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The Long Halloween

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Summary: Dawn was there for Halloween. She, Xander and their pal Morgan make their own superhero costumes and somehow the magic sticks. With these new powers, they have to figure out how to function and find their new place in the 'Dale...or even if there is one.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Xander-CenteredsinisterscribeFR18410,35734014,6132 Mar 0919 Oct 09No

It All Seemed Like A Good Idea At the Time

A/N: My first Buffy fan fiction but not my first ever posted. Before you get the squick over a possible Mary Sue, I’d like to point out that I am accomplished OC writer. You don’t believe me, check out my stuff on

DISCLAIMER: I own nothing from Joss Whedon’s Buffy/Angel Universe and nothing from Marvel either, this is written for shit and giggles and has a suitable ridiculous content to match.

A/N2: This was inspired by a challenge but I didn’t like all of the conditions for it so I haven’t put it under that. The challenge was to have Xander taking Dawn trick or treating but they make their own costumes. The challenger went on to specify what costumes they were but I wanted to make my own and add an OC, coz Dawnie needs a pal.

Dawn is older in this universe than she would be in canon, she's fifteen in this story even though Buffy and co are only...what? Sixteen? I should probably watch that series again to verify.

This will be a crossover with the X-men and quite possibly with the Avengers but I’m not sure yet. Pairings may be a long time coming.

Other than that, I think I’ve covered everything, enjoy!

Feedback (sensible non-flamery feedback please) is welcome.

Prologue: It All Seemed Like A Good Idea At the Time

“C’mone, Xan-the-Man, it’ll be fun!”

“Yeah, I heard this is the best place in town to get some wicked cool costumes!”

Xander looked down at the two teenage girls, one attached to each hand, industriously dragging him into the crowded costume shop. He grimaced at the use of the word ‘wicked’ within his hearing. Any minute now a huge insectoid mummy demon was going to jump out of the all-concealing shadows and ask him on a date. How had he gotten roped into this again? Oh yeah, that’s right, Buffy had turned the Puppy Eyes on him and asked that he take the Them out for Halloween like she had promised to, so that she’d be free to suck faces with the Amazing Deadboy. Xander would have told her to go jump, but he knew that Dawn and Morgan would have just been ditched if he hadn’t stepped up to step out.

Anyway, he liked the Them.

The Them, were Dawn Summers and Morgan Giles. They were known as many names throughout the town of Sunnydale; the Gruesome Twosome, Destructive Duo, Sisters of the Wii-Fu and That Pair of Reprobates (this from Giles himself), but most everyone knew them as Them.

“Don’t make the frowny face, Xander.” Morgan scolded, her lilting British accent ringing out through the crowded space clearly. As always, people hitched in conversation at the odd sounding words coming from the girl’s mouth. Nobody really expected a Brit in the middle of California. Even after her having lived here for two years, brought on by moving over from Britain after her parents had died to live with her only relative 'Uncky' Giles, people were still not expecting her. Morgan was not an expectable person.

“Yeah, people will think you don’t like us.” Dawn said cheerfully and worked with her partner in crime (both domestic and abroad) to tug him deeper into the depths of hell…or to the back counter in the store.

Six and half a dozen.

“Okay, okay, okay, fine. Let’s just grab you two gals a costume and then we can leave.” He relented and moved with them instead of against them. They each looped an arm through his and marched him to the very back of the store.

“Xan- -”

“- -Der!” They both chorused at him.

“You can’t go without your own costume. That’s seriously bad karma.” Dawn jostled his arm for emphasis.

“The neighbours would talk.” Morgan shook her head in remorse, dark hair swinging with the movement. “I can hear it now, ‘that Harris boy, not celebrating the holiday in the spirit intended!’.” Morgan bit her lip in mock anguish. “First there’s gossip, then the rumours…”

“Which inevitably leads to the angry mob.” Dawn put in.

“Complete with yelling, torches and pitchforks.”

“And before you know it you’re on top of a hill in a burning windmill cursing the madman that created you…” Dawn trailed off and frowned. She glanced over at Morgan. “I think we’re mixing our film references again.”

“Can’t be helped, stress brings out this reaction in us.”

“FINE. I’ll get a costume. Happy now?”

“Ecstatic.” Morgan beamed.

“Euphoric.” Dawn nodded.

“Good word.”

“From my Word-a-Day calendar.” Dawn smirked, evidently proud of herself.

“I don’t have one of those. I have an Insult-a-Day one though, maybe we could trade on odd days or something…?”

“Ladies…” A shadowy figure appeared out of the aisle to their right and the trio jumped in surprise. The shadow stepped forward and revealed himself to be a tall thin man with an apologetic smile on his face. “And gent, forgive me for frightening you. Is there anything I could help you with?”

“The ladies crave costumes.” Xander shrugged helplessly.

“You look familiar.” Morgan said suddenly. “What’s your name?”

The man blinked down at the petite fifteen year old.

“Ethan Rayne, a fellow Brit I see.” He smiled again but Morgan didn’t smile back. She hummed in the back of her throat and pushed her glasses further up her nose in her thinking fidget. Just the same as her uncle polished his own spectacles.

“So, what you got for us, Ethan?” Xander decided to move this along as soon as. Trouble tended to start when Morgan started to think.

It wasn’t that she and Dawnie were BAD it was just that trouble seemed to gravitate towards them. They were usually to be found smack dab in the middle of it at any rate. In fact, they were almost as good as getting into trouble as they were at talking themselves out of it. Teachers at Sunnydale High had long since given up trying to keep up with Dawn/Morgan speed speak, especially when they began to talk over each other and finish each other’s sentences.

“Not much left I’m afraid. My store seems to have been more popular than I ever imagined.”

“Yeah, pickings are of the slim variety.” Dawn agreed. She glanced about the store until her eyes lit on a flag of colour trailing out of a box on a shelf above the counter. “What’s that?”

“That?” Ethan glanced over his shoulder and then moved to pull the box down before glancing inside. “Oh, these are damaged costumes. The super hero ones tend to be the most popular so they wear and tear the soonest.”

“Hey, I’m good with needle and thread.” Morgan released Xander and moved to investigate the contents of the box with interest. Her reticence of a moment ago gone now that she had something else to occupy her. She rummaged gleefully in amongst the colourful fabrics and props. “Hey! We’ve got half the Marvel cast in here!”

Xander stepped forward in interest. Morgan was almost as big a comic buff as he was. She’d have read more, she shared her uncle’s passion for books after all, but she took up most of her time drawing them rather than reading them.

“Look, they’ve even got Thor’s hammer. It’s got the inscription and everything!” Morgan dug deeper into the box until Xander thought she might fall in. hell, if it kept them both happy he didn’t mind wearing something ludicrous for the night. He dug into his pockets and extracted the money that Joyce and Giles had contributed to the costume fund, along with a portion of his own and handed it to Ethan.

“We’ll take it.”

$inister $cribe

“Hi there, Xander. I’m so grateful to you for doing this.” Joyce opened the door to Xander and gestured for him to come inside.

“No problem, Buffy’s Mom.” Xander grinned at her.


Xander had time to widen his eyes and prepare himself before an armful of excited teenager launched herself off the first landing and into his arms. Xander staggered back against the door under Morgan’s weight and all the air whooshed from his lungs.

“Morgan…!” Giles looked like he was about to launch into a lecture on what was and what wasn’t the proper manner for greeting friends and then stopped himself when he remembered who he was talking to. “Never mind.”

Xander smiled indulgently and set Morgan away from him.

“Who are you then?”

“Captain Valkyrie.” Morgan planted her hands on her hips and told him proudly.

“Of course you are.”

“Look, Valkyrie from the Ultimates costume.” She spread her arms and looked down at herself, Xander looked too and his eyes nearly bugged out of his head.

“Where’s the rest of it?” He blurted and Giles appeared in the doorway.

“My sentiments exactly.” He muttered sullenly, sipping from his tea in the furious manner that only Brits can manage.

“Ph-LEAZE! I wear less to the beach.”

“Which is, incidentally, why you are not allowed to go to the beach.” Giles pointed out calmly, picked a tea leave out of his cup and set it on the saucer. “Why your mother felt the need to let you go ‘sky clad’ everywhere until you were ten is beyond me.”

“Skyclad?” Xander frowned.

“That’s Pagan for naked, Xan-Man.” Morgan told him cheerfully. “And I’m not finished getting dressed.” She stuck her tongue out at her uncle.

“Of this we are all aware.” Giles set his cup down so he could polish his glasses, finding himself unable to do both at the same time.



“Costume!” Xander said a little desperately.

“Oh yeah.” Morgan turned back to him. “Anyways, the metal disc thingies for Valkyrie and the sort of loin cloth thing with the thigh high boots.” She gave a little twirl to show off. “Then Captain America’s metal top but I put Captain Britain’s lion on it.” The last was muffled as Morgan pulled the blue metallic scaled top over her head, she’d removed the white sleeves and cut it off where the scales ended so her belly and arms were bare and a golden lion rampant was super imposed over the white star on her chest. “One BF sword and Cap’s shield tops it all off.” Morgan toted the huge sword prop and Captain America’s shield up for him to see.

“Impressive.” Xander admitted. “But I though Valkyrie had a noble steed.”

“Yup, I thought of everything, look what Joyce got me!” Morgan dove over the back of the couch and rummaged until she found what she wanted. With a small ‘Ah-HAH’, she wriggled backwards until she reached a standing position again and thrust a brightly coloured plushie at Xander’s face. “It’s a My Little Horsey Halloween Special Edition!” Morgan practically squeed. She loved horses.

“My that’s…different.” Xander took the cuddly toy from her and examined it carefully. The little winged horse was white with a curly black, white and orange mane and tail. Its legs were orange and it had a picture on its backside. A swirl of orange with the silhouette of a gnarled tree and a haunted house over it. Cobwebs spiralled out and down its leg, ghosts fluttered around along with bats, stars and a slinking black cat. There were little candy corn shaped beads worked into its mane and tail. Xander pursed his lips, at a loss as how to respond.

“His name is Hex.”

“Good choice.”

“Ready!” Dawn bounced down the stairs and landed with a small thump at their side.

“Ah, see I told you it would look cool!” Morgan jostled her friend on the shoulder. “And that you’d look fine in the X-suit.”

“And you are?”

“Pixie-23.” Dawn draped her hands behind her back and grinned at him. She wore a wig of black hair streaked with pink, the standard black and yellow X suit for the X-men and black gloves and boots lined with fangs at the hems. Iridescent wings hung down her back and cast tiny rainbows of colour against the hallway wall. Black contacts covered her usually sky blue eyes.

“Let me guess, Pixie and X-23.” Xander hazarded.

“Yup, yup, look, I’ve even got claws.” Dawn clenched both hands and evidently triggered something in the gloves. Twin ’blades’ snapped out of the back of each glove. A stomp of Dawn’s tiny foot had another long blade snapping out of her boot toe. Dawn waggled it at him and growled mock threateningly. “Grr-argh!”

“Are those real?” Xander had a brief premonition of exactly how many ways this could go badly.

“Nah, rubber, Adopted Mum nearly blew a fuse too.” Morgan supplied cheerfully, buckling her sword over her back. “Mine is rubber too, before you freak.”

“Now, you gotta get into your costume!” Dawn clapped her hands excitedly.

“My costume?”

“Nyah-hah!” Morgan grabbed an arm.

“You thought you could escape.” Dawn grabbed the other and bodily hauled him towards the downstairs bathroom. “We made it special.”

“Adopted Mum helped.” Morgan added and threw open the bathroom door.

Xander shot the smirking Joyce a look that spoke clearly ’you dirty rotten traitor’. Something dark was shoved into his hands before he was propelled into the room and nearly fell headfirst into the toilet. He looked at the suit in his hands and was disappointed to see that it was made of stretchy material that he just knew was going to be tighter than skin tight. Xander sighed and began to change, better just to get this whole thing over and done with.

$inister $cribe

“Oh, this is bad.” Willow looked about herself wildly and shuddered when yet another kid/demon/whatever ran right through her. She looked down the street then turned and looked down the other way.

“Spirit, are you friend or enemy?”

Willow turned and her mouth fell open. “Xander?!” She squeaked after a long moment.

“I do not know who Xander is, but if you are on the side of good, you may aid me.”

“Uuuhh…right.” Willow nodded slowly and looked over the body of her friend. Sure as hellmouths looked like him but Xander wasn’t home. He stood tall, shoulders thrown back in an almost arrogant confidence that Xander would never have affected. His black hair sparkled with gold and hung about his face down to the collar of his dark blue suit. It clung to him like a second skin with large metal discs running down in two rows over his chest and abs. Chain mail sleeves glinted in the moonlight, a huge war hammer was held in one large fist and some kind of visor covered his eyes. “Who are you?”

“Stormgazer of Asgard.”

“Sure you are.” Willow nodded amicably.

“For Asgard!” The battle cry rent the night air and a booming downdraft of air announced the clapping beat of huge wings. With an equine roar, the biggest oddest horse Willow had ever seen clattered to the street and reared, huge white wings with black and orange tipped feathers beating the air and orange forelegs churning.

“Morgan?” Willow gaped at the petite fifteen year old astride the Halloween painted Pegasus. Curling mane fisted in one hand, sword clasped in the other and a star and lion decorated shield slung over her back.

“Die demons!” Willow watched in horror as the sword swung through the air and narrowly avoided an imp disguised child.

“Xand-Stormgazer, you’ve got to stop her!” Willow grabbed at Xander’s arm and gave a little wail of frustration when her fingers passed clean through muscle and sinew.

“Why? The Valkyrie kills the spawn.” He gestured negligently with his hammer.

“They’re not really spawn, a spell has changed them to look like that. They’re just little kids!”

“You are sure, spirit?” Stormgazer hesitated.

“Only a spirit would know that, right?” Willow siezed on the first thing that sounded plausible to a warrior from Asgard.

“A fair point.” He said and lifted his hand to his visor. With a swirl of the dial at the side, the red lens slid away and roaring energy blasted from his eyes. A beam of red light laced with golden lightening screamed across the street and knocked the sword from Morgan Valkyrie’s hand.

“Leave her alone!” With a roar, something whooshed out of the undergrowth with a streak of pink and black glitter behind it and the wet slashing sound of flesh being sliced and blood splattering.

“Demon!” Stormgazer roared, staggering back and holding his chest.

“Dawnie!” Willow squeaked. She seemed to be doing a lot of that. Ineffectual crap that didn’t really help anyone.

Dawn was crouched in the road, but it wasn’t a Dawn that Willow knew. Her pink and black hair was wild, black eyes burning at and her shimmering wings flicked with irritation. Blood spattered from them and onto the road. She had just sliced Xander with her wings.

“Watch who your calling demon, bright-eye.” Faerie Dawn snarled, whirling to face Xander and unsheathing four long crystalline claws with a lethal snekt sound.

“Wait, wait, wait, wait!” Willow ran between them all and stopped abruptly when she nearly ran into a white horse face with a glowing green eye levelled at her. “You’re all friends. It’s the spell making you think otherwise!” Willow flapped her hands trying to get it across to them in full on babble mode. “These little demons aren’t demons, they’re kids. You don’t want to hurt a bunch of kids, right?”

“That depends.” Morgan Valkyrie said, her sword tip up and out of the way, at least she was no longer slicing and dicing with it. “One of them bit me earlier.”

“But we should turn them back, right?” Willow looked between them all and edged away from the snorting winged horse. She didn’t like the way it was looking at her.

“Aye.” Xander Stormgazer said.

“Suppose so.” Faerie Dawn said a little sullenly, sheathing her claws and folding her wings.

“Fine then.” Morgan Valkyrie sheathed her sword. “Where is this magician then? We’ll break him and then break the spell.” The horse tossed his head and snorted in agreement. She nudged her steed over to Willow’s side. “Come.” She reached down and grabbed hold of Willow’s arm, hauling her strait up and swinging her onto the horse behind her.

“How did you- -?” Willow wrapped her arms around Morgan’s waist and squeezed her eyes shut when the horse crouched and then vaulted into the sky with a whooshing swish of its wings.

“The Valkyrie choose who dies and when on the battlefield. We carry them to Valhalla. That would be difficult if we could not touch them, would it not?”

Willow looked down to see the ground swooping away from her. Faerie Dawn spread her stained glass wings and shot up into the sky with a trail of pink and black glitter in her wake. Stormgazer whirled his hammer and then threw himself into the sky after it.

“This is gonna be a long night.” Willow grimaced and held more tightly onto Valkyrie Morgan’s waist.
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