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To Kill or To Slay

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Summary: When Beatrix Kiddo finally kills the only man she truly loved she discovers that her daughter is still missing. What is the Watcher's Council? Who is the Slayer? How does she get Global Justice out of her hair? And who does she have to kill to find B.B.?

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TorresFR131411,95202114,41927 Feb 0920 Mar 11No

Between a voice and a light

Lucas watched his daughter leave Las Dos Espadas. Her long strides taking her to her car in quick agile steps. He waited there, in the empty lot across the highway for her to pull away from the bar. When he saw her two back-lights fade into the night, he started his car and turned in the opposite direction. So she found the two assassins. She might be close. He navigated toward the nearest fill station.

The radio turned to static. He pressed the tuner, but it was more of the same. He slammed his fist on the dash. Nothing. Lucas reached to flick the radio off when a force push his hand back. He grabbed his phone before it rang.


The Voice waited a moment before speaking. “Beatrix Kiddo is alive.”

Scott slowly turned into the fill station. “She is?”

“Don't pretend you haven't been keeping an eye on your spawn, Lucas.” The Voice paused.

“What do you want me to say?” Lucas got out of the car and put the pump into the tank. Not caring which kind it ended up being. “What do you want me to do?”

“We want you to make sure she understands her side of this deal.” The Voice whispered. It always whispered.

“She's close.” Of course, she would be closer if she wasn't so focused on the Slayer. He'd have to see where she was headed with that. He looked around before bending close to the car. He whispered, “She'll kill her.”

“We have no doubt that she'll complete her part of the contract.” The Voice followed after a deep silence. “It is the timing of the completion that-concerns us.”

“I know.”

“Yes, but do you comprehend?” The Voice was getting louder. It was like the radio static had somehow migrated into his ears through the windows. “Lucas. If she doesn't do this. You and she will face dire consequences.”

“I know.” Now he could feel it. Yes, feel the noise rubbing against his eardrums, threatening to popped them open if he didn't do something soon. “I comprehend.”

“Very Well.”

The static surrounding him vanished. He loosened his collar. His hand fell to his side. She would find Beatrix for sure. But he had to talk to the assassin before Shego fulfilled her duties. He had to find it. That was the only priority. Beatrix must have it.

The phone slid from his hand and dropped to the cement with a loud clack. Or maybe it only seemed loud, in the mostly barren parking lot. He pulled the pump out and turned.

He stood still. His eyes narrowing at the green ones looking back at him.

“Here's your phone mister.” Shego handed it to him. She took the pump and returned it to the rack. “You should see your face.”

“How-How long have you been there?” Lucas slipped his phone into his pocket. “What did you hear?”

“I didn't hear anything.” Shego walked away from him. Her finger tapped her chin. “Which is odd. Seeing how your lips were moving.”

Lucas nodded. He closed his tank. Waited for Shego to finish up her little chat.

“Tell me. Lucas, were you a mime in another life?” Shego pushed her hands into her catsuit pockets. “Because that was a pretty convincing talk you were having.”

“Don't play with me Shego.” Lucas darted passed her to the station.

“No, don't you play with me.” Shego pulled his arm. But he jerked it away.

He held it close to him. Like she burned him. “I'm just checking in on your progress.”

“Sure.” Shego said. “Sure.”

Lucas nodded and left her in the night. He didn't look back at her. He didn't have to look to see. He saw everything that Shego was. A thief, a tracker, a prankster. But she wasn't going to kill Beatrix. He'd have to do something about that.

He didn't see Shego get into her car. And he didn't see her pull out the recording she made of him. Of all the things he did see. Those were not amongst them.

The End?

You have reached the end of "To Kill or To Slay" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 20 Mar 11.

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