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Scarlet Rose

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Summary: When Buffy looses a bet Xanders the one to pay the price. Warning: Sex Change. Crossover with marvel and DC comics.

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Chapter 5

Scarlet Rose

Shopping and fighting

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything from Buffy or Marvel and DC Comics.

A day had passed since the chaotic events that had given Wanda a sister and it seemed like her life was finally slowing down. Nothing bad had happened with her powers, no more weird events had happened. All Wanda had done was go to school. This in itself wasn’t a good thing but now a days it was for a whole different reason. She was so bored. She could do College level physics in her head; there was no way that high school level math would be a challenge.

Wanda was also confused. During her gymnastic class she had gotten the feeling that her gymnastic teacher Mr. Gray was flirting with her. Not that she really minded after all he was the hottest guy she had ever seen in her life. Wanda could not believe she actually thought that, she might have slightly admitted that she maybe just maybe liked a guy that still doesn’t mean that she was ready to admit that she had a crush on a man. Not just any man it had to be one of her teachers.

Wanda looked over to the changing room where Lorna and Buffy were currently trying on clothes. She would give anything for one of them to come over and save her from her own mind. Since whatever higher power up there chose to ignore her pleas her mind went back into the gutter. She could still see Mr. Gray in those tight pants bending over when he was trying to show one of the newer students how to stretch properly. God that pair of glutes should be declared a weapon of mass destruction. She had almost fallen of the balance beam when she had seen him lift up his shirt to wipe off his forehead.

“What’re you staring at?” Lorna asked from behind her. Wanda jumped so high she almost fell out of her chair.

“Nothing! I was just…thinking.” Wanda said knowing that her face was a scarlet color that might even match her blouse. Lorna smiled and gave her the once over before her smile grew even bigger.

“You were thinking of sex weren’t you?” Lorna said as Wanda felt her face getting redder and redder.

“No I wasn’t.”

“Oh yes you were. You had that dazed look you always get on your face.” Lorna said bouncing up and down in excitement.

“I swear to god I wasn’t!” Wanda said as she looked around hoping no one had heard their conversation.

“Oh you were so thinking of sex!!!” Lorna practically shouted with glee at Wanda’s embarrassment.

“Who’s thinking of sex?” Buffy asked as she walked up to them.

“No one is thinking about sex!” Wanda shouted before remembering where she was. She looked around and turned a bright red when she noticed that a few people were giggling and pointing at her.

“Wanda’s thinking of sex. Her eyes were glazed over and she was practically panting.” Lorna said.

“Go Wanda who is it? Did you see a hot girl in the changing room?” Buffy asked as she joined in the teasing.

Wanda smiled as she remembered her trip into the changing room earlier she had seen this girl with the best body she had ever seen. She could still remember the way the woman had adjusted her bra displaying her ample chest in such a way that she had been practically drooling. Wanda shook her head to clear it before saying, “No now let’s get out of here.”

She had just turned to leave the store when she was grabbed by both arms and turned around.. Buffy was standing there with her arms crossed and her face had the same determined look she had on when she was slaying. Also if there were any doubts in her mind that Lorna was the exact same as Willow there wasn’t any more. On her face was the same determined face that Willow had used many times over the years to get her way from going to get ice cream to even playing tea party
which she had suppressed into the back of her mind.

“No way missy we’re not going anywhere until you tell us who’s got you all hot and bothered.” Lorna said crossing her arms in a way that almost mirrored Buffy’s stance perfectly.

“Yeah Wanda we tell you everything about our crushes. I tell you everything about Angel and Willow…uh Lorna would umm… if she had a love interest would be telling us all about it.” Buffy said.

Lorna shot Buffy an exasperated look before turning to Wanda and said “Come on Wanda you’re a girl now you need to do girly things and one of those girly things is gossiping about hot guys or girls in your case.”

“I am doing girly things I let you drag me to the mall didn’t I, even though I prefer shopping online. Also I’m surrounded by girls the only reason I’m not drowning in estrogen right now is Willow had to stay home because her parents are still over protect over that fake death.” Wanda said and couldn’t help but mutter “And who said I actually want to hear what you do with Angel, eeew.”

Buffy scowled at her before she turned to look at Lorna doing the silent communication thingy that all females seem to be capable of before smiling. Wanda knew that something bad was going to happen. Both Buffy and Lorna turned to her and started to give her their puppy eyes.

God this was unfair she was a girl now shouldn’t that come with some sort of immunity or something, after all puppy eyes never seemed to work as well on women. Hey now that she was a woman herself could she do them herself. Wanda was dragged out of her thoughts when Lorna and Buffy started to beg.

“Please Wanda.”

“Come on we’re your friends right?”

Wanda scowled before sighing “Fine I’ll tell you just stop with the begging already.”

Buffy and Lorna seemed to be buzzing in expectant energy as they moved closer. Wanda suddenly had the feeling that she was at the mercy of wild animals. She sighed and scowled at the two women before her before choking out “Ok I might have a small crush…actually it’s so small it’s almost nonexistent. It’s so small that there’s almost no reason to talk about it.”

“Just tell us Wanda.”

“Fine it’s Mr. Gray.” Wanda said turning a bright red.

“But he’s a guy! Don’t you like girls?” Buffy asked with a confused look.

“I can’t help it! He has the best body I’ve ever seen and he seems to be flirting with me. Also can you really blame me when he keeps on stretching in these ways that display it and sending me those really nice smiles that make me feel like I’m melting. Also with the way he keeps on putting his arms on me when he’s helping me.” Wanda said in one breathe.

Lorna smiled and said “Yeah he has a great body you should so flirt back.”

“Isn’t he like old or something? After all he’s a teacher.” Buffy asked.

“You think I should?” Wanda asked ignoring Buffy. She had no right to talk about age her boyfriend was a century old.

“Yeah you should so flirt back.” Lorna said also ignoring Buffy.

“Hey I didn’t know you were gay! Wait does this mean you’re straight now that you’re a girl? “ Buffy asked with a confused look on her face. Wanda and Lorna stared at her for a few seconds before turning to each other. Lorna grabbed Wanda by the hand and started to drag her out of the shop.

“Come on we need go buy you some more clothes. By the time I’m done with you Mr. Gray won’t be able to take his eyes off of you.” Lorna said as they walked out of the store. Buffy scowled as she was left behind.

“What it was an honest question?” Buffy said as she started to walk after them. “It’s not my fault that Wanda’s suddenly gay...straight, whatever she is now.” She practically growled when the two women in front of her ignored her yet again. Fine ignore the slayer she didn’t need to be talked to. A smile over took her when she thought of the amount of shopping she was going to force Wanda to do to get even.

Wanda’s feet were killing her. She had been dragged around the mall for over four hours. Buffy had insisted that they had to go into every store and had spent an hour in the shoe store forcing Wanda to try on thousands of shoes even the stilettos. Wanda would have twisted an ankle if it wasn’t for the original Wanda’s memory.

They were finally leaving and that was only because Buffy had to go patrolling and Lorna had to get back home to help Giles make up her new identity. Buffy had left them to go patrolling and Wanda had teleported Lorna home. Wanda had decided not to go with Lorna since she wanted to try out flying. She was currently soaring over Sunnydale. It was really beautiful up here when you weren’t close enough to feel the evil.

Wanda had been disturbed to find that the more she practiced her powers the more she could sense the energy of the Hellmouth. She flew a little closer to the floor when she saw that she was getting closer to one of the cemeteries. She might be able to see Buffy on one of her patrols.

Wanda stopped suddenly. She turned around and flew back a little while. She was shocked to see a man in an alley surrounded by vampires. It looked like he was holding his own but there were too many vampires. Wanda could already tell that he was getting tired.

Wanda flew over to the alley determined to help. She hadn’t really practiced any offensive use of her powers but she was pretty sure she could use it in a general release of energy after all that was the primary way the original Wanda used her powers. She just hoped that since it was such a large part of the memories she had kept from Halloween that she would be able to pull it off.

She landed silently in the alley way and focused her powers. Her hands started to glow the typical scarlet as she gestured at the closest vampires. Scarlet energy shot from her hand and tore through the vampire’s body instantly reducing it to dust. Wanda repeated the gesture and watched as another vampire was turned to dust.

The fight was quickly over due to Wanda’s powers and the man’s fighting expertise. She hadn’t seen anyone fight like him he was even better than Buffy. Wanda wiped her forehead before turning to the man. She was about to ask if he was okay when he got his first clear look at him.

“Mr. Gray!!!!”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Scarlet Rose" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 22 Apr 09.

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