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Summary: Illyria once mentioned that she lived seven lifetimes at once. What if she did it again?

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Multiple Crossings > Fred/Illyria-CenteredNommaFR1838,3232204,6501 Mar 096 Mar 09No

Conversations With A Vampire: Urania

Disclaimer: I don't own Hellsing. I'm fairly sure it's owned by a company called Gonzo.

Chapter 3: Conversations With A Vampire: Urania

In one universe, Integra Hellsing was shot by her uncle as she tried to make her way to Alucard’s cell, trying to find the protection her father had left for her. The blood from the wound awoke the vampire, and he saved her life.

In this universe, however, Integra got to the cell a bit sooner than her uncle. She went inside, unwounded.

“A vampire?” She asked the empty room. “That was his protection for me?”

She turned around. She would not use a monster for her purposes. It was then that she spotted the crystal. The purple crystal. It gave off a faint glow in the dim light. Perhaps this was what her father had meant.


Richard Hellsing, along with his two goons, arrived at the open cell door.

“Dammit.” He swore. “She’s already inside. We can only hope she hasn’t awoken the vampire.”

The three men moved inside, cautiously. “Integra.” Richard called softly. “I know you’re in here. Come out.”

There was no response. Not even a whimper. She probably wasn’t in here, then. In Richard’s mind, a little girl always whimpered when threatened. He didn’t know Integra very well.

“Search the room.” He ordered his men. “It’s small, but there isn’t much light. Make sure she isn’t hiding in the shadows.”

The two men pulled out their guns, and did as they were told.

Two grunts were heard, followed by the sound of blood hitting the ground.

“You have ineffective minions, Richard.”

“Integra? Is that you?” It certainly sounded like her… But older. Adult.

“That is the name of my shell.” Richard found himself against a wall, being held up by his neck.

He looked at his attacker. It was Integra. But she wasn’t a 13-year-old girl anymore. She was fully-grown. Her white hair had purple streaks in it. So did her dark skin. She wore a red, leather catsuit.

“Wh-what? What happened to you?” He struggled to speak under her grip. “D-did the vampire…?”

Her brow furrowed. “That is a vampire?” She raised an eyebrow. “Interesting. He is different from the vampires Illyria encountered. More powerful.”


“My name is not Integra, Richard.” She cut him off. “My name is Urania. You will refer to me as such.” She reconsidered. “Actually, you won’t. You attempted to kill my shell. This is unacceptable behavior.” She snapped his neck.


Letting the body drop, Urania turned to look at the speaker. “Was it?”

“Well, not the killing itself.” The vampire grinned. He had fed on the remains of the thugs, reviving himself. “That was simple enough. Rather, the lack of emotion you displayed while doing it.”

“I see. Who are you?”

He shrugged. “The last Master called me Alucard. That will do for a name.”

“You do realize it is very simple to deduct your true identity from that, don’t you?”

He laughed. “And yet, most simply ignore it. It is… most puzzling.” He looked her over. “You’re a demon, aren’t you? Aside from your appearance, you give off an aura of power. It… dwarfs my own.” He frowned.

“I am.” Urania nodded. “I am Urania, as I’m sure you heard. I am an aspect of the god-king Illyria.”

Alucard shrugged. “Never heard the name. What are you doing here?”

“I am to live in this universe. It is a simple matter, and one I do not have to explain to you.”

His manic grin returned. “True enough. What will you do now?”

Urania cocked her head to one side. “The memories of my shell… They tell me that there are monsters in this world. Vampires, among others.”

He nodded. “Indeed. Not all are as… sophisticated as I.”

She arched an eyebrow. “You are sophisticated? The one known as Vlad the Impaler?”

He laughed. “The product of a misspent youth. I’ve had time to mature.”

“I see… And how are you better than the masses?”

“I only kill when necessary. And when I do, it’s clean. I don’t leave Ghouls behind. The… trash,” He spat the word out. “Kill for the sake of killing, amassing armies of Ghouls. Damn punks…”

“I take it you have issues with these other vampires?” She asked.

“Oh, yes.” He laughed. “It would not bother me in the least to see them wiped off the face of the Earth.”

Urania nodded. “Very well. Then you shall be an ideal Qwa’ha Xahn.”

“A… What?”

She sighed. Explaining was beneath her… “A guide for this world. You are as immortal as I am, and share my views on lesser demons. They are unworthy.”

“Oh, really? Well, then, I think this is the start of something beautiful.” He paused to look her over. “Although, you may want to disguise yourself. I doubt the general public of England would react well to a demon in their midst.”

Urania nodded, and resumed the appearance on 13-year-old Integra. “This will do, I believe. What about you? You are not human.”

He shrugged. “The general public don’t have to be aware of me. You are… a public face. One that the precious Queen can look upon.”

Urania rolled her eyes, then paused. That was a very human gesture… Strange. Ah, well. “They do not even realize that Integra is not of a pure race. Her mother clearly had a darker skin tone.”

“Well, you can’t exactly accuse these humans of being observant. They see what they want.”

“True enough.”


Ten Years Later

Urania, or Integra as the world knew her, was bored.

Some idiot vampire in Cheddar Village was pretending to be a priest, and had turned most of the townsfolk into Ghouls. Then the police squad they sent after him. And finally, the D-11 squad.

It amazed her, the arrogance these lesser beings were capable of. Both the police director and D-11 leader thought to handle the vampire themselves, when they were clearly ill equipped to do so.

The D-11 man was speaking. “… The strange thing is, my men were reported killed by the officers sent in the day before.”

Urania took a drag on her cigar. Even without a normal respiratory system, she found they had a calming effect on her. Clearly, being around humans so long was rubbing off on her. Without looking at either of the men, she blew out a puff of smoke, and said, “They’re no longer human.”

“What?!” The police director sounded both surprised and a bit offended.

“These people have had their blood drained to feed the vampire.” She explained, doing her best not to sound condescending. “They’ve become cannibalistic Ghouls. You have taken the lecture.”

“Well, I didn’t know they weren’t human anymore!” He blustered.

She repressed a sigh. “Lieutenant, it’s not my responsibility, nor my intention to dwell on your mistakes.” She laughed internally. This was the only fun she had anymore, toying with these idiots.

“What are you implying?” He demanded.

She smirked behind her hand. “You’re a lieutenant in the London Police Authority. That would lead one to assume you possess the knowledge and intelligence to accurately assess the situation in Cheddar. And that you’d know the correct response in these situations. But somehow you forgot there is only one way to resolve these problems.”

Aside from this conversation, she contacted Alucard. ~Vampire. Are you in Cheddar yet?~

~Yes, Master. I’ve just arrived.~ She heard the chuckle in his voice. ~It’s a lovely night. The kind that makes me want to grab a bite to drink.~

~Don’t get too carried away. I still have to deal with the scum, and they’re not pleased at the moment.~

~Kill them.~

She sighed. ~If only…~

Standing, she walked over to a window. She turned her attention back to the lieutenant. “I imagine you’re quite prepared for these sorts of consequences.”

The little man started stuttering. “I-it w-wasn’t like that. I didn’t forget about the proper protocol! The Hellsing organization…”

She ignored him. “It’s getting dark…”

The lieutenant sighed. “Sir Integra…”

“My organization has already sent assistance to Cheddar Village.”

“How many agents?” The D-11 man asked.

She smirked. “One.”


Cheddar, After The Priest Has Been Dealt With

Urania watched the clean-up crew go about it’s work. They knew their jobs, so she didn’t bother ordering them about.

She spotted Alucard walking up the street. He was carrying a young girl. He stopped in front of Urania. “Mission objective accomplished.” He informed her. “The target vampire has been silenced. The limited power release is completed.”

“It took you far too long to silence just one target.” She spoke without the English accent she usually affected. This was Urania speaking, no pretense. Her eyes even took on a remarkable shade of violet. She glanced at the girl. “Made yourself a companion?”

He smirked. “The Police Girl made the choice for herself. I want you to transfer her to the Hellsing Organization.”

Sharing his smirk, Urania called out to her men. “It’s time for us to leave!”


A Few Days Later

Urania had just finished a meeting with her representatives from the queen. She sensed Alucard’s new vampire standing beneath her as the men left.

Time to assert a little authority. “They work for me. Don’t feed off them.”

The Police Girl, or rather, Seras Victoria, came out of her hiding place. “I’m not like that!” She exclaimed.

Urania’s mouth curved upward. “I should hope not. Alucard has always shown good taste in who he decides to turn. Or, rather, he hasn’t turned anyone because they are usually idiots.” Leaping down to the ground floor, she faced the young vampire. “I’d hate to question his judgement now.”

Seras frowned at the leader of Hellsing. “You and he seem like friends, as much as anyone does.”

Urania shook her head. “No. We do not have friends. He and I have mutual respect, something that can be easily mistaken for friendship.”

“Oh.” The girl shifted on her feet. It was obvious she had a question.

“Out with it, Seras. I prefer honesty to equivocation.”

She gulped. “Yes, ma’am. Why was I given quarters here? Why did you take such an interest?”

Hmm… An intelligent question. Rare in one so young. “Because of Alucard. As I said, he usually practices good judgement, but he’s also a little… unbalanced. I want to make sure you are not the same.”

The young woman took offense at that. “And why would I be unbalanced?” She demanded.

“Oh, you’re not yet. The change hasn’t really set in yet. I find that humans react in one of three different ways to being turned. The first, and most common, is a feeling of power. Feeling as though they are better than the human race. You encountered that with the priest.

“Second, and rarer, is how Alucard reacted. He decided to be the best vampire possible. As such, he’s survived for almost 600 years. Most vampires don’t make it past a century.

“Third, and rarest, is remarkably simple. Acceptance. Taking the new information of what you are, and incorporating it into your self-identity. You have the potential for all three paths at the moment. I would recommend one of the latter two. At least then we won’t have to kill you.”

Seras stared, wide-eyed, at the woman in front of her. “I’ll do my best, ma’am.”

“Good.” She left the girl to her thoughts.


Urania sat in her office, lighting a cigar.

Alucard appeared through the wall to her left.

“I hope you can help the girl. Her first mission was less than stellar.” Victoria had failed to take an open shot at a vampire, almost causing the death of a human.

“I shall endeavor, Master.”

“Good. Now, take a look at this. There’s a vampire couple we’ve been tracking from Birmingham…”


A Week Later

Urania was thankful for cigars. She really was.

Someone, it wasn’t yet clear who, had managed to start creating vampires without the aid of a vampire. Or, that’s how it appeared, at least. These FREAK vampires were created with a bio-chip, and they’d recovered several. The only problem was that they were useless for examination.

The lieutenant was back, observing their latest victim of the FREAK chips. He was blathering on about something, or other. It wasn’t of particular importance.


~Yes, Master?~

~I want these FREAK vampires dealt with. Illyria’s world had a demonic underworld. We haven’t had need of one before, but does it exist here?~

~There are many forms of demon here.~ He confirmed. ~I can ask around.~

~Good. Take Seras with you. She needs experience.~

~Yes, Master. You can expect something soon, I think. The name of Vlad The Impaler should still carry some clout.~

~Excellent. Report when you find something, then, carry out your standard orders. Search and Destroy.~

Urania let out a sigh. The Iscariot organization had sent an agent to deal with the rogue FREAK. No doubt Father Anderson would attack Alucard and Seras. Time to step in.

She teleported to the scene of the rogue’s attack. It was a hospital. Alucard and Anderson were locked in battle. Seras had a blade in her throat, no doubt made of a blessed material.

Alucard was speaking. “Your regeneration power is impressive. But I bet if I put enough bullets into your skull you’ll stay down for good!”

“Alucard.” Urania moved between them. “This is not the best way to deal with the situation.” Her eyes darted to Seras.

“Ah… Yes, master. You’re right.” Alucard pulled the blessed bayonets that Father Anderson had stabbed him with, then moved to help Seras.

“You cannot think to thwart God’s will, Hellsing!” Anderson raged at Urania.

She turned to him. “Tell me, Father Anderson. What is your opinion of non-humans in general? There are more than vampires in the world. What of the others?”

“The others are not my concern.” He replied. “They are not burned by the cross, so they are outside of the Vatican’s purview.”

“Interesting.” She shifted into her ‘Urania’ persona. “Then what of me?”

He gaped at her. The leader of Hellsing was a demon?! “You… You hunt vampires? A demon?”

“Indeed, I do. Alucard is my Qwa’ha Xahn. A direct extension of me. Attacking him is the same as attacking myself.”

“I don’t know what Qwa’ha Xahn means, but he’s a vampire! A blight on this Earth! He must be destroyed!”

Urania shook her head. Such a small-minded view. Clearly, Iscariot would have to be dealt with. “I see.” With inhuman speed, she grabbed him from behind. “Vampire! Bring Seras over here.”

Alucard did as he was told. “Remember, Police Girl. Do whatever she says. She is one of the few beings who I have genuine reason to fear.”

Since her throat was damaged, Seras just nodded.

“Seras.” Urania held Anderson down, his neck exposed. “I want you to feed on him.”

“But, Miss Hellsing-”

“My name is Urania. When none aside from Alucard are present, you may call me that.”

“Yes… Urania, I don’t want to-”

“I am aware that you do not wish to feed on human blood. However, it is a part of who you are. You must accept it, and move on.” She pushed the blonde man forward. “Now do it.”

Seras stepped forward cautiously. Slowly, she bit into his neck. The feeling of warm blood in her mouth was… Amazing!

Letting out a moan of pleasure, she began feeding in earnest. In moments, he was drained.

Seras touched a hand to her throat. Completely healed. “Ohhhh. That was incredible.”

Alucard’s manic grin had a touch of pride in it. “Be careful, Police Girl. Don’t let yourself become lost in your thirst. Otherwise, you’re no better than the priest I saved you from.”

“Yes, Master.”

Urania ripped Anderson’s head off. No need to take chances with a regenerator. “About that. I do not believe she will reach her full potential until she is free of you, Vampire.”

Alucard nodded. “I agree.” He removed his glove, and rolled up his sleeve. “Police Girl. Drink from my wrist.”

She looked shocked. “Why? Aren’t I a vampire already?”

“Not quite.” Urania informed her. “Not in full, anyway. Right now, you’re in limbo, running on what little blood Alucard gave you. Unless you complete the transformation, it will run out.”

Nodding in understanding, Seras bit into Alucard’s wrist.

Urania nodded in approval. This would aid their campaign greatly.


Urania’s Office, A Week Later

“Have you discovered anything of import?”

Seras shook her head. “Nothing yet, Urania. We know the chips are made by someone called Millenium. We think it’s a group of a former supernatural military group, but we can’t say for sure.”

“I see. Where is Alucard?”

“Still looking. He asked me to report.”

“And you simply did it? There is a reason you unlocked your full potential.”

Seras, rather than become angry, smiled. “No, ma’am. We decided the civilized way.”

“You flipped a coin?”

“Rock, Paper, Scissors.”


The young vampire shrugged. “I threw scissors, he threw rock. And here I am.”

Urania nodded. “Very well. Continue the search. I have a meeting with the round table.”


“So now you have not just one, but two of these unholy creatures in your service!”

The man yelling at Urania was part of the round table, the Queen’s collection of Knights. Each member was in charge of something, as Urania was in charge of hunting the undead. She… couldn’t honestly remember his name. He always seemed upset about something.

“Yes. I do. They’ve served quite well, actually.”

“But, but… They’re monsters! Not fit for human society!”

~Well, I think it’s more accurate to say humans are not fit for our society.~ As much as she’d like to say that aloud, Urania decided to keep up the façade. “Perhaps so. However, they get results.”

The Knight was about to argue further, when an explosion rocked the building. Urania grabbed the phone instantly. “Commander! What’s happening?”

“Millenium vampires have invaded, Sir Integra! They’ve breached the walls, and are moving in!”

The phone was crushed in her grip. Millenium had the almighty gall to attack her?! As the Americans put it, ‘Oh, HELL no!’

She leapt to her feet, changing into her true self. “They dare… To attack me… I will teach them the price for such an act!”

The Knight, for some reason, decided now was the best time to voice his opinion. “Aha! Now we see why you employ monsters! It’s becau-” He was cut off when the remains of the phone were suddenly embedded in his skull.

“I have no time for you.” She turned to the collected knights. “Does anyone else wish to speak?” They all shook their heads. “Good. Then I shall leave now.”


She quickly found the source of the problem. A FREAK vampire with several piercings was leading an army of Ghouls.

~Vampire. Are there any other FREAKS in the building?~

~One. I’ve dispatched him.~

~Good. Seras is taking care of the Ghouls. I’ll handle this vampire.~

~Yes, Master.~

Urania approached the vampire. “You.” He turned to face her. “Who are you?”

“Jan Valentine!” He grinned maniacally. It actually reminded her of Alucard. “I’m just here to kill you all!”

“Of course you are.” In a flash, she was holding him up by his neck. “Do you have any idea what I do to those who attack me?”

For the first time, Jan got a good look at her. Wait. Wasn’t Integra Hellsing supposed to be human?

“Officially, she is.”

Had he said that aloud?

“No, but your thoughts are simple enough to detect.”

“You’re creepy.” He informed her.

“And you’re dead.” She removed his head from his body. He had given her all she needed.


“You say his name is Incognito?” Alucard grinned at the name.

“Yes. I am unsure how he creates the FREAK chips, but that is unimportant.” She stood, looking Alucard in the eye. “"Releasing Control Art Restriction to level three... level two... level one. Situation A. The Cromwell approval is now in effect. Hold release until target is silenced. Confirm.”

Alucard’s grin widened to inhuman proportions. “Confirmed.”

This should be interesting…

AN: If you want to know how that battle goes, just watch Episode 13 of the Hellsing Anime.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Conversations" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 6 Mar 09.

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