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A Slayer's Pride

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This story is No. 2 in the series "New Moon Rising". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The only thing that made going to the Doctor worth it was the fact that he kept making big 'Come-Hump-Me-Eyes' at Willow...

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Anita Blake > Faith-Centered > Pairing: Other(Past Donor)lckybrFR18159,37032822,0434 Mar 095 Aug 09Yes


The nursery is an off white with a pale yellow and green stripped border. The furniture is white all rounded edges and antique design, the carpet plush and the same pale green.

She sat in the rocking chair next to the window, nursing the baby. Her hair is dark and tangled falling over one shoulder, the morning light bathing her in a soft glow.

You can see Adonis has one small hand wrapped around her finger, his dark head cradled in the bend of her arm. She is very aware of him, the first one up when he starts crying constantly making sure he is comfortable and happy.

She looks up as you come closer; the smile she gives you is bright and peaceful.

You still fight.

The Sex is still great.

There are no pet names, but there are softer touches and more smiles.

You can lose yourself in those smiles, in her body.
She smells like lavender and baby powder, her lips are soft under yours, caressing.

You never though this would happen, being a father, having a stable girlfriend.

But it’s not enough.

She frowns as you pull away, easily taking the baby from her arms. He makes little baby noises, shifting his little head, hands tucked under his chin.

“Why don’t you get his clothes.” It is a soft question, normal but inside you are a ball of nerves, its Buffy’s birthday, there is a party.
You watch with hooded eyes as she pulls open his white cubby, smile at the way her shoulder stiffen.

She does not turn around, but you can hear the sudden leaping of her heart. Inside there are stacks of neatly folded baby clothes, she likes organizing them by day. On top of his set of ‘party clothes Friday’, there is a ring. Two small sapphires tucked on either side of a princess cut diamond on a platinum ring.

Your handshakes a little as you pick it up, holding it out to her with a soft smile.

Her brown eyes are wide in her face, tears shining. Later she will deny they were tears, because she is a tough vampire slayer and they do not cry over silly little things. You will smile and say nothing as you lay Adonis down in his bassinet.

When the girls are cooing over the ring and the boys are giving you slaps on the back and congratulations you will only smile at her, holding your son close to your heart, pride swelling in her eyes as she stares at her small family.

You would die to keep them safe, sell your soul to keep them happy…And you would not trade it for anything.

SO! I hope you all enjoyed this! Thank you so much for the reviews and for reading! I enjoyed this fun little ride, please exit to your left…

Reviews= joy+ love+ sequels (maybe)

SO! I hope you all enjoyed this! Thank you so much for the
reviews and for reading! I enjoyed this fun little ride, please exit to your left…

Reviews= joy+ love+ sequels (maybe)

The End

You have reached the end of "A Slayer's Pride". This story is complete.

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