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Running Battle

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Summary: Faith meets the Winchesters on a night when the Cleveland Hellmouth opens. Song-fic.

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Supernatural > Faith-CenteredmoonstalkerFR1512,952118892 Mar 092 Mar 09Yes
Title: Running Battle
Author: moonstalker24
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer belongs to the great Joss Whedon. Supernatural to Eric Kripke. Title and lyrics are Kasabian's 'Running Battle'.
Category: Action/Adventure/Supernatural
Spoilers: Set post S7 Charmed and randomly mid series SPN.
Rating: FR-18
Pairing: None. Mentions of Faith/Robin Wood
Summary: Faith meets the Winchesters on a night when the Hellmouth Opens. Chaos ensues.
Warning: Some language. Violence.
Author's Note: The beginning of a long-winded series of song-fics. All of which are one-shots. Some of which tie-in together. It's march, forgive my greenness.

Running Battle

"All lyin across the ground
Try not to make no sound
When two men goin break ya down, I said
Two men goin break ya down, I breathe..."

It had all started out innocently enough, Faith supposed. Three of the girls had run into the demons on their way home from the movies. All they'd had on them were the usual, a knife, a stake, some holy water. It was their night off, they weren't expecting it.

It had ended badly.

Caridad was still the hospital recovering from having her spleen removed as the damage had been too great to save it. Annie had a broken jaw and wrist and was stuck at the house helping the Watchers research. Connie had a broken leg and was helping Annie by translating her mumbling.

Faith had rallied the troops, gotten a force of five slayers together and gone after the big nasties.

They reminded her of the Sisterhood of Jhe. Which really should have been her first clue, but it wasn't.

It wasn't until they were in retreat after killing a huge number of the demons that Faith decided that maybe they really were in trouble and Apocalypse season was starting early on the Hellmouth.

She sighed as she eased her office door closed and leaned against it and closed her eyes for a moment. She wished Robin was here. He was in Alabama helping the local Slayer team deal with a demon uprising, so she was on her own. It had been almost two years and she was still nervous about this posting. Still in awe that Giles trusted her with not only a Slayer House but the Hellmouth as well.

Faith pushed off the door and circled her desk and sank slowly into her chair, careful of the colourful bruising all over her body from the fight with the green demons from Body-Builders'R'Us. She picked up the phone. It was time to call London. She punched in the numbers and waited.

"IWC, London Branch, how may I help you?"

Faith rolled her eyes at the peppy sounding secretary. They had inherited Harmony after the Battle of Black Thorne. "It's Faith, I need to talk to Giles."

"He's in a meeting with the Prime Minister." Harmony said. "I can take a message."

"No." Faith said. "No messages, you go in there and tell him Faith says Apocalypse season's started."

There was a pause. Then, "Okay!"

Faith looked at her fingernails idly for the better part of five minutes. before Giles' voice sounded over the line. "Faith, what is it?"

"Better batten down the hatches, G-man." Faith announced. "The Hellmouth is under attack."

"All lyin across the ground
Try not to make no sound
When two men goin break ya down, I said
Two men goin break ya down, I breathe..."

"Cleveland is weird." Dean Winchester said, leaning on his shovel and gazing out over Summit Hills Cemetery.

"Dude." Sam Winchester said to his brother, glaring. He was not digging up Mrs. Bonther all by himself. "You wanted to come to Cleveland."

"This ghost sucks too." Dean complained as he resumed digging.


"What? It does." Dean defended. "She was a crazy old lady who's pissed off about people killing her cats after she died."

"Dean." Sam said, exasperated. "Just dig."

Just then, Dean's shovel hit wood with a hollow 'thunk'. "Pay dirt."

Dean climbed out of the hole and Sam reached down and opened the coffin before following his brother. Dean began shaking salt onto the bones while Sam grabbed the lighter fluid. As Sam sprayed the corpse with lighter fluid, Dean fished out a match.

The match flared to life.

There was a pissed off screeching sound coming from behind him. Both brothers turned. Dean dropped the match in shock as Sam was bowled over by a whirling mass of fists and teeth.

Mrs. Bonther went up in a blaze of glory, but no one was really paying enough attention to properly appreciate the sight. Dean was a bit of a pyromaniac, but even the sight of his brother being bowled over by something ten feet tall and green was enough to distract him.

Sam let out a pained yelp.

Dean snapped out of his shock.

There were three other demons. They had green, greasy hair, long pointed ears, claws and mouths full of teeth. There were two girls (Dean was assuming they were Slayers, what, with them holding their own and everything). One girl was fighting the demon that and knocked Sam's six-foot-four frame like a bowling pin. The other was leaning on a tombstone looking a little woozy.

Dean pulled his gun. Consecrated iron poured into the demon sneaking up on the second girl. It howled in pain as its' wounds began smoking. Okay, that was good. Blessed iron worked on these things. Dean turned and shot the one the girl was fighting in the head. It fell, shrieking. The shot didn't kill it, but it slowed it down enough for the girl to decapitate it with the short sword she was carrying.

The girl's eyes met his and they came to and instant understanding.

Dean whirled around, taking aim and firing as the Slayer leapt into the air and came down on the demon he'd just shot. They went like that with the last two as well. He shooting to slow it down, her taking off the heads.

"You okay Sammy?" Dean demanded as the last demon hit the ground with a thud.

"Yeah. I'm good." Sam said, getting to his feet with a hand to his head.

The slayer was helping her partner over to them. The first girl was a tall, native american girl with long, plaited black hair and high cheekbones. The other was a tiny blonde thing with freckles and blue eyes. She was holding her head, which was bleeding sluggishly.

"Thanks." The tall one said.

"No problem." Dean said. "I prefer my demons dead."

She grinned ferally. "Me too. I'm Rain, this is Charlie."

"I'm Dean, this is my brother, Sam."

"So, you Hunters."

"What gave it away?"

"Your bonfire." Rain said with a grin at Dean's sarcasm.

"You two need a lift home?" Dean offered. Rain nodded.

Mrs. Bonther shared her grave with four demons that night, and burned long into morning, shooting green sparks into the air.

"I take down what I need
Cause you know I need to breathe
I'm tired of walking on another plane
Another plane cause I feel insane, I...
Step back to get to you
Cut back I'm fallin through
Another day I feel the same
I'm cutting and I'm bleeding here with you..."

Slayers were insane. And watchers were even more insane. The Cleveland Slayer House was a flurry of activity as slayers prepped weapons, ate and trained. Watchers added to the pandemonium with yelling from room to room depending on where which book that was needed had migrated too.

Dean loved it.

When they'd come in behind Rain and Charlie there'd been a lot of yelling and then a busty brunette who was older than most of the other girls and was obviously in charge demanded to know who they were and what they wanted, because she didn't have time for them. The world was ending tonight.

Rain introduced them and then told Faith about the effect Dean's gun had had on the demon. Faith a pinned him with a glare and demanded to know about his ammunition. 'Consecrated iron rounds' had sent to watchers into a flurry. Faith got a bemused look on her face and sighed.

"We got taken by surprise with this one." She said. "So our usual chaos is a little more chaotic."

"You want us to stick around?" Sam asked. "We're willing to help."

"Yeah!" Dean said. "Let's save the world!"

Faith let out a throaty chuckle. "I like you. Sure, stick around. The more hands, the better."

"So, what are the demons doing to end the world?" Sam asked curiously.

"They're gonna try and open the Hellmouth." Faith replied and grabbed a passing Watcher by the arm. "Al, this is Sam. Sam this is Alistair. He can tell you about Hellmouths."

Sam wandered off with Alistair. Dean followed Faith into the kitchen and watched her slap a sandwich together. They sat down in a quiet corner and Dean asked the question.

"So, what's the plan?"

"Two fronts. One to guard the Hellmouth and take on the thing that guards the other side when it opens. The rest to take on this demon clan." Faith said. "With your information, we'll arm the watchers with guns and the slayers with swords."

"Shoot 'em up, and knock 'em down?"

Faith laughed. "Yep!"

"All lyin across the ground
Try not to make no sound
When two men goin break ya down, I said
Two men goin break ya down, I breathe..."

Dean couldn't help it. He started laughing.

"The Hellmouth's in the broom closet?" Sam asked in shock.

"It is shy?" Dean couldn't help asking, leaning on the counter of the abandoned diner the Hellmouth resided in. Sam couldn't help it. He snickered.

Faith grinned. "Believe me, we've been through all the jokes." She said. "The last one was in a high school library."

Dean grinned at Sam. "And that confirms it. High school really is hell."

Sam rolled his eyes. Rain entered the diner and made her way over to them. "We're nearly ready, Faith."

Faith nodded and the humour left her face as she raised her voice to speak. "Okay, everyone, battle stations!"

Dean gave his brother a pointed 'dont-get-dead' look and followed Rain from the diner. He'd been partnered with the tall girl and would be watching her back as she fought the demons. He had his pistol, extra clips and a shot-gun with consecrated iron buckshot. A machete hung from his belt for the up close and personal combat.

- - -

Sam had been assigned to a slayer named Essie, and would be inside the diner to help contain the hell beast. He was armed similarly to his brother. They were positioned in a semi-circle around the closet containing the Hellmouth. Slayers slightly in front of the Watchers. The door to the little broom cupboard was propped open. Sam checked his weapons and nodded to Essie, who winked at him.

- - -

Outside, The slightly larger group of watchers and slayers formed a light semi-circle around the front of the diner. a few large dumpsters had been rolled into the street for some of the watchers to use for cover. Dean stood to Rain's left and slightly behind, one of the few non-slayers in the open. He held his pistol in one hand and the shotgun in the other. He'd been fighting the things that go bump in the night for over twenty years. He wasn't about to start cowering now.

- - -

Faith had to give the brothers Winchester props. They had guts. Lots and lots of guts. There Dean was, the only non-slayer out there not shaking in slight fear. She sighed. They were still short watchers, especially field watchers. Most of the watchers out here tonight had very little or no real combat experience. Dean held himself like a veteran though. Grip steady, breathing calm, and a readiness in his stance that she could easily empathize with.

She turned her attention to scanning the others. Each slayer met her gaze and nodded slightly. They were ready, this was what they trained for. This was why they'd been Called.

To her right Faith heard the little mexican slayer, Maria say, "Here they come."

Faith tightened her grip on her sword as the first shrieks of the hellbeast sounded from the diner. She was ready.

"All lyin across the ground
Try not to make no sound
When two men goin break ya down, I said
Two men goin break ya down, I breathe..."

Sam had never seen anything like the many headed, tenticled thing that emerged from the Hellmouth. The stench it gave off was bit like backed up sewer. The enraged shrieks it gave off were grating on his ears. He heard Essie yell something, but Sam couldn't hear her. The brown haired slayer leaped forward with the other slayers and Sam realized he had to do something.

He lifted the shotgun and fired.

- - -

Dean was the first one to fire at the approaching demons. He hit his intended mark and it fell, screaming and clutching its head. That seemed to be the signal for all hell to break loose. The demons charged, the watchers fired. The slayers let out their war cries and leapt at the oncoming demons.

Then it was a heated crush of bodies. Sweat and blood and pain. Dean knew this. This was what he did. He saved people, this was just on a more epic scale than he was used to. He blasted a demon on the back with his shotgun as it tried to sneak up on Rain. He parried a blow from another with the barrel of the weapon and fired into the demon's face with his pistol. The demon shrieked and pulled away. Dean lost his grip on the gun and it went flying in one direction. He fired another bullet into the demon as he reached for his machete.

In one smooth, practised movement, the demon was headless and he was turning back to help Rain.

- - -

Faith was poetry. She was wielding two matching short swords and having a blast as she tore into the demons. She felt strange though, not having Robin at her back. She'd gotten used to him in the last two years. Used to having him watch her back.

She spun and kicked a heel into the chin of one demon while lopping off the arm of another. Another spin and the demon she'd kicked lost it's head. This was her glory. she didn't feel her wounds as a demon raked its claws across her arm. She would later, but not now. Now she was a slayer. Not just a slayer, but the last Chosen Slayer.

This was what she was meant for.

- - -

Sam grabbed the back of Essie's shirt and yanked with all his might as she hacked at the tentacle wrapped around her leg. They fell backward, Essie landed on Sam, making all the air whoosh from his lungs.

"Sorry!" Essie yelled before leaping back into the fray.

Sam shook his head and chopped off the end of a tentacle that was inching toward him. He lumbered to his feet, gripped his machete with both hands and swung with all the strength he could muster. It sunk into one the hellbeast's many heads with a solid 'thunk', slid about halfway through and stuck. The head shrieked and yanked itself away from Sam.

Sam, whose grip on the jammed machete had been solid founds himself flying through the air with the greatest of ease before he hit the wall with what would have been a satisfying thud had he not been the one doing the thudding.

The next time Dean got a whim to come to Cleveland Sam was putting his foot down.

"So keep those voices down
Even if you don't make no sound
A thousand voices makin all the mistakes
The fire escapes and this code must break
I... step back to get to you
Cut back I'm fallin through
Another day I feel the same
I'm cutting and I'm bleeding here with you..."

Faith swung her feet up onto her desk with a contented sigh. The Hellmouth was closed. The world was still turning. She reached for the phone to call Giles and let him know that all was well on the home front. She smiled a little to herself. She'd handled it. Handled her first apocalypse all by herself. Without Buffy, or Angel or Robin watching her back. She hadn't screwed it up or snapped.

She was very happy with that.

Those Winchester boys were interesting too. Cute, built, and could definately handle themselves. If she wasn't turning over a new leaf she'd have given the older one a test drive. She grinned at the thought. She'd exchanged numbers with Sam and the Council had two new allies they could call on when things were bad.


"Hey, G-man." Faith said.

"Faith." The relief in his voice was palpable. "I take it everything went  well, then?"

"Yep, demons dead, world saved." She said. "And we made some new friends."


Faith leaned back in her chair in her office and settled in to tell the Head Watcher about the Winchesters and how she'd promised to ask someone to look into the demon they were after for them.

- - -

"That was fun." Dean decided as he merged the Impala onto the highway and headed away from Cleveland. "A nice change of pace."

"You call that a change of pace?" Sam said. "We nearly died. Again."

"Yeah, but we saved the world." Dean said. "The whole world, not just a few people."

Same eyed his brother, who actually looked chipper. "It was interesting, that's for sure."

"Ah, c'mon, you gotta admit, working with those slayers was way cool." Dean said.

Sam nodded. "I'll give you that."

"That Faith chick was way hot." Dean said.


"What? She was!"



"All lyin across the ground
Try not to make no sound
When two men goin break ya down, I said
Two men goin break ya down, I breathe..."


The End

You have reached the end of "Running Battle". This story is complete.

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