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Scarlet Rose

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Summary: When Buffy looses a bet Xanders the one to pay the price. Warning: Sex Change. Crossover with marvel and DC comics.

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Chapter One

Scarlet Rose

Ch. 1: Bets and Changes

Disclaimer: I don't own anything from Marvel or DC comics or Buffy.

Xander followed Buffy and Willow into the costume shop where they were forced to look for costumes after the evil troll that was their principle had volunteered them to help escort kids around trick or treating. Willow immediately started heading towards the isle that held her trusty ghost costume.

“God is that social misfit going as a ghost again? Even Jonathan has better taste than going as a ghost every year.” Cordelia said from behind them.

“Hey, Willow not going a ghost if I have anything to say about it.” Buffy said throwing Cordelia an evil look. Xander suddenly felt a feeling of dread in his stomach. He knew that this was going to end badly and for some reason he knew he was going to be the one that regretted it.

“Please Willow hasn’t gone as anything but a ghost since first grade, which is kind of funny since she’s like a ghost every other day of the year.” Cordelia said with a laugh.

Buffy looked over to Xander for support, all Xander could do was wince before saying “Sorry Buff but Willow has gone as a Ghost every year no matter what kind of begging, pleading, even black mail that I could come up with.”

Buffy looked at Cordelia and scowled at the look of victory on her face. Buffy smiled when a beautiful idea came to her. It would get Willow in a different costume, while giving Xander a costume that was better than a toy gun with discount fatigues. It didn’t hurt that it would have the added bonus of embarrassing Cordelia and put a dent on her purse. She didn’t even stop to think that she might lose.

“I bet I can get Willow to go as something else.” Buffy said with a smirk.

“Well, I bet you can’t.” Cordelia said with her own smirk firmly in place.

“Okay if I can get her to leave here with a costume that isn’t a ghost you have to buy Xander any costume he wants.” Buffy said with a smile.

“Well, if you can’t get her to go as something else I get to buy Xander any costume I want and he has to actually wear it.” Cordelia said. Xander was so busy stuttering in outrage that he couldn’t do anything as they both shook hand and said “Agreed.”

Xander stood frozen as Buffy walked over to Willow and tried to convince her to go as something else. Cordelia smiled and
walked closer to Xander before saying “Xander you are so dead. Buffy will never get her to wear something else.”

Xander couldn’t keep in the wince knowing that Cordelia was right. Willow would never go as anything but a ghost. Xander sighed in resignation when he saw Willow walk over to the counter to buy her ghost costume. Buffy walked over with a sheepish look on her face before saying “Sorry Xander.”

Xander looked towards Cordelia expectantly and saw her smile like a cat that had caught a canary. He followed her as she headed to the back of the store. He felt his stomach sink to the floor when he saw the costume Cordelia had stopped in front of. It was a beautiful costume…at least it would have been a beautiful gift if he was a girl.

It was made of a sleeveless strapless red blouse that would end under a woman’s breasts, full arm gloves made in the same color as the blouse. It also had thigh high boots also of the same red and a cape that attached around the neck (The same red color.) It even had a weird two pointed tiara thingy. The worst part was a skirt that had slits on the side that left most of the leg bare.

“Uh…Cordelia that’s a girls costume.” Xander said with a stunned expression. He looked over to see that Cordelia was smiling and was holding in her laughter. Buffy who had followed them was desperately holding in her laughter. All the amusement left her face when she saw the look on Xander’s face.

When an old British dude walked by Cordelia stopped him and said “We’ll have this one.”

The man stopped and looked at the costume before saying “Yes this one will look lovely on you.”

“It’s not for me, it’s for him.” Cordelia said pointing towards Xander. Ethan raised an eyebrow at Xander seeing that the young man looked miserable.

“We lost a bet.” Buffy told him. Ethan was shocked to see the slayer standing in front of him. He was going to refuse selling the costume to the young man after all even he wasn’t cruel enough to do something that might change the young man into a woman. Well, he was going to until he found out that he was a friend of the slayer.

The young woman paid for the costume along with a cat costume. He watched as the woman handed over the scarlet costume to the boy and left laughing. He walked over to the slayer and talked her into buying a noble woman’s dress.

Buffy walked over to Xander and said “Don’t worry Xander I’ll help you make that dress look beautiful.”

Xander followed Buffy out of the store wondering if that was supposed to make him feel better.

Xander was even more pissed with Buffy than he was before. Her idea of beauty involved him shaving his legs and armpits, while waxing his chest. After that she had proceeded to pluck his eyebrows and put on make-up. After that she had sent him to change into his costume. IT took him fifteen minutes to figure out how to put it on right. It still looked ridiculous since he was missing certain things woman had. Xander had also worn the tightest underwear he had to make the bulge he had in-between his legs less obvious. He walked out to show Buffy his costume.

Buffy turned from preparing her own costume to look at him. She stared at him for a few second before grabbing a bag and pulled out what looked like fake breasts. She walked over and put them in Xander’s blouse. They had an adhesive part that made them stick to his skin.

“I bought these at the costume store; I figured you might need them.” Buffy said as she took out some make-up and used it to make it look like the breast were real not plastic. Xander scowled when Buffy pulled out a wig of straight brown hair. Xander put it on and looked at himself in the mirror. He couldn’t believe his eyes he actually looked like a girl…a fairly attractive woman.

“There now you look like a woman. I can’t wait until Willow sees you she’s going to have a heart attack.” Buffy said with a smile.

Xander decided that tonight was going to be as bad as he thought it was going to be. First he had laughed so hard he was gasping for air when Willow hadn’t recognized him. Then had blushed a brilliant shade of red when she had learned it was him, even better than that was seeing Cordelia’s scowl when she had seen him. The kids hadn’t even made fun of him since they actually thought he was a girl.

Xander was walking his kids down the last street of the night when an unnatural wind blew through the night. In his place stood a young woman who filled out her scarlet outfit and had hair falling past her shoulder.

Wanda looked around what was happening? She had just been with her brother enjoying the snow when she had been shot. She remembered dying in her loves arms. How had she ended up here then? Was this the afterlife?

Wanda looked around and saw what looked like little demons running around causing chaos where ever they went. If this was the afterlife it wasn’t exactly peaceful. She saw what looked like a giant bug chasing after a young girl who was screaming and had tears running down her face. Wanda’s hands started to glow a scarlet red as she gestured at the giant bug. The giant bug suddenly shrank down to the proper size of an insect.

Wanda turned to see what looked like a werewolf chasing a young man. Wanda once again gestures and the beast shrank into a harmless tomcat. Wanda was about to help another person in trouble when a young woman ran up to her and said “Stop those are little kids.”

Wanda stared at her before looking at the monsters again before saying “They look to be monster not children little girl.”

“There under a spell. They were turned into their costumes.” That made more sense than Wanda wanted to admit. It would explain why she was here after she had died. The woman stared at her for a few seconds before gasping.

“What’s wrong?” Wanda asked.

“My friend Xander was wearing the same outfit you are.” Willow said.

“Why was your male friend wearing my outfit?” Wanda asked.

“He lost a bet and he was forced to wear any costume the winner chose.”

“Oh well, let’s try to stop this spell and maybe he’ll change back.” Wanda said.

“Okay we need to find Buffy she’s the slayer she can help us.” Willow said before heading down the street. Wanda sighed and decided to follow her.

They walked for a few minutes before a scream tore through the night. The young woman started running towards the scream with Wanda right behind her. They came upon a woman dressed in an ancient dress who was pointing at a car driving by yelling that it was a demon.

“What are we going to do without the slayer?” The young woman asked as Wanda calmed the hysterical woman.

“I can sense two strong source of magic. One radiates an evil that is sickening; the other has the taste of chaos to it.” Wanda said.

“Well, the first one is most likely the Hellmouth, the other one is the one we’re most likely looking for.” The young woman said. Wanda had no idea what a hellmouth was but the sooner she ended this spell the faster she could go on to the afterlife. She raised her glowing red hands and they disappeared in a flash of red light.

Willow looked around to find she was standing in the costume shop. Willow was so far past freaked it wasn’t even funny. First she had arrived at Buffy’s house to find an attractive woman who ended up being Xander. Then while she was escorting the kids she had turned into a ghost, and let her say dying really sucked.

She had desperately searched the streets to find her friends only to find a very female Xander with glowing red hands that was causing weird things to happen. Then Xander had teleported them here.

“The magic is coming from the back room.” female Xander said as he…she started to walk over to it. Willow quickly followed her ignoring Buffy who was cowering behind them. She looked around and saw what looked like an alter with a weird two faced statue on it.

“I wasn’t expecting you two. I thought old Ripper would be the one to come stop my little spell.” A man said with a British accent as he stepped out from behind a curtain.

“Are you the one who cast the spell?” Willow asked.

“Of course I am little spirit.” The man said.

“Tell us how to stop it.” Willow demanded.

“Now why would I do that? What are you going to do to me haunt me?” The man taunted. The smile left his face when he saw that the other woman who hadn’t said a word hands were glowing red. Female Xander made a gesture towards the man and Willow watched with horror as the man turned into what looked like an emerald.

“Don’t worry he will change back in an hour or two.” Female Xander said as he walked over and picked up the jewel.

“Now we don’t have a way to figure out how to end the spell.” Willow growled in frustration.

“Don’t be foolish the statue is the focal point of the spell. Smash it and the spell will end.” Female Xander said as she gestured to the statue caused it to crash to the floor. The statue shattered with a blinding light that sent the three of them crashing to the floor.

“Ow that hurt.” Willow said as she slowly got back to her feet.

“You can say that again.” Buffy said as she also stood up and pulled off her wig.

“Um guys, we have a problem.” They turned around to see a still female Xander standing in front of them.
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