the result was that the wanna-be Gandalf froze in his tracks.

"You cannot even began to comprehend the damage you've inflicted on Harry Potter. Nor do you have any idea what would happen after he killed Voldemort. You are a short-sighted fool! You would turn a boy into a killer without thought to how that would affect him, especially considering the other choices you've made regarding him."

"So you bring in killers," the old man snapped, and Buffy couldn't help it when her hands balled into fists.

Luna smiled. "Because you have failed the decision is no longer yours. I have chosen competent guardians for Harry Potter - so mote it be!"

Something happened, but Buffy wasn't sure what, only that the old man actually seemed to be in pain, Buffy looked over her shoulder and realized that the snake-man had started forward, but was now frozen as well.

Luna was looking at the snake-man as though he were a naughty boy.

"Tsk tsk," she said. "I know you want to see him suffer," she said, and walked over to stroke his cheek. "I understand, far better than you, but it is not allowed. Not at this time. But fear not his power has waned, his title striped."

Then his eyes closed, and while he didn't seem to be in pain, something was happening. Luna removed her hand, and simply looked at the frozen man with wide sad eyes.

"When the time is right," Luna said, then paused. "Hopefully this will work," she looked toward the sky. "It has to, because this was never meant to be."

Then she turned back to Buffy as though nothing had happened.

"Yes," Luna said blissfully, and it took Buffy a moment to realize that she was answering the question Buffy had asked earlier.

"But not only that, I give you seventeen years to spend with your friends and family," Luna waved her hand, and then there was a flash of light, and when the light cleared, Buffy felt her heart fill with warmth and love.

Standing just off to their side was Giles, Dawn, Willow, Tara, and Anya. The five of them looked very confused, and Anya was looking much worse for wear. She was dirty, her hair was matted, and her clothing was torn badly. Still she as well as the others looked intact and healthy.

However, there was something about Dawn that was different, Buffy couldn't figure out what, but there was something different about her sister. It almost seemed like there was something missing.

"I suggest," Luna said. "That you use this time to make your peace with each other and then say your goodbyes. There are some among you who will never cross paths again."

Buffy finally turned away from her family and friends to see that Luna looked very sad.

"For that I am sorry, but you know as well as I do that there is always a price to pay," Luna said, and then paused as though reading words written on the very air itself. "Part of that price is that the fate of your Watcher has been tied to this world, and it is suspected that your sister will also tie her fate to this reality."

Buffy didn't know what to say. This world was clearly in the middle of a war, so it didn't exactly seem like a very safe place. On the other hand, if time was to be redone, perhaps they could change things and make this world safer for those who would be left behind.

"The rest, including you Slayer, shall not pass this way again."

"And how come we are discussing this in front of everyone?" Spike asked, and it was only then that it really occurred to Buffy that this was or should have been a very private conversation.

Luna grinned, it made her look scary somehow. "Because some are meant to remember, even if they don't truly remember. It is a slim chance, a small hope, but hopefully it will be enough."

Then before anything else could happen, something separated from the shadows.

Buffy knew it was a vampire, a very old one. He felt like the uber vamps, but he looked human. Actually, he looked a lot like Dracula, his hair was maybe a bit darker, but it was hard to tell at night, and while Dracula had been very thin this new vampire was broader all around, not fat, just bigger.

Buffy sighed. Maybe it was nothing more than the eyes that made her think of Dracula, because he had the same dark penetrating eyes that Dracula did.

Luna's eyes widened as the vampire moved forward, but otherwise she did not react.

Then, to her surprise, the vampire bowed to her, not Luna, though he had nodded at Luna before bowing to Buffy.

There were gasps from all around the clearing, but Buffy really only heard those from her family and friends. Giles' eyes were wide as saucers, which lead Buffy to believe that he knew the vampire in question. But how?

"Your Mag...," Coraline spoke from Buffy's side, and her voice was filled with reverence. Whatever she'd been going to say was cut off with a wave of the bowed vampires hand. He turned to Buffy and seemed to be ignoring everyone else.

"You may know me as Mircea," his voice was surprisingly normal. "Your Highness."

Buffy was confused, even more so as she realized that many of this realities natives looking even more awestruck. Not to mention Coraline who looked ready to bow to Buffy as well.

"I'm not..."

"You are Buffy Anne Summers. The Chosen One, Vampire Slayer, Queen of the Slayers, and most importantly, Queen of the Dead and the Damned."

Buffy shook her head. "I'm just Buffy the Vampire Slayer."

And that was honestly all she was, the last Vampire Slayer. She wasn't even special as a chosen one anymore, because she'd created an army of them in her old reality, and this reality had its own version of a chosen one. And, of course, the other Slayers back home had started calling her Queen of the Slayers, but it was a joke more than anything else. Well, and a bit of an ego stroke, but was otherwise an empty title, especially now since there were no other slayers around for her to be Queen of.

The vampire suddenly looked sympathetic. "You do not understand. Not yet, but you will," and then the vampire was gone.

Luna looked around and when she caught Buffy's eyes Buffy saw what she could only describe as a never-ending sadness in them. "I am sorry, my child," she said to Buffy then her expression cleared.

"It has begun," Luna announced, and then everything went fuzzy.

~ * ~ * ~

Even more Notes (sorry!): I won't say I am a research Queen - far from it actually, but I did go out looking for a "known" (i.e. historical) vampire that was older than Dracula and not only did I find one, but I also found one that was related to him, which was exactly what I'd wanted. Of course, the related part wasn't strictly necessary because that could always be faked, all I really needed was a vampire or potential vampire that was older than Dracula.

PS - For this to work properly, you need to pretend that the Harry in this chapter is over 19 years old, which means that the final battle is taking place (or was going to take place) a bit later in this reality than it did in canon. That or Luna is simply working some very powerful magic to match things up properly - whichever works best for you. ;)
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