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The Slayers Dollhouse

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Summary: Who was the man behind the plan of the Dollhouse?

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The Slayers Dollhouse

Disclaimer: I do not own BTVS, Angel or Dollhouse, that damn genius Joss Whedon is the proud father of the triplets. He is most brilliant. I watched Dollhouse tonight and got the idea that only QT would think up a place like this, Tell me what you think of my mad ramblings and I might do more. Is it just me or does the Dollhouse facilities resemble LA's Wolfram & Hart.

The Slayers Dollhouse

Slayers Dollhouse
Thank you to Ickybr101 for the amazing manip

Quentin Travers escaped, he did not know how but he'd escaped the massacre of the Watchers Council. Bruised and burned he sought out those he trusted most but all his allies were dead and gone. Almost every one of his watchers The First had brutely murdered except for that worthless Rupert Giles, and he was the last person he would trust. Therefore, he stayed under the radar, watching and waiting for things to blow over with The First. He watched as The First systematically tried to kill the slayer line, he watched as it tried to break down everything that the council had built. He watched as the evil slowly broke down the already fragile trust between that bitch of a slayer and her cohorts. He watched as the unthinkable happened and the witch awakened every potential slayer in the world. He watched as the vampire with a soul gave his unlife to close the hellmouth and save those who remained. He watched as Giles the bloody brain trust tried to reestablish the Watchers council and find all the activated slayers. He watched as the slayer wars began and became quite bloody. Now his watching would end, now it was time to act and restore order. He was going to get these bitches back in line and under his control once more.

Quentin Travers came out of hiding and began to dip into his off shore accounts. He began to build the most elaborate facilities his warped mind could think of. With the help off the wolf, the ram, and the hart he began to hunt the slayer, a little evil went a long way when you wanted something done fast. He slowly brought every Slayer, watcher, and warrior back under his control. He built Dollhouse to brainwash every girl chosen to fight, every champion chosen to battle. He built Dollhouse to reel in the chaos and gain control once more. He had succeeded in his plans to dominate, that was until they instated Echo into the system. What made him think he could ever control a girl like Faith? Want, take, have.

More of Ickybr amazing pics and manips. :) I absolutely love them.
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