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The First Maiar: A Slayer's Tale, by Buffy Summers

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The First Maiar: A Slayer's Tale, by Buffy Summers". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: The War of Wrath destroyed her soul. A troublesome exchange protected it. The blood of a key returned it home. But what will it take, now, to save it?

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Lord of the Rings > Buffy-CenteredBlackBettieFR18831,796167523,7234 Mar 0922 Feb 11No

What Dreams May Come

Disclaimer: I do NOT lay claims to anything in this story. Though some names, characters and plot/story lines have been made up or altered, this story has been loosely based off of Buffy the Vampire Slayer the Movie and television series created by Joss Whedon, and tightly based off of The Lord of the Rings books by J.R.R. Tolkien, or movies Directed by Peter Jackson. I lay no claims sniffle to anything pertaining to movies, books, or show. I write this specifically to satisfy my own creativity and the Muse that can't seem to leave me alone. It is written solely to entertain and amuse, and maybe possibly to inspire. No profit is being made. Thank you!

What Dreams May Come

“You may bathe here, Lady Buffy.” Rúmil said as he stopped in a clearing with a large pool.

“Just Buffy, please,” she responded.

Orophin had ended the quartets brief conversation back at camp when the oldest elf had realized just how tired and filthy Buffy looked and felt. It was then Rúmil who had offered to bring her to a place she could bathe and relax in private. He’d then led her about a mile from the encampment to a rather large hot spring he knew of. Spending the long years of your life protecting the borders of Lothlorien tended to give one plenty of time to explore and discover many of the secret places of one’s lands. Many of the elves knew of this place.

“You need not worry about privacy. I will leave you in peace, however, I will not stray too far, so you have but to call out and I will return in haste.” Rúmil set down the spare change of clothing and bathing supplies he’d brought with them near the steaming pool.

Buffy nodded in appreciation. She could understand their language better than she could speak it. “Thank you, Rúmie.” She accidentally mispronounced his name, which only made Rúmil smile. “Myself can protect I.” Her incorrectly formed sentences also made him smile and chuckle softly. He would not fault her the attempt, however. She’d developed a basic comprehension of their language faster than any human Rúmil had ever heard of. It was rather impressive.

Rúmil nodded briefly to her before he turned and left her to bathe in peace. Buffy smiled and waved as he left. When he was gone from view, she inhaled deeply and let it out on a sigh. The steaming pool was practically making her salivate. She felt extremely icky from the few days without bathing, then the recent battle where disgusting wolf guts had spilled out all over her when she’d skewered the beast trying to attack Haldir... Needless to say, she was almost literally dying for a bath.

First thing she did was remove and discard the ruined tunic and leggings that Haldir had loaned her. They were unsalvageable at this point, which Buffy was grateful Rúmil had brought a new set of clothing for her to wear. When she was undressed, Buffy knelt down slightly and leaned over the pool, testing its waters with her hand. It was perfectly hot. Springs like this have always fascinated her. She then caught a glimpse of her reflection in the moonlit pool and she grimaced. Dark smears of blood and who knows what else coated her face, neck, chest and arms. It was so bad that it made her hair look completely brown. Ew, she muttered aloud.

Quickly, Buffy dunked her hands in the water to rid them of the filth before she sorted out the collection of small vials Rúmil had brought with them. One was filled with a creamy white liquid, and the other a clear amber colored substance. Buffy uncorked each bottle, taking a small inhale in turn before she tested them out. The white liquid smelled of vanilla and created a bit of lather as she rubbed a drop in her palm. The amber liquid smelled of honeysuckle and was oily to the touch. She assumed the oily one was meant to condition ones hair after washing. It was probably the elves little secret to the lusciously soft and touchable hair they all seemed to have.

She set the vials back down on the towel they rested on before she climbed into the steaming pool; a long refreshed sigh escaping her lips as she did so. “Ok, I think I’ll be moving in here, thanks.” She said out loud to herself. She immediately got to work scrubbing the grime and yuck from her face and her hair. She felt bad when the clear blue water turned a dirty shade around her, but from the looks of it, the pool recycled itself pretty regularly, seeing as how it didn’t have any evident place to drain to, yet the small waterfall flowing into it never stopped.

She then used the vanilla scented cream to wash her hair, creating a thick rich lather on her head. She lathered and rinsed several times, using almost the entire bottle, before she was satisfied that she had washed all the grime from her scalp and long brown tresses. Wait a minute... What?

Buffy’s brow furrowed greatly as she grabbed the bulk of her hair and brought it around in front of her face. “What the?” She stood up in a shallow part of the pool and tried to find a clear spot of moonlight. She tossed her wet locks from one shoulder to the other, inspecting them with incredulity. She’d thought it had been the grime, dirt and monster blood that had given her hair its icky brown color, but apparently she was wrong. Also, now she was completely confused. She hadn’t been a brunette since Middle School, when she’d gone through her whole popularity stage. She’d been a bottle blonde for almost ten years now... So, one more time with feeling, “What the hell?”

In a way, she supposed it did make sense. Everything she went through as she was brought to this place? Maybe she was meant to return here free of the materialistic things from her previous life... Wait. Return here? Usually to return someplace that meant you had to have been here before... Also, just when exactly did she start thinking of this place as a ‘new life’? She was the slayer... Surely Willow or Giles or someone would be looking for a way to bring her back, wouldn’t they? But, she felt a peace in this place she hadn't known in what felt like centuries. As if she‘d walked these paths before, smelled this earth, laid under these stars. That was just crazy talk. Wasn’t it?

Buffy sighed heavily before a splash from behind her startled her from her inner thoughts. Quickly she turned, her fists raised and stance poised to strike out at the unwelcome intruder. “Who’s there?” The moon was bright enough to allow her to see rather clearly in the dark night, however, even with her keen vision, she saw nothing. There was nothing stirring in the water, nor were her ‘spidey senses’ tingling, so she shrugged softly and went to grab the oil conditioner to rub through her hair to rid it of some of its tangles. Just as she uncorked the bottle and began to pour some of the liquid in her hair, she gasped as something or someone grabbed a firm hold of her ankle and before she could even react had pulled her further into the water. She coughed and spluttered as water unwillingly invaded her lungs and she kicked out at her attacker with her feet.

Suddenly a dark brown head burst clear of the water and a highly contagious baritone laugh filled her ears as the man the laugh belonged to tried to still her other foot. “Calm down, Ari, ‘tis only me.”

Buffy kicked out harshly one more time before sending a large splash of water his way. “Gods bollocks, Eön. You frightened the life from me!” Eön? Who is Eön? What was she doing?

The dark-haired man only chuckled some more. “I am sorry, beloved. I was merely trying to surprise you.” He had let go of her ankle and tried to swim closer to her.

Buffy backed away from him. “Consider me surprised.” Why was she acting this way? She didn't know who this man was? Or did she?

The further she swam away from him, the faster he swam towards her. “Oh, come now, dearest! Are you not the least bit delighted that I have returned early to see you?”

She realized too late that he had backed her up against the wall of the pool. Seizing the advantage, he closed on her quickly, then just as quickly, Buffy put her hands up bracing them on his chest, preventing him from closing the rest of the distance. “Ask me that again when the gray streak fades from my hair.” Why wasn't she putting up more of a fight? More importantly, why didn't she wantto put up more of a fight? Why did she seem to want this so badly? Why did this man that she couldn't possibly know stir such great emotion within her?

Suddenly, the man called Eön reached out and ran his fingers through her hair, grabbing several locks and bringing them forward to closely inspect them. “I see no streaks of gray, my love. Only a beautiful river of chocolate.” Buffy had to bite back the sigh of pleasure that wanted to escape her throat as his fingers ran through her hair. He seemed to know full well the effect his actions would have on her. “So, I ask again.” He lowered his voice to a more intimate level and she could feel his breath blowing warmly across her face. “Are you not happy I’ve returned?”

“Well, I suppose that all depends.” Buffy responded, her voice breathy in her lust. It was as if this had all happened before; her actions were second nature, coming to her naturally. The strangeness of the situation had faded with each passing moment, each heated touch.

“Depends on what?” He asked as his eyes roamed over her features with a terrible longing; as if seeing her for the first time; like he didn’t have every dimple, every feature committed to his memory.

“On how long you make me wait before you kiss me,” she answered anxiously.

As if that had been his cue, Eön hungrily claimed her lips for his own. The passion behind his kiss made her toes curl and despite the low gravity in the pool, Buffy's knees went weak and fell out from beneath her. Eön's reaction was immediate, as if he knew it was going to happen. In no time his hands were there gripping at her thighs, lifting her legs to wrap around his waist. He held her securely against the pool wall with his body.

He buried his hands in her hair once more, tugging ever so gently, which caused a soft moan to escape her throat; the exact reaction he had been looking for. Then, with his hands still fisted in her hair, he pulled her head back gently, removing his lips from hers only to kiss his way down her throat and across her collar bone. He nipped gently at the nape of her neck, eliciting another moan from her lips. The feel of the short hair against her throat made her squirm slightly He grinned against her throat and chuckled softly as he glided his hands up her arms, feeling the goosebumps that had risen on her flesh.

Eön absolutely delighted in how wanton she was for him after being separated for such a long time. “So, you did miss me then?” He asked teasingly.

Buffy opened her eyes which had darkened in her desire. “Do not act as though you are not just as affected.” She then rocked her hips forward, grazing against him which cause him to inhale sharply through his teeth.

He placed his forehead against hers as his strong and calloused hands moved down to her hips. “No more games, Ari?” He captured her mouth in a heated kiss once more. “It has been far too long. I need you, now.”

Buffy could feel him hovering at her entrance, as if waiting for her permission. “No more games, Eön,” she breathed out then pulled his head forward, sealing her lips to his in a wildly passionate kiss. As if that were the confirmation he’d been waiting for, he entered her completely with one powerful thrust.

Suddenly, with a loud cry Buffy jolted forward as she startled herself awake. When she broke the surface of the water she spluttered several times, shaking her hair from her face. She was overcome with a terrible sense of emptiness again and she kept turning in circles, scanning the pool for its other occupant. There was no one there. She realized there never was, yet her body was still taught with desire, thrumming and tingling with unreleased pleasure. Her very core was throbbing with an insane desire the man from her dream had pulled from her. Was it really just a dream? Buffy had to shake her head several times and slap herself on the cheek to clear the haze and fever from her mind. She even had to rub her arms several times to rid them of the goose pimples that had settled there. It was hard to fathom that what shed just experienced had just been some heated daydream. It had felt so real. The man, Eön; she made note to remember his name. She could still remember his eyes, his lips, every feature of him burning into her mind like some old memory. It was just a dream, though, wasn’t it?

“Lady Buffy?” She heard Rúmil’s voice call out, sounding almost panicked. Buffy quickly hid herself beneath the water against the side of the pool just as the elf burst through the clearing, sword drawn, ready to strike out at some unknown enemy.

He glanced around several moments, looking for some invisible attacker before his gaze fell on her in the pool. He tried to turn away, seeing as she was still bathing. “Forgive me, Buffy, but I heard a loud cry. Have you been hurt?”

Buffy nodded fervently, feeling heat color her cheeks. “No, Rúmie. I’m fine.”

His keen Elf eyes noted the heat coloring her face and neck, and her eyes seemed wide and dilated. “Are you sure? You look... distressed?”

She shook her head. “No. Too much time in water. I get out.” She had spoken their language fluently in the dream she’d just had, yet the real application of the dialect still escaped her slightly. It was frustrating as hell. As the saying goes though, Rome wasn’t built in a day. But, why did her subconscious know so much? Gods, if she didn’t have a bajillion questions before, she certainly as hell did now. She only hoped this ‘Lady Galadriel’ they all seemed to speak of so fondly might have some of the answers she sought. Haldir definitely seemed to think she would.

“Very well.” Rúmil said. “I shall then leave you to... finish." He had to hide the smirk on his face at the hidden entendre. "Simply call for me when you are ready to return to camp.”

Buffy nodded, an awkward smile on her face as Rúmil turned and walked away once again. Once again, a dream had left her frustrated, now in more ways than one, and beyond confused. What the hell had all that been about? She didn’t think she was that hard up to create some fantasy, mystery dream lover to occupy her mind.


The clothes Rúmil had left her had fit much better than Haldir’s. Perhaps they’d found a smaller elf in their company to loan the garments to her to wear. She would have to find out who and thank them when they got back to camp. This thought was the furthest from her mind at the moment, however.


As they walked back to camp, Buffy was still dwelling on her dream. It had felt like one of her slayer dreams as far as the ominous feel and the realness of it went. Her only questions now, were, was it a vision of the past, or the future? Who was this Eön guy? How did/will she know him? Why did he call her Ari? And just how exactly did/will they become lovers?

Her dream made it feel like they’d been together for quite some time. He knew almost every way to touch and please her, to bring pleasured moans from her lips like he‘d done it plenty of times. And... holy lord, she needed to stop thinking about it.

Buffy felt heat coloring her cheeks again as she remembered the dream. Then her face reddened deeper from embarrassment when she worried what the elf walking beside her would think if he caught wind, quite literally, of her inner musings. If all Elven senses were as good as she thought they were, Rúmil probably had a few questions himself right about now. In fact, Buffy could feel his questioning gaze on her. She even sensed when he was about to ask her a question. “Don’t ask, Rúmie.” She looked up at him and shook her head. “Please, don’t ask.”

A smirk graced Rúmil’s lips and he turned his gaze back to the path ahead. Clearly, something had happened during her bath; something to bring a flushed heat to her cheeks and arouse her pheromones. Most humans were rather prudish when it came to subjects such as intercourse, especially so about the subject of self pleasuring. Having spent so much time abroad in the field alone, Rúmil knew all too well the at times overwhelming need for release. Especially after a battle the likes of which they’d just had. He was all too familiar with the act of finding his own release. He could definitely understand if Buffy had also found the need to do so..

Rúmil was nothing if not a jester, so, though he would not deliberately seek to embarrass their new companion in front of the entire camp, he absolutely had no intentions of dropping his curiosity at her simple request. “You know, Lady Buffy? The need to pleasure one‘s self is no-”

Buffy’s hand immediately clasped over Rúmil’s mouth, silencing the rest of his statement. “Finish that sentence, elf, and I will murder you.” After a few long contemplative moments she removed her hand. “I wasn’t- I didn’t-” She sighed heavily. “Not what you’re thinking.”

Rúmil couldn’t help himself when he laughed at her awkward mutterings. She truly had to be one of the most interesting adaneth’s he’d ever met, not that he’d met a lot. He just couldn’t imagine many of them were like Buffy; superior strength and battle skills aside.


When they entered camp, Buffy swiftly made her way to Haldir’s bedside, glad to be free of the knowing stares she had been receiving from her other Elven companion. She sat down on the ground next to the Marchwarden with a loud “Harumph.”

Haldir sat up slightly, looking at her in concern. “Is everything alright, Buffy? Are you well?” Buffy sighed heavily then nodded. Haldir continued, “It does not appear as though everything is well. You were gone for quite some time. What happened? Has my brother done something, because I will slay him right now if you-”

Buffy chuckled but shook her head, waving away his offer. “No, no. Rúmil is fine. I had bad dream.” Haldir’s brow furrowed. They hadn’t been gone that long. How could she have had enough time to dream, let alone a bad one? At Haldir’s still confused look, Buffy tried to elaborate. “Bath was relaxing. Fell asleep. Bad dream upset me.” Buffy sighed again.

Haldir placed his good hand on her shoulder, trying to offer a bit of comfort. “ ‘Tis alright, Buffy. It was just a dream.”

Buffy snorted slightly by way of a scoff. “Yeah right!” She muttered in her own language. “I wish it was ’just a dream’.”

Haldir’s brow raised in question when he heard her use her native language once again. Her comprehension of Elvish had been progressing quite nicely. Why would she resort back to the language that no one else could understand? “Buffy are you certain you are alright?”

Buffy rubbed her hands over her face then looked up at him and nodded. “Yes. Bath make me feel better. Thank you.”

“Good.” Haldir responded. “I am glad. You deserved that bit of respite after everything you have done for us; For me.

Buffy smiled and laid her head on her arm which she had propped on the edge of his cot. Haldir was never one to show any sort of emotion deliberately. However, this young adaneth seemed to bring out not only a firm sense of loyalty and friendship, but a slight weakness in him as well. Haldir was then surprised, yet not so surprised at the same time, when he found himself placing his hand on her head, stroking her hair gently. He smiled when her eyes closed and she sighed softly.

Buffy was grateful for Haldir's small show of comfort; she had a feeling the Marchwarden didn't do anything like it that often. He seemed to be a very closed off individual. Right now, any comfort she could get was more than welcomed. Back on Earth she had felt lost for so long. Even though she had a purpose or destiny as the slayer, she had never felt like she belonged. She had always felt restless, empty and alone. Like a very important part of her was always missing; as if nothing around her was how it should be. She had jumped through Glory’s portal not only to save her sister, who had been the only thing in her life to give her meaning and hope, but she also hoped to escape those endless feelings of emptiness and grief.

The more she thought about it, the more she realized the feelings that had been with her as long as she could remember were gone. It was as if coming to this place was bringing all the pieces back together, yet she had no idea why or how, or what was really going on.

“Hal?” She asked after a few long, but comfortable moments.

Though, Haldir reflected a dislike for the way she shortened his name, inwardly he smiled. “Yes, Buffy?”

“When can we go to your Lady? Many questions need answers.” She had an almost sad and pleading expression in her eyes. Something was really unsettling her.

“Soon, Buffy.” He assured her by placing his hand on her cheek, before moving it down to gently squeeze her shoulder. “I promise, if I am not capable of travel by midday tomorrow, then I will have Orophin or Rúmil take you in my stead. I will follow shortly after when I am able.”

Buffy leaned up, surprising Haldir slightly when she hugged him. She was careful not to strain his injuries, though. “Thank you, Hal. We can wait when you‘re better.”

Haldir raised his good arm to pat her back. “Nonsense, Buffy. We have tarried long enough, and I am regretful for the delays. You will start the journey back to Caras Galadhon tomorrow, I promise. I only wish circumstances would have allowed us to travel sooner. I myself have many questions; for you and for Lady Galadriel.”

Buffy’s brow furrowed. “Questions for me? What questions?”

Just as Haldir was about to open his mouth to ask said questions, Rúmil cut him off. “Questions that can surely wait for another time!” Haldir glared at him slightly which normally would have Rúmil backing down, but when it came to his brother’s health, Rúmil was an immovable object. “For now, you both need rest.” He directed his next statement at Buffy. “You should try to eat something as well, before you turn in for the night. I know you have not rested or eaten much since you began your travels.”

Buffy tried to shake her head in the negative, to argue that she didn't need sleep, but just the mention of the word food brought an unwarranted rumble to her stomach. “Alright. Food and sleep are good.”

Buffy gave Haldir one last hug before she let Rúmil escort her away, back to the glowing fire burning just a few meters off where a large stone cauldron hung above the flames. Rúmil stirred its contents before dishing some out into a small bowl. He then walked back over to Buffy, who‘d perched herself on a fallen tree, and handed her the bowl with a wooden spoon.

“I’m afraid ‘tis naught but a simple vegetable broth. Orophin is fairly handy with his spices, however, so it is rather tasty.” Buffy took the proffered soup with a warm thank you.

She took a tentative bite at first, then an appreciative “Mmm” ushered loudly from her lips. Rúmil hadn’t been kidding. For a basic soup, it was delicious. Buffy then realized just how long it had been since she'd had her last meal, breakfast the day before, though she felt like she hadn’t eaten in days. All that in mind she made short work of the hot soup. Rúmil was very pleased to see her finish off the whole bowl and even go back for seconds. It was when he’d gone to get an extra pallet for her to sleep on that he saw her return for yet a third helping. The elf laughed out loud as he rolled out the pallet on the ground. Buffy looked up at him from her position over the cauldron and she smiled a bit sheepishly, though she was completely unashamed of her actions. Rúmil had to say it was good to see a woman with a healthy appetite.

After she finished the contents of her third bowl a belch escaped her chest before she could cover her mouth. “Excuse me,” she said and an embarrassed flush colored her cheeks. Rúmil laughed again, making Buffy pause and stare a moment. Did all Elves laughs have to sound so damned magical? It was rather distracting. No wonder Buffy was having crazy sexual fantasies; everywhere she turned she was surrounded by hunky God-like goodness.

“No excuses necessary, Buffy,” Rúmil replied. “I am certain Orophin would take it as a compliment.”

Another yawn crept up on her and Buffy stretched languorously like a satiated cat. Rúmil took her used bowl from her and indicated the pallet and blanket he’d just rolled out for her. So caught up in her unladylike hunger, Buffy hadn’t even noticed him do it. “Thank you, Rúmie.”

“It was my pleasure, Buffy.” He smiled brightly at her.

Buffy couldn’t tell you how much better she felt now that she was clean and had a full stomach. Such was her good mood that, much to his delight, she gave Rúmil a peck on the cheek as she walked by to get to the bed he’d made her for the night. Buffy immediately crawled under the cover, pulling the blanket up around her chin. She tucked her elbow under her head and closed her eyes.

Less then a moment later, her eyes shot open and she gazed up and around. “Still be here when I wake, yes?”

Rúmil nodded, chuckling softly. “Yes, Buffy. No one is going anywhere.” Rúmil couldn’t begin to understand what Buffy might be going through; to awaken in a foreign land, pursued by unknown strangers, then to end up befriending said strangers, even after they had gravely wounded her... If he were in her shoes, he doubted he would be taking things as well.

“Good.” Buffy cuddled herself back into her pallet and blankets again. “That’s good.” She closed her eyes once more when her dream from earlier sprang to the fore of her mind. She drifted to sleep wondering what it all meant. Rúmil was assigned first watch, which was why he was still awake. He would use the time to ponder over recent events and the tiny warrior maiden who had warmed her way into their midst.


“It is time.” The voice seemed to drift to her from nowhere. Which is where she found herself. There was nothing here. Nothing but white light and emptiness as far as she could see. If she was really seeing anything at all.

“It is time, my child.” The deep voice said again. She felt like she recognized the voice, though she couldn’t remember who it belonged to.

“Time for what?” She spoke to the nothing.

“It is time for you to wake, Arien... It is time for you to come home.” Great more cryptic higher-beings and their mysterious metaphors.

“I don’t understand.”

“You are already set on the path to the answers you seek. Do not question yourself or your feelings. Do as you have always done and trust in the friends you make around you and you will find what you’ve been missing for so long.”

“I still don’t understand.” This was way beyond frustrating. “Who are you? What am I doing here? How did I get to this place?” The light was slowly fading and Buffy felt the dream slipping away. "No."

“Stay on your current path and you will find all the answers you seek.” The voice was barely above a whisper now.

What once was pure white that went on forever was now a dull gray. “No! Wait please! I have so many questions!”

“Soon, my child... Do not give up hope.”

The voice faded to nothing and she knew only darkness. There was an all too familiar feeling of free falling and Buffy jolted awake.

Rúmil was shaking her shoulder gently. “Lady Buffy?” he inquired, concerned.

Buffy shook her head and rubbed at her face. These dreams were getting weirder and weirder, and only served to add to the steaming pile of questions she had already collected. “Sorry, Rúmie.”

A platinum blonde brow tilted slightly, “More dreams?” Buffy only nodded her head and Rúmil placed his hand on her shoulder in a gesture of comfort and understanding. “Here.” He handed her a piece of that Elvish way bread and another apple. The Elvish Breakfast of champions, Buffy joked in her head. “Haldir’s condition has much improved and I believe he will want to set out first thing, so eat up. It is no short journey to Caras Galadhon, and you will need your strength.”

Buffy nodded in understanding and thanks before she got up and moved to sit atop the fallen log once again. Halfway through her apple, Haldir joined her on the fallen tree, “How are you feeling this morning, Buffy?”

Buffy looked over at him, smiling softly, though it failed to reach her eyes. “Alright, I suppose. Though, I can tell you surely that I’ll be much happier when I can get some real answers to my questions and put an end to all of this cryptic horse shit.” She took another large bite of her apple.

Haldir blinked at her, somewhat taken back. “Buffy?!”

She looked up at him with her brow furrowed, somewhat stunned herself at the shocked way he said her name. “What?”

“You just spoke an entire sentence properly with absolutely no broken conjugations or missing adjectives or verbs.”

“I did?” She asked.

Haldir nodded. “It was perfect. You even used a curse that I’m fairly positive you did not pick up from any of my elves.” He gave her a bit of a reprimanding look at that.

“What? Horse shit?” Rúmil choked on the sip of water he’d just tried to drink as he laughed behind them. Haldir only turned to glare at his younger brother.

“Yes, that.” Haldir continued. “I have heard of beings learning our language quickly, but this is miraculous. You have gone from basic comprehension to fluent conversationalist practically overnight. How is this possible?”

Buffy sighed as she shrugged her shoulders. “Honestly?” She paused and Haldir nodded. “I don’t really know,” she continued. “Or perhaps a more accurate assessment would be that I don’t remember?” She shook her head. “This entire place confuses me to no end. I’m not from here, I come from some place immensely far away, yet sometimes it feels as though I’ve always been here and have just forgotten. Well, not necessarily here, here, but in this world.” She sighed heavily. Then, at Haldir’s puzzled look, she shook her head again. She wasn’t about to open the book of alternate dimensions at this time. “I can’t make it make sense, because it doesn’t. I don’t even really know what I’m talking about.”

Haldir looked at Buffy contemplatively. He could feel the frustration coming off of her in waves. After a moment he sighed and put his good arm around her shoulders. Buffy then turned into him and buried her face in his chest. “Do not worry so, Buffy. We will simply have to wait until we reach Caras Galadhon. Lady Galadriel is one of the most powerful and wisest elves there has ever been. If anyone would have the answers you seek, I am certain it would be her.”

Buffy nodded. “Rúmil said you were feeling better today. Are you sure you feel up to travel? That was no tiny little scrape you had? One more day is not going to hurt us...”

Haldir appreciated her concern, though it was unnecessary. “Yes, Buffy. You are not the only one with quick healing abilities.” He eyed her knowingly. Buffy knew that look. She knew her “abilities” were a great area of intrigue for the elf and she had no doubts that once they had the time, she’d be sitting down for her own Q&A session on Slayer 101. “We Elves are quite resilient, as you will discover,” he concluded.

Buffy nodded. “So, when do we leave then?”

“Now, actually.” Haldir stood when Rúmil handed him two small packs of supplies he’d prepared for them. “If we maintain a quick pace and make a straight line for the city, only camping at night when needed, we should reach Caras Galadhon in three days time.”

“Great,” Buffy responded as she adjusted the small satchel on her back. “I’d like to shave as much time off of that as possible, though, so don’t hold back on my account, but also don’t stress your injuries too much. I’m not all that great as a field nurse.”

After saying a few farewells to Haldir’s brothers, whom Haldir had already conveyed orders and duties to prior to their departure, the duo finally set out on their journey, hopeful that nothing else would hinder their progress. Haldir also hoped that Buffy and he could keep up their stamina so they could make it to Caras Galadhon in record time and ahead of schedule. All of the bizarre and chaotic events that had transpired over the last few days had left the Marchwarden of Lorien quite out of sorts. He was almost desperate to put the pieces back together. But all things in due time…

To be continued in the next chapter… City of Light

(FINALLY another update! Thanks for reading! Sorry if this isn’t what some of you were expecting, but this is unfortunately where my muse decided to take me. Answers coming soon in the next chappie!

As always, feedback appreciated! Thanks duckies! xoxox Cheers! =^.^= )

The End?

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