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About the Blood

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This story is No. 1 in the series "About the Blood". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Buffy sends Angel to Hell, but she also gets transported through time and space in the backlash of the portal closing. She ends up at Hogwarts in 1943. Will she change history?

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Tom Riddle/VoldemortangeluscadoFR1827108,1792320175,39928 Feb 0919 Oct 10Yes

Chapter 27

Chapter 27


Buffy had decided, one afternoon a few days before the beginning of her exams, that she wouldn’t be able to keep up her charade for very much longer.  While she knew she couldn’t tell everyone that she was from the future, she could tell the rest of her friends that she was the Slayer.  Well, a Slayer.  She didn’t want to have her new family, whoever it ended up being with, to throw her out like her mother had if she had to go out and save the world.  The only way she could see that happening would be to come clean about her other life.


She just hoped that, as members of the wizarding world, they wouldn’t toss her out, or send her to the funny farm.


However, there was a small problem with her plan.  Because Buffy wanted to tell her three seventh year friends her story at the same time, in a place where they couldn’t be overheard, it would take a fair amount of finagling to get it all prepared.  The problem with that was that with Quidditch finals, NEWTs, OWLs and opposing class schedules made it very difficult for all of them to be in the same room at the same time for any length of time, not even mentioning getting them into a room that was eavesdrop-proof.


As long as she could get the information to her friends before they left Hogwarts for the summer holidays, Buffy would be happy.  Until then, Buffy had to buckle down and study hard for her OWLs.  Thankfully, she was exempt from her sixth year exams, otherwise she really would have been in trouble.  She supposed that the professors had decided that if she had a decent showing on her OWLs it would more than prove her ability to handle the seventh year classes she would be taking in the fall.


The first exam Buffy had was the one for History of Magic.  Ten minutes into the exam, she knew she wouldn’t be taking the class again in the fall.  Even though she had gone through her – well, Quentin’s – notes several times, the information didn’t seem to stick.  Maybe it was because whenever she read her notes, the voice in her head read the words in Professor Binns’ drone, and she was zoning out in moments.  Whatever it was, Buffy was certain that she wouldn’t be taking that class again.


The other ones seemed to go all right – Buffy was able to change her teapot into a tortoise in Transfiguration and mark down the incantation to turn a rat into a water goblet.  Defence Against the Dark Arts, she was able to identify ten different demons by name and demonstrate some of the offensive spells she had been taught throughout the year.  Potions, a simple concoction to help cure boils.  Divination, dream interpretation.  Care of Magical Creatures, identifying various creatures by looking at a picture of them.  The only one Buffy seemed to have a problem with was her last exam, Charms.


“So, what did they make you do?” Augusta asked when Buffy came back from her last exam, flopping down onto a sofa in the common room.


“Wanted me to make a pineapple tap dance across the desk,” Buffy replied with a shrug.


“How do you think you did?” Augusta asked.


“The pineapple didn’t tap dance,” Buffy replied, wrinkling her nose.  Sure, the pineapple did do a little dance, but she doubted a sexy, grinding, would-have-been-sliding-up-and-down-a-pole dance wouldn’t get her top marks.  Or very good marks at all.  Hell, she didn’t even know a pineapple could dance like that!


“Well, as long as it danced I’m sure they won’t fail you,” Augusta said confidently.


“Here’s hoping,” Buffy said with a sigh before she got up from her seat.  “I think I’m going to go for a walk.  Clear my head, you know?”


“Sure, sounds like a good idea,” Augusta said.  “I’ll see you at dinner?”


“Definitely,” Buffy replied before turning and leaving the common room.  She definitely needed to clear her head and figure out how she was going to deal with everything.  She was going to be moving in with the McGonagalls in a few days, and she needed to figure out how to tell her friends about her Slayer-ness with the smallest level of freak out.


She wasn’t the only person outside enjoying the early June weather.  Smiling to herself as she soaked up the long overdue sunshine, she headed towards the edge of the forest, walking the perimeter of the school grounds, taking in the beauty of the scenery in early summer.  It was hard for her to believe that grounds that had been covered in snow not more than four months ago was now lush, green and habitable to the people who attended at the school.


She was so caught up in her observations of the things around her that she didn’t hear the rustling of the bushes behind her, and until she heard the whispered spell she didn’t know someone was behind her and didn’t have time to dodge the stunner that was shot at her back.






Buffy blinked, feeling the stunning spell lift.  She tried to sit up, but found that she couldn’t due to the fact that her feet were bound together and her hands bound behind her back by heavy, black ropes.  She took in her surroundings – she was in the forest, in a clearing, and there were four other people with her, Abraxas Malfoy and three other students, presumably Slytherins as well.


“Where the hell am I?” Buffy grumbled.


“The Forbidden Forest,” Malfoy replied, coming over to check Buffy’s ropes.


“And why are we in the Forbidden Forest?” Buffy asked.  “I mean, if you wanted to talk to me all you had to do was ask.  You didn’t have to kidnap me or anything.”


“All will be revealed in due time,” Malfoy replied, before he went back to what looked like a circle drawn on the ground.  “We’ll be doing much more than talking, and I needed a more private venue to do what I needed to do.”


“If this is going to be some weird five way orgy, I want out now,” Buffy said.  “Don’t make me break these ropes and kick your ass.”


“There is no way you’d be able to break those ropes.  They’re spelled,” Malfoy replied blandly.  “And this isn’t going to be some weird orgy.  I would rather touch you as little as possible.  Wouldn’t want to get my hands dirty, you know.”


“Okay then, why am I tied up in the middle of the forest?” Buffy asked again.


“Persistent, aren’t you?” Malfoy asked.  “Well, I suppose I could tell you.  You don’t belong here.”


“Oh not this crap again,” Buffy said with a sigh.  “Look I get that I’m not ‘pure blood’ or anything like that, but does that honestly matter?  Seriously?  I  mean, hello, inbreeding!”


“Although we disagree on that point, that is not the reason why you don’t belong here,” Malfoy said.  “I know your secret.”


“And what secret is that?” Buffy asked, beginning to panic.  She wondered which secret he knew, and wracked her brain to figure out when and where she had spoken about one or the other.  Finding no real instances where she had spoken about it in the wide open, she wondered how Malfoy had heard about one or the other.


“I found it quite odd that an American girl with no discernable magical education was accepted to Hogwarts, one of the most prestigious magical schools in the world, with no questions asked,” Malfoy continued.  “I did some searching, using my family’s connections, and found some rather interesting information.  Up until the moment you came to Hogwarts, you didn’t exist.  There were no birth records, death records, or school records, no records of any kind, for a Buffy Anne Summers.  It was almost like you… fell from the sky.”


Buffy stilled, her eyes going wide.  Had he figured out that she wasn’t from this time?  What was he going to do with this information?  It had to be, because he certainly wasn’t talking about her other big bad secret that wasn’t really much of a secret, considering how many people knew about it.


“There were only two possible explanations for this,” Malfoy said.  “One, that you are a mystical object concealed in the form of a human for protection, or that you have not been born yet.  I do not particularly care one way or the other.  The only thing I care about is the fact that you don’t belong here.”


“You’re going to kill me?” Buffy asked, scared.  She had died before but it was only for a minute and she was revived soon afterwards.  This would be death of a more permanent variety, and while she knew this day would come she was in no way prepared for it.


“No, no, nothing so barbaric,” Malfoy said with a laugh.  “I’m not going to kill you.  After all, evidence can be left on bodies and evidence can be traced to whoever did the crime.  No, I’m just going to make you disappear.”


He went back to the three Slytherins he had brought with him and together they huddled and whispered.  Buffy strained her ears to hear what they were talking about, but wasn’t able to.  Shortly afterwards, they dispersed and formed a loose circle around the circle they had drawn on the ground.


They began chanting.


As soon as the chanting began, Buffy began screaming.  There was no way they were far enough in the forest that no one would be able to hear her.  She continued to scream until Malfoy sighed and rolled his eyes, throwing a silencing spell her way.


“Can’t have you alerting people of what we’re doing, now can we?” he sing-songed, before going back to chanting.  Buffy wondered where he had gotten this spell – she hadn’t seen anything like it in the Hogwarts library.  Then again, she hadn’t had access to the restricted section, while Malfoy, as the Head Boy, probably did.  That, and apparently he had connections and would probably have the information at his fingertips, being one of those extremely influential purebloods she’d heard so much about.


The air began to crackle as the portal began to form.  It was swirling and it looked unstable, like it would rip her apart if she came anywhere near it.  While he wasn’t pulling the trigger, per se, he was still providing the means that could possibly kill her.  Was that negligence?  Buffy didn’t know.  All she knew was that that portal looked dangerous, and she didn’t want to go anywhere near it.


“Now then, let’s get that silencing charm off of you,” Malfoy said, taking the silencing charm off of her.  Buffy opened her mouth to scream again and found herself stifled by a hand over her mouth.  “If you scream again, I’ll put it back on, and I won’t take it off before we throw you into the portal.”


“I have one question,” Buffy said after Malfoy removed his hand.  “Why?”


“You are becoming far too influential to certain people around here,” Malfoy said.  “With you gone, he will go back to the manipulative bastard the rest of us know and follow.”


“Tom,” Buffy said.  “You’re doing all of this because Tom is changing?”


“That’s the crux of it,” Malfoy replied, picking Buffy up.  She tried to squirm her way out of his arms, although if she were successful she wasn’t entirely sure what she was going to do.  It wasn’t like she could fight back or run away or anything.


“That’s sick,” Buffy said, still squirming.


“No, what’s sick is allowing mudbloods and half-breeds to learn magic, when it should only be learned and kept in all-magical families,” Malfoy snarled.  “When Riddle got that oaf expelled last year, I knew he believed in the same cause as the rest of us Slytherins.  With him at our helm, we, as a force, will become invincible!”


“No,” Buffy whispered.  “No.”


“Yes,” Malfoy said.  “I bet you didn’t know your significant other was a pureblood supremacist, just like the rest of us.”


Before Buffy could say anything else, she could hear the sounds of people crashing through the trees.  Panicking slightly, Malfoy ran so that he was close enough to the portal before throwing her in without any more fanfare.  As she was sucked into the abyss, she could see her Gryffindor friends, plus Hagrid, bursting into the clearing, but it was too late.


She was already gone.


“Good bye,” she whispered before she was sucked out of view.  She felt like she was being sucked through a vacuum, and before long she was deposited, rather unceremoniously, onto the pavement of some road.  She looked around, recognizing her surroundings.


She had been deposited at the outskirts of Sunnydale.




Alright, so it’s done.  Finito.  I’d like to thank everyone for sticking through all 100,000 words of this insane ride, both the ups and the downs and dealing with my somewhat irregular update schedule.


Not sure when the sequel will be posted… it’s being worked on, although I may take a hiatus while working on NaNoWriMo.

The End

You have reached the end of "About the Blood". This story is complete.

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