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Summary: Buffy/Firefly drabbles for tthdrabbles on LJ

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Firefly > Buffy-CenteredMizuFR135511042,5982 Mar 092 Mar 09No

Starting Over

Disclaimer: Joss owns all the characters and settings of BtVS and Serenity. I'm just playing with them a little, and I promise to return them when I'm finished.

Challenge 001: Starting Over

Kaylee's eyes were wide as her mentor packed up her belongings. “But, where will you go? What will you do?”

She turned then, a smile on her face that made Kaylee flinch. It was a sad smile... one that barely turned up the corners of her mouth and came nowhere near her eyes. They were still as empty as ever.

She hoisted the single bag on to her shoulder and walked past Kaylee without hesitation.

“Don't worry about me Kay. I'm good at starting over.” And as quietly as she had entered it, Buffy Summers walked out of Kaylee's life.
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