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Summary: A rewrite of Episode 4.13, Suckers. When Greg gives Catherine and Warrick the stack and crucifix he wasn’t kidding, Greg Sanders knew about the demons which lurk in the dark- especially the ones that bite…

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CSI > CSI Las VegasTouchoftheWindFR1811,645271,71028 Feb 0928 Feb 09No
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A/N: This is a CSI/Buffy short story; it only will be about 2 or 3 chapters. There will be some changes to the plot line and things, mainly because I needed to create a Vampire plot, Lol! Quick reminder on characters: Angela is the girl who was murdered, Lazarus is the guy whom Angela was a donor for, and Bobby was the guy who tested her for HIV.

Disclaimer: BtVS characters belong to Joss Whedon / Mutant Enemy. CSI belongs to CBS. I claim no rights to any copyrighted material.

Rating: Mature

Summary: A rewrite of Episode 4.13, Suckers. When Greg gives Catherine and Warrick the stack and crucifix he wasn’t kidding, Greg Sanders knew about the demons which lurk in the dark- especially the ones that bite…

Pairing: Greg/Spike

Suckers: Chapter 1

Greg watched as Catherine and Warrick walked from the lab, investigating the tip he gave them about the blood bar, the tip he received from his lover, Spike, a vampire. Greg knew that things really did go bump in the night, had known about it most of his life due to his Nana Olaf’s powers- she was actually a real live psychic and she had passed that power onto him. Though admittedly in a weaker form. After he moved to Las Vegas, he met the vampire Spike.

He knew what Spike was from the first time they met, but Greg hadn’t expected to be saved by a vampire from a demon. From there, Spike had discovered that Greg had a habit of drawing demons and trouble. After saving Greg 5 times, Spike had asked Greg out. At first, Greg had been reluctant but after realising Spike had plenty of opportunity to kill him he agreed.

That was two years ago. Spike had moved into Greg’s small house, which had a nice basement, 6 months after their first date. It worked well, Spike was a night creature and Greg worked nights, they stayed in the converted basement bedroom during the day and at night Spike would patrol while Greg would help fight the human evil within the city, keeping his eyes out for anything supernatural along the way.

His co-workers didn’t know anything about Spike; they didn’t know he had spent every night at the hospital after the lab accident, they didn’t know that Greg basically lived with the vampire in the basement, and they didn’t know that Greg would patrol with Spike on his nights off. Actually, to be frank, his co-workers didn’t know a lot about him at all- they knew about his Blue Hawaiian coffee, which Spike despised and Greg claimed that the blonde’s taste buds were dead so his opinion of his beloved brew did not count. They knew about his preference for loud music, and other basic things, however, they didn’t know how he lived, or if he was living with or dating anyone.

However, maybe it was for the best, Greg thought as he looked at the circumstances- Spike was not the easiest of people to get along with. Besides, Greg wouldn’t put it past Grissom to research Spike, which would be hard to explain when nothing was there to find. Wheeling himself over on his lab chair to the phone, Greg dialled his house number and waited for his lover to pick up.

“Ello,” Spike’s voice answered.

“Hey, Spike,” Greg replied.

“Hey, Pet, they headed to the bar?” Spike asked.

“Yeah, can you keep an eye on them?” Greg asked Spike while he played with the cord from the phone.

“Sure thing, Pet,” Spike answered and Greg could hear the vampire moving around the basement.

“You really think there will be vampires, Spike?” Greg questioned, fearful for his friends lives.

“Pet, there’s bound to be something lurking there, but don’t worry, I’ll keep them save,” Spike reassured his lover, knowing how worried Greg could get.

“Okay, ring me once they have left,” Greg told Spike.

“Sure thing, Luv,” Spike replied and after they said goodbye they hung up. Greg went back to the task of checking DNA and other things the CSI’s would bring him. However, he would look up every few minutes out of his lab trying to see Catherine and Warrick hoping they were back, other times he would glance at the phone as if willing it to ring.

Time passed slowly for the lab tech.


Spike walked into the bar, striding confidently, while using his senses to locate other vampires while making his aura more prominent. Any minion would not try anything with a Master in the area. A Master would get first pick of food. He noticed a few people shrink away from him, his aura to humans menacing, they could sense danger from him. Even the most stupid human would fear him out of instinct.

Looking over at the bar, he saw Catherine and Warrick, whom he had seen when he picked Greg up from work a few times. They were stood at the bar talking to a human. Spike strode to the bar and looking at the bartender, who was in fact a humanoid demon, he allowed his eyes to flash to yellow and a look of fear crossed the bartenders face.

“Need some information, mate,” Spike said quietly, knowing that the demon would hear him.

“What do you need?” the demon asked.

“Well, the CSI’s at the end of the bar, they are investigating the murder of one of your customers,” Spike began, while he looked around, “she was drained of blood, mate, know of any vamps that had a problem with her?”

“Not that I know of, however, I don’t think she was right in the head that one,” the bartender said, “might have offended one without knowing it.”

“If you are with holding information I will come back and kill you,” Spike threatening, letting a growl into his voice and his eyes flash once more.

Spike manoeuvred through the crowd and settled in a shadowed corner to watch the CSI’s. After a while, Catherine began to look around and Spike had to step further back, knowing she had seen him watching.

Stupid humans, so enthralled by vampires…vampires that loved those who wanted to be like them…because it made a whole new game.


Catherine and Warrick walked from the club and over to their car.

“I saw someone, watching us,” Catherine told Warrick.

“Watching us? Think they might be involved?” Warrick asked.

“I don’t know, I think we need to follow the evidence, after all, it may have just been some guy wanting to drink our blood,” Catherine said, though it was clear she was still feeling uneasy about this person.

“To the lab it is,” Warrick said as they climbed into the car. They drove to the lab, unaware that someone was tailing them.


Greg’s head snapped up from the microscope and he grabbed the phone quickly.

“Hello?” Greg greeted.

“Hey, Pet,” Spike’s began, “doesn’t seem like it is a vampire but I’m going to follow them just in case.”

“Thanks, Spike,” Greg smiled, he could breath again. He didn’t want to think of what they would do if they had to explain things to Catherine and Warrick, too many times Greg had to ‘edit’ his evidence to be inconclusive and the cases were closed and remained unsolved, however, the killers weren’t out there, Spike had made sure of that. Greg had learned quickly over his time at the lab which cases were supernatural, Spike had joked that he had a super sense when it came to sniffing out trouble. There was one time when Greg had gone to the Morgue to give David some results and the corpse grabbed him by the throat, it was then that he found out that David was the son of a Watcher who had gone his own way. David was a big help, any strange body that could be a new vampire was quickly staked by David, Greg or Spike (who snuck in).

“I’ll meet you outside the lab when you’re done,” Spike told Greg, breaking the lab rat from his thoughts.

“Okay, see you then,” Greg said and hung up the phone.

Greg went back to work but found that after half an hour he had nothing to do, he had processed everything. So Greg wandered down to the Morgue to visit David, maybe there was a body to stake. Walking down into the metal corridors of the morgue Greg knocked softly and pushed the door to.

“David?” Greg called out.

“Greg! Thank god you’re here! Angela’s body, it’s gone!” David rushed over to Greg.

“What? I thought you said you tested her for the usual vamp signs,” Greg asked, shock running through him.

“I did, there was nothing to suggest that she had being turned,” David defended himself.

“Maybe it wasn’t a conventional turning?” Greg questioned, his mind beginning to work.

“What do you mean?” David asked.

“There has being rumours about ingesting another’s blood before death, that it is enough to create a vampire, even if the blood isn’t totally demonic, something about heritage,” Greg said, his hands moving rapidly as if to emphasise his point, “The person may know about the heritage and decided to see if it works.”

“How do we know that someone didn’t take her?” David asked, still unsure of the theory.

“It would be hard for even a demon to get out of here,” Greg pointed out, counting in the amount of people, the security staff, and the cameras would be problematic, even for a demon.

“True, but I think someone would have noticed if she had just walked out, which makes me think she wasn’t the only person involved,” David reasoned.

“Maybe Spike was wrong, maybe it was a vampire,” Greg suggested.

“I think you need to ring him, while I figure out something to tell Grissom and Brass,” David said with a sigh.

“Okay,” Greg wandered over to the phone. Dialling Spike’s cell, he waited while it rang.

“Pet?” Spike’s voice rang into his ear, worry evident in his voice.

“Spike! Angela’s body is gone!” Greg told Spike.

“Shit!” Spike cursed and Greg heard him growling.

“Spike! What’s wrong?” Greg asked. He knew that Spike would not growl because a body had walked off- it had happened before and Spike had to chase it down.

“Got a whiff of something, I got to go,” and with that Spike hung up the phone.

“What was that about?” Greg asked a clueless David.

“No idea,” David answered.

“Any ideas what you are going to say to Grissom and Brass?” Greg looked at the pale coroner.



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The End?

You have reached the end of "Suckers" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 28 Feb 09.

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