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Summary: Illyria once mentioned that she lived seven lifetimes at once. What if she did it again?

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Multiple Crossings > Fred/Illyria-CenteredNommaFR1838,3232204,6501 Mar 096 Mar 09No

Conversations With A Dragon: Baraa

Disclaimer: I do not own AtS or Dragonball. I am not now, nor have I ever been, Joss Whedon or Akira Toryama.

Spoilers: Time Bomb for AtS. Everything for DB/DBZ.

Chapter 1: Conversations With A Dragon: Baraa

Illyria, the god-king of the primordium, was… uncomfortable. It was a curious sensation, but not one she enjoyed. Whatever was happening to her, it needed to stop.

As far as she could tell, her power was too much for her shell to tolerate. It was human, and could only hold so much. A solution was needed, and quickly. And she happened to have one.

Long ago, she had lived seven lives at once. She could do so again, easily. It was simply a matter of sending the power to new shells.

Moving to the area where she and her pet, Spike, regularly sparred, she sat cross-legged on the floor. She quickly achieved a meditative state. She searched for the core of her power. It was a large part of her, and very complicated. Finding the core was no mean feat.

Eventually, she came to it, and split things from there. Her power was now in seven separate pieces.

Raising her hands, she channeled six of those pieces into a physical form. That of crystals. Just as she was blue, each crystal had a unique color. The first was red. The second, yellow. From there came purple, green, orange, and black.

Now for the final stage. The power could not exist on the same plane of existence as she did. It was still connected to her, and would still cause her to overload. She opened six portals, and sent one crystal through each.

If anyone had realized what she had done, they would have wept in pity of the multiverse.


Dragon World

Bulma, Yamcha, and Goku watched from their cell as Emperor Pilaf summoned the Eternal Dragon. If the little man got his wish, he’d rule the Earth! Not one of the more attractive prospects.

“What do we do now?!” Yamcha wailed. “We can’t just stand here and watch!”

“We have no choice!” Bulma cried.

“Hey, let me see!” Goku waved his arms. “You guys are hogging the hole!”

“Goku, we have more important things to worry about now!” Bulma glared at him.

“Well, I still wanna see!” As Goku spoke, there was a bright flash of light. The three of them looked. There was a red crystal in the middle of the room. “What’s that?” The monkey boy asked.

“No idea.” Yamcha eyed the crystal appreciatively. His instincts as a thief were coming to the surface. “If that thing’s in good condition, it’d probably fetch a good price.”

“This is no time to worry about making money!” Bulma yelled. “We have to save the world from a blue midget!” She took a moment to think about what she said. “That’s pathetic.”

Goku ignored both of them, moving closer to the crystal. “This thing is powerful. But I don’t think it’s evil. I think it’s… lonely.”

The sixteen-year-olds looked at him strangely. “Er, lonely?” Yamcha asked.

Goku nodded. “I don’t know how else to say it.” He reached out to the glowing object, running a hand over it. “Hey. Whatever’s in there. I’m here. I can feel you.” Nothing happened at first. Then, slowly, the glow it emitted began to grow brighter.

“That’s right.” Goku smiled. “I can be your friend.” The little monkey boy felt a connection open between himself and the crystal. Something poured out of it, and into him.

It was a warm feeling at first. Quite pleasant. Then, it wasn’t. Goku let out a loud cry as all the massive energy inside the crystal, and finally the crystal itself, was shoved inside of his small frame.

His body began to grow. Whatever was inside him now, it had obviously decided that he wasn’t large enough as a child to accommodate it.

His now naked body was well muscled, and had a red tinge about it. Red stripes ran through his fur/hair, and down his thick tail.

“Fascinating. This shell took my power without the need for preparation.” He grinned. “This will do nicely. It would probably take the whole of Illyria’s strength without a problem.”

Bulma, who had been shocked into silence (A rare condition for the blue-haired girl), found her voice. “Goku? Are you alright?”

‘Goku’ turned to face her. “I am not Goku. My name is Baraa. I am one of the seven lives of Illyria, the god-king.” He studied her. “You are Bulma. My shell has memories of you. You were his friend.”

She nodded. “Yeah. I am. Uh, was.”

Baraa nodded. “Good. You will do for a Qwa’ha Xahn.”

“A what?”

“A guide. I will require a guide for this world. Someone to… make sure I do not call more attention to myself than necessary. To ensure I get as much as possible out of my life here.”

“Oh. Alright.” She gulped audibly. “What should I do first?”

Baraa considered the question. “We are captives here, correct?” She nodded. “Then I shall free us, and destroy the one who locked us in this room. Where is our captor?”

“Down there.” Bulma pointed through the hole. “He’s about to make a wish to the Eternal Dragon.”

“This wish, will it come true?”

“That’s the legend. I’ve never seen the dragon do it.”

Baraa nodded. “Very well. Stand back.” Bulma and Yamcha moved away from the wall.

“I should warn you.” Yamcha spoke. “Goku and I both tried to break that. It’s not going to-” His words fell short as Baraa decimated the wall. “Never mind.”

Moving quickly, very, very quickly, Baraa ran down to where the dragon was speaking to Emperor Pilaf. The small blue man was stumbling over his words. Baraa wasted no time in picking the little man up by his neck. “You. You are the one who has caused my shell and Qwa’ha Xahn so much trouble. For this, you shall die.” He snapped Pilaf’s neck, and dropped the corpse.

“EXCUSE ME.” A booming voice addressed the aspect of the god-king. “I’M STILL WAITING TO GRANT A WISH.”

Baraa looked at the great dragon. “You mean for me to make it?”


Baraa thought about it. “Is it within your power to return my strength to it’s fullest?”

The dragon was silent for a moment, then spoke. “NO. THAT IS BEYOND ME.”

“A shame.” He paused. “Could you give me knowledge of this reality? I am somewhat at a loss.”


“Then do so, and design it so that I receive regular updates on the knowledge. I do not wish to be behind the times.”


Baraa nodded. “Thank you.”

“UNTIL THE NEXT SUMMONING. FAREWELL.” The dragon disappeared in a brilliant flash of light.

“That was productive.” Baraa noted. “Now, where’s my Power Pole?”


“So, what now?” Bulma asked as the five of them helped themselves to Pilaf’s food stores.

“My shell recalls an offer from one ‘Master Roshi’ to begin training on his island.” Baraa answered. “We shall go there. The dragon informed me that I can regain my former strength through training, and learning from a master seems the logical course.”

“Sounds good to me.” Yamcha agreed. “Maybe I’ll even get a chance to train.”

“Uh, one thing.” Bulma spoke up. “Can you turn back to your kid form? Roshi won’t recognize you as you are.”

Baraa nodded. “I can do that easily.” He promptly put word to deed, assuming the body of a twelve year old.

“Cool. Oh, and clothes. You’re going to need clothes.”

Baraa looked at his naked form. His memories from Goku told him that clothing was to keep you warm. Since he no longer required it, Baraa assumed he would be able to go as he was. “Why?”

Bulma blushed slightly. “It’s… a human convention. Modesty is a big deal with people. Walking around naked can get you arrested.”

Baraa shrugged, and reached into his shell’s memories for proper clothing. It shimmered into existence around him. “Will this do?”

Bulma looked him over. He wore clothing that was nearly identical to Goku’s usual outfit, except his shirt was red. “It’ll do fine. Why do you have so much red about you?”

Baraa thought about it for a moment. “It is simply the way I am. Every aspect of Illyria has a color.”

“Oh. Okay.” Bulma frowned. “Who or what is Illyria?”

“Illyria is… I suppose the closest word in your language would be ‘mother.’ She is the one who gave a part of herself to grant me consciousness.”

“What about Goku?” Yamcha asked. “Is he still… Alive in there?”

“Oddly, his soul is intact.” Baraa’s face screwed up in confusion. “Normally, it would have been burned out making way for me. However, it survived because of his body’s odd ability to handle massive amounts of power. He is the most peculiar non-human any aspect of Illyria has encountered.”

“Goku’s not human?!” The other four beings cried.

“No. He is not from this Earth. He originated on a planet known as Vegeta. His race is known as the ‘Saiyans’. They are a violent species, what little of them are left.”

“What does that mean?” Yamcha asked.

“They’re mostly extinct now. There are… four others besides my shell. Once I have regained my former strength, I shall seek them out. If they are not amiable to my wishes, I shall inhabit them, as I do Goku.”

“You can do that?” Oolong asked, impressed.

“Easily.” Baraa nodded. “In much the same manner my mother created me, I can divide my essence to create new consciousness’. Normally, this would be inadvisable. However, the unique circumstances here will allow for it.”

“How strong are you now?” Pu’ar asked.

“I would estimate my strength at… twice what Goku was capable of. In time, it shall grow.” Baraa walked over to a window, gazing at the full moon. His eye twitched. “Curious.”

“What?” Bulma asked.

“The full moon seems to trigger something in my shell. I am holding it back with little difficulty, but it is unexpected.”

“You can hold it back though, right?”

“Of course. I have deactivated the gland in my tail that was reacting.”

“Good. No need to worry, then.”

“I am… curious, however. I wish to see what happens. I shall go outside.” He hopped out the window, running out into the open plain. The others gathered at the window.

Baraa, once he was a good distance away, released the gland. The effect was immediate. A new growth hormone was spread throughout his small body, causing his cells to begin multiplying at an incredible rate.

His fur began to spread all over his body, turning from black to brown in the process. Had his clothes not been part of him, they would have shredded. As it was, they simply vanished.

In moments, Baraa had become a gigantic ape. His knowledge told him the name for this form: Oozaru.

He knew, at a glance, that he was not normal, even in this form. The red stripes in his fur persisted, and his nails were a similar color. “Fascinating. I think I will enjoy this form.”


25 Years Later

Baraa looked at the being before him. This… pink thing was the terror of the universe? Doubtful. “You are… Majin Buu?”

“Yep! Me Buu! Kill you!”

“That does not seem like a likely scenario. However, I shall not stop you from attacking me. Anything that happens afterward is self-defense. My Qwa’ha Xahn has told me that it is very important not to be the aggressor in battle.”

Buu clearly didn’t understand anything Baraa said, so he decided to take the simple route. “Buu turn you into chocolate!” He released a beam of pink energy from the antenna on his head.

Baraa caught it, and redirected it at the diminutive wizard next to Buu. He proceeded to destroy the tiny piece of candy. “That was simple.”

Buu was now confused. How had that happened?

“Will you capitulate now? This battle is meaningless, and brings me no satisfaction. I wish to go home and spend time with my offspring.”

“What is… offspring?” Buu inquired.

“My son. He is named Goten. My mate and I are quite pleased with his progress as a warrior.”

“But… I kill you! That how things go! I kill, then find someone else to kill!”

“And when you run out of things to kill?”

Buu didn’t have an answer for that.

Baraa shrugged. “If you continue killing, I shall be forced to stop you. If you lead a peaceful life, I shall leave you alone. It is your decision.”

As powerful as Buu was, thinking was not his strong suit. The words this strange being were throwing around confused him. He didn’t like that. “ME BUU! KILL YOU!”

Baraa sighed. “I thought not. Ah, well.” With a mighty roar, Baraa went through the first SS transformation. Then the second. Finally, and with some difficulty, he ascended to SS3. “Time to end this.” He cupped his hands at his side. “KAAAAAAAAA! MEEEEEEEEEE!” He focused every bit of power he could. This would be useless if it didn’t hit. “HAAAAAAAAA! MEEEEEEEEEEEE!” A ball of red energy, so bright it overpowered the light of the sun, formed between his hands. With a lightning fast thrust, he aimed it at the pink thing.


There was nothing left of the once mighty Majin Buu.

"Hmmph. He didn't really live up to his reputation."
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