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The Sword and the Cap

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Summary: Sequel to A Dragon in Hollywood. Buffy and the gang rush to stop Rynn and Arohk from accidently opening the Hellmouth. Simple? Not in Sunnydale! Set just after Living Conditions.

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The Sword and the Cap

Disclaimer: Characters and concepts belong to their owners who I'm too lazy to list.

[Censored by the Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda]: I'm insane. BtVS crossovers with Drakan (video game), Mighty Max, Pinky and the Brain, Knight Rider, Scooby Doo, Hercules, and that's what I can remember without actually rereading the story.

The phone was ringing.

It took Rupert Giles, ex-Watcher, to identify the sound.

Afterall, it wasn't everyday that his phone rang. None of

the children (Yes, they were all young enough to be his

offspring, so he'll call them what he liked even though

they all graduated from high school!) ever called him. If

they wanted to talk to Giles, they usually dropped by in

person instead of phoning. Would it have been so

difficult for them to call him?

Of course, getting called at threeish in the morning

wasn't exactly what he had in mind.

Now that Giles thought about it, he couldn't quite recall

his own phone number. When was the last time he had

actually given the number out to somebody. Oh yes, now he

recalled. It was...

Ye gods! Had it really been four years? And to the

Council no less, not that they ever used it the hidebound


But enough griping. Time to answer the phone.


"Giles?" came a familiar voice.

"Ah, hello, Angel," Giles greeted cordially, but not with

too much enthusiasm. It wouldn't do to express how empty

his life was lately, deranged Slayer and her demonic

roomate aside. "What can I do for you?" Maybe a touch of

levity would be appropriate. "Is the apocalypse nigh?"

There was a short pause on Angel's end then, "How did you


Boredom was suddenly looking good.


Waking up late was nice. Waking up late with Kathy gone

back to whatever hell she came from was even better.

Especially considering the late patrol with absolutely

zilch encountered.

And having Willow as her roomie was actually turning out

to be a Good Thing despite some initial Kathy flashbacks.

With a quick scan of her room, Buffy saw that Willow was

gone, probably to breakfast. It was Saturday and having

no classes today, Buffy considered just lazing about in


On the other hand, if she got up in time before the

cafeteria closed, she might run into Parker. Now that

would be a good thing, right?

Buffy was out of the shower and mostly dressed when

Willow walked in. In her hand was a small wire cage with

two white furry somethings in them.

"Morning, Buffy," Willow said, happy as always.

"Hey, Will," Buffy replied as she decided which shoes

would look best with what she was wearing. "Whatcha got


"I got some friends for Amy," Willow told her. Setting

the cage on her desk, Willow took the two furballs out.

"I was thinking that she might be getting kind of lonely,

being by herself and all. Also, a cousin of mine was

just convicted of animal abuse, and her pets needed a new

home. I got these mice."

"Animal abuse?" It was hard for Buffy to imagine anyone

related to Willow being deliberately malicious. Except

maybe for Willow's evil twin.

"Well, she kinda smothered them with love. Literally.

Don't ask," Willow said sheepishly. She put the two white

mice in Amy's cage. "Here you go, Amy, some new friends!"

Having selected her shoes, Buffy examined the two mice.

They seemed oddly deformed. "Willow, what's wrong with

those, two?" she asked concerned.

"Oh, don't worry about it, Buffy," Willow assured her.

"Seems before my cousin had them, they used to belong to

a now defunct biolab. Seems they were incompetant or

something. Anyway, the mice are kinda genetic leftovers."

"They're not gonna go all Hellmouthy on us and try to

destroy the world are they?" Buffy said as she and Willow

were leaving.

"Oh no, they're..." The door shut then, cutting off the

remaining conversation from the mice. And the dorm room

was utterly silent for the moment. Then someone spoke.

"Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?"

"I think so, Brain. Amy IS a babe, isn't she?"


Late breakfast in the campus cafeteria had it's plusses

and minuses. On the plus side, the lines were short

because most of the students who ate there already had.

On the minus side, the food selection For

Max, it was a toss up on which was better.

On the other hand, arriving right on the heels of two

pretty girls was a definite plus. Maybe he could even get

a date out of this.

"Y'know, maybe we should have gone to a fast food place,"

the blonde was saying to her red headed companion. "I

mean, this stuff has been sitting out here so long, it's

starting to look like some of the stuff we got in high


"Hey, maybe there's even rat poison in it," the red head

said with a weird enthusiasm.

The blonde just stared back. When the red head started

making incoherent protests, Max thought it was a good

time to step in.

"I think I can guarantee that there's no rat poison in

the food," Max interupted. He gestured vaguely at the

less than crowded cafeteria. "Unless everybody here is

immune that is."

The two girls turned to face him. Yes, Max thought,

definitely better looking from the front. The blonde

quirked a smile. "Probably not," she said to him. "You

must be M. Funny, you don't look like the head of British


"What, this?" Max said looking down at the huge red

letter M monogrammed on his T-shirt. "Believe it or not,

my mom had these sewn on all my clothes while I wasn't

looking. By the way, I'm Max Strong."

"Buffy Summers," the blonde said.

"Willow Rosenberg," the red head followed.

"Nice to meet you," Max said. This was going well. "Say,

either of you wouldn't happen to be free tonight, would


Buffy and Willow glanced at each other in amusement. Uh

oh, Max knew that look. "Actually, I already have a

date," Willow said apollogetically.

"And while I'm not dating someone per se," Buffy put in,

"I am doing datelike things with someone tonight unless

something comes up."

"Oh, that's all right," Max said, hiding his

disappointment. "Plenty of other girls in Sunnydale U.

Hey maybe one of them will like an ex-superhero."

"Ex-superhero?" Buffy asked, eyebrows raised.

"Well, yeah." Sotto-voice, Max told them, "I used to be a

superhero. Ran around saving the world and all before I

retired. Behold the source of my power!" He whipped out a

red baseball cap with a monogrammed M on it. "Pitiful,

huh? Well, looks like we've been talking too long 'cause

the cafeteria line's just closed. Be seein' you."

With that, he turned and walked away in search of

breakfast and maybe a date.

He didn't hear Buffy mutter under her breath, "At least

some of us get to retire."


Sleep was a good thing. Finding a nice secluded spot to

get some sleep proved to be a problem in this world, Rynn

found. Especially considering that there just weren't

that many places to hide a twenty foot dragon in this


For one thing, even after flying for several leagues,

Rynn and Arohk could still see houses everywhere. Los

Angeles seemed to go on forever, broken up only by rows

of hills that were themselves topped with houses and


Finally, the hills started becoming more common than the

houses. Though still too near to human habitation for her

liking, Rynn had Arohk set down in a semi secluded glade

where they could get some rest.

Rynn didn't want to press on during the day. Last night

was hardly any rest and Rynn wanted to be rested when

she would open the local rift. There was no telling what

was on the other side. Also, she wanted to minimize the

risk of being spotted by the roaring death birds that had

so handily destroyed two squadrons of Blade Dragons. They

might have mistook Arohk as one.

Of course, they could have stayed in Angel's warehouse,

but the Dark Union had agents in this world. Both Rynn

and Arohk agreed that they did not want to be ambushed


Leaning back against Arohk's hide, Rynn let herself drift

off into slumber. Maybe her dreams wouldn't bother her

so much now...

"Hey, yon dragon!" a high pitched voice shouted,

startling Rynn and Arohk out of their half-sleep. "Unhand

the fair maiden and cower before the might of Sir Calvin

the great!"

Arohk caught sight of the intruder first as Rynn was

scrambling to her feet. "I believe the humans of this

world have a saying appropriate to this situation, Rynn,"

the dragon told his rider. "You've got to be kidding me."

It was a boy, maybe no more than four or five years old.

He was straw haired and cute looking. In one hand he

brandished a toy sword. In the other, he held a stuffed

doll of some kind.

"Release the maiden, foul beast!" Sir Calvin insisted.

"I beg your pardon?" Arokh said, mystified by the young

human's behavior.

Rynn was quicker to catch on. "Oh, brave Knight, thank

goodness you've come!" she exclaimed in the most

simpering voice she could manage.

Although he showed no outward signs, Rynn could feel

Arohk's total and complete confusion. Poor boy, Rynn

thought, he probably thinks the whole universe had gone


"Fear not, milady," Sir Calvin replied. "I shall rescue

you from this fearsome dragon!"

"Oh, dear sir, you misunderstand me," Rynn went on,

"Though the dragon is fearsome," confused pride from

Arohk, "he is my friend and guardian."

"Huh?" Sir Calvin said brilliantly.

"My sentiments exactly," Arohk rumbled.

"Indeed. Sir Calvin, we are pursued my foes great and

many," Rynn continued.

"I will protect you, lady!" the boy exclaimed.

"Oh, we couldn't impose, but..." Rynn trailed off


"But?" Sir Calvin and Arohk said simultaneously.

"My guardian and I need to sleep and recover our

strength," Rynn explained. "Could you be so kind as to

stand watch over us while we slumber?"

It took Sir Calvin a minute to decipher what Rynn had

said. Then he spent the next five arguing with his doll,

Hobbes. Finally...

"Lady! I, Sir Calvin, and my squire, Hobbes, will gladly

stand guard while you sleep. Only..."


"Can you tell us a story?"


"Once, long ago in an age long past, the Order of the

Flame warded all the world from evil. Good Dragons and

their knightly riders..."

Humans were strange, Arohk mused as he settled down.

"...the betrayer Navaros who destroyed the Order. But its

last knight and dragon shattered the Dark Union, exiling


They were constantly fretting to and fro, trying to

accomplish what they could in their short lives. But in

their haste, their lives become less than direct, a long

winding road that more often than not lead nowhere.

"...centuries. Then the Dark Union rose again, and a

young peasant girl rose to defy them. Bonding herself to

the last dragon..."

No, he wasn't being completely fair. Sometimes, a human's

life would take him or her far, Such lives accomplished

wonders to behold.

"...destroying Navaros, the girl and dragon returned home

in victory."

Arohk's current rider was one of those. He wouldn't want

it to be any other way.

"Did the girl ever rescue her brother?" Sir Calvin asked.

Rynn sighed sadly. "Yes she did," Rynn lied.


The Death Mage floated upon a hilltop overlooking the

town. By this world's standards, it was small and

unassuming. But the Death Mage could feel the power of a

Rift singing in the air.

Having spied on the peasant wench and her dragon planning

to go to the nearest Rift, the Death Mage had raced to

the nearest one he could detect. Knowing that dragon and

rider were coming here, he would gather allies to ambush

them. While he formulated his plans, one nagging question

echoed in the back of his mind.

What fool builds a town right on top of a Rift?

To be continued...
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