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This story is No. 3 in the series "Choices". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel to Choices and the Next Step. Cassie and the gang face Drusilla

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Stargate > General > Characters: Cassie FraiseraussiemelFR1521,885131,9431 Mar 094 Sep 11Yes

Chapter Two

Disclaimer: I do not own Stargate or Buffy. I am making no money off them so don’t sue

Getting up early the following morning Cassie double and triple checked her plan, she wanted it to go off without a hitch, of course that was unlikely knowing who had raised her. Cassie could not remember how many times SG-1 had resorted to alternant plans due to unforeseen circumstances. She just hoped she’d accounted for all the unforeseen circumstances.

This was different though, SG-1 had back up, all she had was a teenage girl and some medieval weaponry. She was prepared though, while she had taken out several low level nests and the odd demon or two she knew she didn’t really have that much real knowledge of the nightlife. Only what she had worked out for herself.

He plan was thorough as it could be. She had been keeping an eye on Drusilla since she’d arrived in Colorado Springs.

At eleven sharp Rona knocked on Cassie’s door bearing gifts. Cassie quickly ushered her inside, not wanting anyone observing the other girl lingering around her house.

“So what did you bring?” Cassie asked trying to peek inside the duffle Rona had brought with her.

Rona grinned “This,” she said, pulling out a red scythe like object. “It is ours, it belongs to the slayer line, here take it,” Rona held it out for her to take.

Taking hold of the beautiful weapon Cassie felt the thrum of power surge through her, it belonged to her, and the slayer controlled the weapon. “This is perfect,” she said swinging it experimentally.

Placing it back into the bag Cassie started explaining the plan to Rona. They would attack at one, in the middle of the day, trapping the vamps inside and using Molotov cocktails to burn them. Hopefully that would take care of most of the vamps before they took on the rest and faced Drusilla.

Motioning the other girl to sit Cassie explained her plan. If all went according to plan, there would be one less nest come nightfall. It would also allow her to establish herself as a capable fighter with Buffy and the others.

After the explanations, the two girls left to find a vantage point overlooking Drusilla’s warehouse, handing over a bag of the makeshift bombs Cassie told Rona to take up a position on the other side of the building, so when noon arrived they could bombard the place from two sides.

Nodding, Rona handed off the Scythe and disappeared from sight, as soon as Rona was in position she signaled Cassie, and they began throwing the lit Molotov cocktails, with her increased strength she had little trouble finding her mark. Within minutes, her cocktails were gone and she leapt from the building onto the roof of the now burning one, Rona not far behind.

Their aim had been good; the doors from the place were engulfed, trapping the Vampires inside. Silently as possible, the two girls dropped into the burning building, and started to take out the vamps from behind one by one. It took little time at all and soon only Drusilla and two others were present.

Cassie motioned for Rona to take on the two strays while Cassie took out Drusilla. Pulling out the Scythe Cassie approached Drusilla.

“Pretty little slayer, Miss Edith shows me the stars, so far from home, lost little lamb. ” Drusilla sings before vamping out and attacking Cassie full force.

Trading blow after blow Cassie wields the scythe like a pro, as if she’s always had the weapon, as if she was born for it. Jumping over Drusilla Cassie throws the scythe to Rona who’s taken out the other two. The two girls circle Drusilla the Hunters and the hunted. Double-teaming her, they pass the scythe between them, inflicting blow after blow on Drusilla slowly wearing down her strength.

Grabbing the Scythe from mid air Cassie flips it staking Drusilla through the heart, just as Buffy and the gang burst through the buildings burning doors, in time to see Drusilla dusted.

As the dust settles, Cassie grins widely at her friend, chucking Rona the Scythe. Cassie Walks past Buffy and the other slayers and out the door intending on heading for home. The fight had taken a few hours and it was starting to get dark.

“See ya later Slayer,” Cassie yells back at Buffy before taking off, running the distance home.

Once at home Cassie jumped in the shower, rinsing off the dust and soot from her skin. The whole experience had been thrilling and Cassie was glad she had been able to prove herself a bit. She knew the older Slayer wouldn’t trust her yet, especially when Cassie kept disobeying her, but the last time that Cassie had seen the Slayer and given how Rona reacted to her, she didn’t want to be treated as a kid. She knew she still had plenty to learn but she wanted to be equal to them, not treated like she was a child.

Cassie would attend their school, for a while at least. Long enough to learn the basics and how to handle herself and those she was fighting, then she was going to join the Air Force Academy and the SGC. If she had been activated, how many others out there had as well? They couldn’t allow the snake heads to discover them. The last thing they needed was a bunch of super powered girls at the mercy of the Goa’uld. It would make them even harder to defeat.

The End

You have reached the end of "Battles". This story is complete.

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