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Catch Me If You Can

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Summary: Post-chosen. Buffy Summers is a slayer trying to forget her past, however the brutal killings of slayers by what look to be human hands will force her to relive things she'd rather forget.

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NCIS > Buffy-CenteredDoctorsgirlFR1826,6951388,5043 Mar 0921 Apr 09No

DC Arrival

Btvs/NCIS crossover

Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire slayer belongs to Joss Whedon, NCIS to Don Bellisario.

Intro: Buffy Summers and NCIS meet over a highly sensitive case regarding a slayer serial killer.

Andrew: Plucked from an ordinary life, handed a destiny
Xander: Say Skywalker, and I smack ya.
(Btvs, season 7, Potential)

Chapter 2:

Buffy gave a sigh, staring down at the clouds that were whipped into a frothy storm by the IWC main company jet, the fact that the Watcher’s Council had more than one jet, yet she’d spent 7 years scrounging to pay for all the stuff, clothes and sigh….shoes that had been destroyed over the time in the name of Slay-age and playing Super girl, had grated on her nerves just a ‘little’.

Said ‘little’ having been resolved by her locking herself in a room to vent, and the death of the punch bag had SO not been her fault, the chain holding it had been…rusty!

Vi was sat flicking through in flight movies as though they were going out of style, before finally settling on a good old Jonny Depp film, leaving Buffy nodding her approval. Girl had good taste.

Buffy, herself, was busy flicking through their case files, trying to find something…anything, that could lead them to their nut job. Wincing as she downed a can of coke, in an attempt to obtain her caffine fix.

According to Giles the reason that they’d stopped stocking coffee on the IWC planes was due to inconvenience, which was sheer bull in the senior slayer’s opinion. Giles was obviously responding to various complaints by governments when it came to senior Scoobies and their daily consumption of coffee and the issues surrounding it. Although it wasn’t just her, as far as she knew Willow, Xander, Dawn and some of the other major players were heavily reliant on caffine to function. Unfortunately this had been known to cause various political…issues, on occasion. But frankly their jobs were stressful and they rarely got more than a few hours sleep a night. It wasn’t surprising that when the ‘liquid of the Gods’ was unavailable their agents became a ‘little’ irritable.

But unfortunately these days Giles seemed to be more worried about political battles than fighting demons, and keeping the bloodsucking (pun intended) politicians happy instead of battling the forces of darkness. Thus no more coffee on Slayer airlines, his version of a 12-step-programme she figured.

He’d attempted it in the main HQ as well, silly silly British man. Unlike him they could not run on tea alone and once rumours of what the head Watcher was planning began to leak outrage rippled through IWC. There was a petition of over 300 employees (over half of them Slayers) threatening bodily harm if such a travesty should occur and there was even a scheduled walk out. The IWC union reps went nuts.

Giles had swiftly backed off, but held firm on the no-coffee-on-planes rule. A rule Buffy had come to loathe with a fiery passion due to her constant globe-hopping.

Oh they would so be having words about IWC policy when she got back, though hopefully it wouldn’t involve a lecture on inter-agency-co-operation and her lack of it, though it undoubtedly would.

It wasn’t her fault precisely, she was just had a very low-grade bullshit tolerance, and had a tendency of being rather…honest about her opinions, it was hardly Anya or even Cordy level bluntness, but she didn’t suck up for anyone. She hadn’t for that blight on humanity known as Principal Snyder (crazy Nazi-wannabe that he was) and she damn well wasn’t going to go round Washington D.C being all sycophantic to people who needed sticks removed from highly delicate places just because they happened to work for any number of the alphabet soup agencies that seemed to gravitate to the US capital.

She’d be civil if they were, and if not? Well she considered it her born duty to piss them off.

It was kinda fun too…


“We’d like to thank you for flying IWC airways, we are currently cruising at a height of 10,000 feet over a balmy Washington D.C. Please ensure that all trays are locked in the upright position and all chairs affixed in…”

“Kara, we get it already. You don’t need to say that every time we land. You don’t work for Ryanair anymore.” Buffy drawled lazily into the intercom that allowed her to speak directly into the pilot’s cabin. “Besides, we don’t even have trays to put in the upright position.”

“Oooh…Sorry Buffy.” Sighed the highly sheepish pilot, as the sounds of the co-pilot’s snickers echoed through, to be swiftly silenced with a smack (if the grumbled ouch was anything to go by).

“It’s just habit, ya know?” Kara, captain of the IWC main jet and one of the newly awakened Slayers of 5 years earlier.

She was one of the Slayers who’s previous experiences were put to use once they were called, as having a Slayer as a pilot was extremely savvy of Giles, stopped any flights turning out like that movie with Indiana Jones as President…Airforce One.

Anyone ever considering hijackking the plane would be on the receiving end of the fury of a Slayer highly protective of her aeroplane. A slayer armed with a Glock, stakes and various knives.

Slaying rule no. 3, be prepared for anything.

She’d added to her initial rule of ‘Don’t die’ and some how they’d become guidelines for the mini-slayers, it was depressing how they looked up to her really as many of them would be injured or possibly killed at anytime, and now to add to the not fun-ness was this slayer serial killer.

Vi giggled quietly, and Buffy smiled softly, this being the first real sign of amusement in the younger Slayer over the past day or more accurately since Candice was found. Buffy could work past the loss, ignore the pain at their deaths and focus her cold, precise and horded anger on finding whoever did this. Vi, for all her experience in the slaying field over the past few years, had only really had one significant up close experience with slayer deaths (at least according to her file) that being the final battle of Sunnyhell against the First and it little dog-collar-boy too.

Not so great a comparison.

“Just land Kara.” Buffy rolled her eyes, realising that the pilot had been steadily rambling as Buffy had descended into her thoughts. From the sounds of things the words ‘digging’ and ‘deeper’ seemed to fit the descriptive for the ramble that could almost rival Willow on the babble-scale.

The plane landed, coasting easily down the runway and there was a shuddering noise as the steps were attached to the door, sharing a look the two slayers began to pack their things, heading to the cabin door.

“Thankyou for flying Slayer airways, we hope you‘ll come to us again in fu...” Began the co-pilot, stood beside the door, with a broad teasing grin. Earning him a smack from Kara.

“Ah the good ol’ US of A.” Buffy sighed as she stepped into the sunlight, sliding on her shades to avoid the glare from the sunlight on the tarmac.

“Oh Sunlight, how I missed thee. Let me count the ways…” Vi smiled happily as she hefted the weapons kit.

One good thing about being senior slayer was that she had minions to schlep for her, not that she’d ever admit it out loud.

They swiftly collected their luggage, and after a mini-ruckus with a self-important customs officer (who’d gone very quiet when Buffy produced a permit for their weaponry signed by the President of the United States himself), the two IWC slayers found themselves exiting arrivals.

“Now then….Where’s the car rental.” Buffy ran a hand through her already messy locks, praying that she’d be able to fix it up when they got to the hotel. Giles had apparently got them rooms at the Ritz, which kind of made her like him again.

She didn’t notice the rapid series of traffic light-esque colours that’s Vi’s face flicked through. She when from pale white, to red, and slowly faded to a green tinge. Looking vaguely ill.

“R-rental car?” Vi stammered out, the fear blatent in her eyes.

“Yeah, didja think that Giles would fork out on a driver for us? Hell no, it’s on my insurance though so you wont have to drive.” Buffy tossed out lightly, before brightening as she noticed the rental company that they’d arranged a car with, marching purposefully.

Never seeing Vi stood exactly where Buffy’d left her, silently muttering to herself, a step away from rocking back and forth in a corner somewhere.

“Her…driving… God….”



Mia Erikson stood at her back gate, her gaze sweeping the empty DC sidewalk, well aware of what prowled the streets once the sun went down, heck she was one of the ones chosen to fight them. She’s waiting for someone, made clear by her impatient posture, tapping her foot irritably on the concrete, she had patrol and was planning on stopping off at some of the clubs in the local area in order to work off some of her nervous tension.

And that’s the crux of the matter really, wasn’t it, she was nervous…

She’s here for a secret purpose, she’s told no one, just like he asked her. This would be her big break as a Slayer, it would be Mia Erikson, not ‘The Sunnydale Slayers’ that the younger newbies hero-worshipped, and really what kind of a name was ‘Faith’ for one of the super slayers, anyway?

She thinks this will make her career, shoot her up to the big leagues, rub shoulders with the likes of Willow Rosenberg, Rupert Giles, and her own personal hero- Buffy Summers. She waits in anticipation, expecting her life to alter dramatically tonight.

It will.

Just not as she expected it to.

She looks at her watch with a huff of irritation, trying to mask her worry that ‘he’ wont turn up. She has no idea that she’s being observed, her newly awakened slayer senses failing to pick up the threat that is so very near now.

She thinks she is alone.

She frowned, worried, what if he wasn’t coming? That he was going to let her down, just like all the other men in her life, that she’d judged him badly, but he’d seemed so…sweet.
There’s a screech as a van that was once coloured white, but thanks to pollutants that filled the air combined with a lack of vehicular upkeep has led to it now seemingly being more rust and dirt than van.

She glares her irritation as it screeches up the street, clearly in need of new brakes, or any brakes as the case may be. Its an annoyance, she’s planned a secret meeting on the backstreets where people rarely made an appearance, especially at this time.

She is so focused on her mental outrage at the intrusion that she never sees the shadow behind her until it’s too late, much too late. And by that point the hypodermic needle has already been jabbed into her bare upper arm. She lets out a surprises cry of pain, swinging out at her mystery assailant, planning to send him flying with all her slayer strength only to find that she felt indescribably drained, her arm barely causing a light grunt of pain.

Panic flares through her, she’s supposed to be the predator, the thing the monsters are scared of, she’s not supposed to be the prey. This is not how it’s supposed to go.

Whimpering, she puts all her available energy into a trip kick, the first move her watcher had taught her back when she was a potential dreaming of the day she would become the big bad Slayer. She’d been so sure she would take up the mantle, giving little thought to the girl who would have to die in order for her to obtain it. But she’s thinking of it now, unwilling to join those numbers of the slayer dead on the Cleveland base epitaph.

Wrenching free of what now seems like an iron grasp, she stumbles forward, desperately trying to make her legs move how they should, but they remain stubbornly lazy. Her attacker strikes at her from behind, and she barely feels it as her head strikes the curb of the sidewalk knocking into an empty and desolate oblivion.

Even superheroes can be caught off guard sometimes...

Life changes in an instant.


A/N: Read and Review.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Catch Me If You Can" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 21 Apr 09.

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