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A Slayer's Pride

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This story is No. 2 in the series "New Moon Rising". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The only thing that made going to the Doctor worth it was the fact that he kept making big 'Come-Hump-Me-Eyes' at Willow...

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Anita Blake > Faith-Centered > Pairing: Other(Past Donor)lckybrFR18159,37032822,0384 Mar 095 Aug 09Yes

The Doctor said!

Hello All! I couldn't resist! I hope you guys like this and also please do review! (i like them) lol. Okay so...yeah.

Love and Hearts

Disclaimer: Joss Whedon owns Buffy the Vampire and Co, Laurell K.Hamilton (my favoritest author in the whole wide world!) owns Anita Blake, Haven, Jean-Claude and Co. I don't own anything except the bun in Faith's oven and I make no money from this.

The Doctor Said!

“It’s just the flu…” Your body feels fatigued, your limbs too heavy to lift so the bed becomes your best friend and your blankets your sanctuary because the light makes your headache worse and though Haven says if you eat it’ll all go away you can’t even keep those lightly salted crackers down. The last time you were sick Ma was still alive and you were in grade school, being a Slayer helped your immune system and you’ve always been pretty healthy so maybe this sickness was a sign that death was near.

This was karma kicking your ass for making fun of Dawn when she got the stomach flu.

“You’ve been like this for over two weeks…” Buffy doesn’t sound sympathetic to your condition; she just pulls the covers off and throws them on the floor. Red of course is with her because you and B though now you get along sometimes old habits die hard and things get out of hand. “Do you know what it’s like to be stuck in a house full of adolescent teenage girls?!”

You did because you were there until you got your own place and as soon as the first check cleared you got the hell out of dodge.

“Come on Faith” the bed dips and Red is there, prying the pillow away from your fingers, and mentally groaning you try to look away from the Resolve face…

You’d never admit it but the witch was kind of scary.

The other Slayer throws herself on the bed and just like that you’re on your feet and running for the small bathroom across the hall to dry heave over the toilet.

Being sick sucks more than getting hit in the face with a troll hammer and you do know what that feels like that.

The sunlight glints off the white tile, at first the opaque shower glass was beautiful to you, and you loved how white the bathroom was but not it was like stepping into a shiny square box, all white and glittering and it hurt your eyes.

“Just grab her.” They both take a step towards you and damn but you are so tired you can’t even fight them full force so after some complaining and a few threats of bodily harm they force you into a pair of sweats and shoes and help you out the apartment.

And of course the doctor’s office is just like you though it would be, crowded with sick people and smelling like death and sickness, Buffy looks ready to jet but this whole thing was her idea so she just sits in the stiff chairs and waits while trying to conceal her nervousness. Red is the picture of ease, smiling serenely at us both before picking up a pen and filling out the clipboard of Medical information.

The powers that be really were trying to punish you, first they try and kill you slowly and thento add insult to injury the two idiots (no longer your friends) with you stick you in a room full of sick sniffling people so even if you weren’t sick, by time you leave it’s almost a positive that you’ll catch something.

So you pout and grumble and when the nurse finally calls your name you couldn’t be happier but of course that happiness doesn’t last.

Because it never does.

The Dr. is hot…tall dark and handsome and the whole time he’s making big come hump me eyes at Willow who blushes and stutters before quickly taking Buffy’s hand and claiming she doesn’t like guys which makes Buffy stutter and blush while she tries to make sure he knows she is not a lesbian and loves penis.

Okay so maybe up to that point it hadn’t been a bad experience. Buffy spent most of the appointment pouting in the corner while Willow managed to blush every time the good Dr. glanced in her direction.

He smiled a lot and you think maybe it was to make you feel more relaxed but it didn’t do anything to calm your nerves. He made quick work of the short examination asking questions and such things, taking blood hesitating for a second when the small puncture wound healed instantly. Also another reason why she tried to avoid the hospital at all costs, with lycanthropes and vampires legal it made a lot of people suspicious.

So then he leaves you to wait in the examination room with the two blushing brides and you stare at the ceiling counting tiles while your stomach does little nervous flips and you wish you had locked the door to your apartment.

You already knew you were dying.

Nothing the hot Doctor could say would surprise you.

Or so you thought.

Because he comes back a short while later and its good new (he says) because no you’re not dying, in fact you’re perfectly happy.

Happy, Healthy and Pregnant.

You decide that maybe dying hadn’t sounded as bad as you thought.
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