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The First Maiar: A Slayer's Tale, by Buffy Summers

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The First Maiar: A Slayer's Tale, by Buffy Summers". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: The War of Wrath destroyed her soul. A troublesome exchange protected it. The blood of a key returned it home. But what will it take, now, to save it?

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Lord of the Rings > Buffy-CenteredBlackBettieFR18831,796167523,7164 Mar 0922 Feb 11No

Prologue: Beginning at the End

(Author's Note: I ask you all to disregard any preconceived notions you envision when it comes to Buffy, her past, and her future. Doing that will make it easier to accept the future I am mapping out. The future you know Buffy to have is nowhere near the future she will have in this story. Just think of this as being EXTREMELY alternate Universe...)

DISCLAIMER: I do NOT lay claims to anything in this story. Though some names, characters and plot/story lines have been made up or changed, this story has been loosely based off of Buffy the Vampire Slayer the Movie and television series. I lay no claims to any thing pertaining to either movie or show. Same applies to any reference to Tolkien’s Middle-Earth.

The First of the Maiar: A Slayer's Tale, by Buffy Summers

Beginning at the End

We have all heard the story. Long ago an unspeakable darkness covered the world. Demons roamed free and the threat of the vampires spread more and more with each passing day. All hope for the survival of Mankind rested upon the shoulders of one girl. The Chosen One. The Slayer. She who would be chosen above all others to save the world from evil. She would live, fight, and die for this cause. Where one died, another was born. So would be her fate and she would continue to be born into the world time and again. To stop the massacre... To stop the Vampires... We all know the legend... What we do not know, however, is the fact behind the legend. The reality that turned to myth.

Truth be told, in the earliest years it seemed to never really matter how many times the girl was sent. The eggs remained in Evil’s hand basket (sometimes quite literally). No matter how much light she shone in the dark, or how great the destruction she rendered upon evil, it always seemed to possess the higher ground. Now, you may wager how furious this made those omniscient and cognizant beings known as the Powers That Be. And as you and I well know, they hate it when things are not going their way, and will go by any means necessary to get what they want.

But, for the first time, the Powers That Be found themselves to be utterly powerless. You see, they had already used their only lifeline when they created the Slayer. They did not have any other aces up their sleeves. So, what were they to do? Something had to be done or they would lose everything... Their world was dying before it had even had the chance to live. But who do higher beings turn to for help and guidance? Who indeed.

What you may not know is that there is not just one level of Gods. There are in truth seven realms of Higher Beings. The first one is the host of the Almighty of Almighties, the Great Creator of all worlds and universes, the Lord God himself. And then, if you couldn’t guess, level seven would be the damned of the damned. The Son of Perdition, Satan, The Dark One, Lucifer, The Devil, etcetera, etcetera. He is known by many names, but in truth, he is the God with the least power. He constantly searches for loop holes and glitches to help stretch his power just that little bit further into the upper realms. For that reason is why he is constantly trying to lure souls to his side. Through their power, his grows. The phrase, “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely” is a philosophy he lives by. For it is his deepest desire to turn those with the greatest power against light and goodness, to aid his effort to overthrow the higher realms. Though his power is weak it is the most seductive of all. For he promises a great many things with a sly tongue and pretty, poisoned words, but never reveals the cost of such glory until it is far too late, and one’s spirit far too tainted.

The different planes of Godliness act as filters, each level relaying and answering to the next. The second realm relays to the highest and most pure of all Gods, and the level beneath that relays to them, and so on and so forth it goes. There are rules to follow, laws to obey. Order to be maintained. There are what could be called the good ones, or Gods of Light, and then there are the bad ones, the Gods of Evil, and darkness. All in all they tie in and work together like one great, big, well-oiled machine. They have a job to do, just like you and I. They even go on vacation once in a while (The Dark Ages anyone?).

A balance is constantly striven to be maintained, though at times may favor one side or the other. The balance is determined by what plane rules the world. For instance, a world existing under the rule of the Gods from the second plane would be mostly a world of goodness and light, but the influences of evil would still be present, grasping for a strong hold. Now in a world on the sixth plane, darkness and evil would have highest reign but goodness would linger in the background like a heartbeat... faint, but alive.

Now, one may be wondering where the Powers that Be fall on that scale of one through seven... In truth they are the governing powers over the fourth realm, which happens to be the hardest realm to govern, due to it being right on the borderline between good and evil. Both sides are constantly fighting for domination. It is in this realm where the balance is hardest to maintain.

But balance had to be reached, and soon else the Powers lose their realm and the Darkness gains one more step closer to his goal. So, against all their desires and wishes, and despite their convictions and best efforts the Powers That Be were left with no other choice. So, with pleading and shame in their eyes, they turned to the Gods above them for help. After centuries of pleading with their betters, finally it was Manwë, of the Valar of the second realm who lent them aid.

Deals were made. A bargain was struck, and the Powers were dealt the hand they needed. Not a new one, just a better one. An improvement upon that which they already possessed. They were given the soul of one of the most powerful beings from a world known as Arda. A soul that, at the time, was lost to Arda and had no place in that world.

In order to save his most precious creation, Manwë compromised with the Gods beneath him. For one day, in the distant future, Manwë knew he would need her again. This powerful soul was fused with the soul of the slayer, creating what the Powers would call an “Enlightened Slayer.” With this improvement their slayer would now be born with the knowledge that she was far more than any mere prophecy could ever predict, yet she would never know exactly how. They would instill in her the common sense to never reveal her enlightened gifts to others, not even her watcher. She would be born knowing who she was and that her purpose in life was to protect and save the world. The world that would never know her as anything more than a mere slayer (that is, if they even knew she existed at all). But known only to the Powers That Be, she would be their salvation. She would have the knowledge and the power to perhaps not completely stop evil in its tracks, but at least send it cowering away in fear, which would help to restore balance. No normal slayer ever possessed the kind of knowledge that this one did even after being Chosen, and she would know that much and more just at birth!

When this more powerful soul was merged with the soul of the slayer, however, the power it possessed was diffused greatly. This was not unexpected when a soul passed from a higher realm to a lesser one. This Enlightened slayer would still posses an uncanny strength and supernatural healing ability, along with adeptness in any kind of weapon- rudimentary or otherwise- a gift of tongues, great mental strength, and a bounding knowledge and thirst for more. Manwë also promised that, in time, when the soul was ready, she would gain the power of foresight, the gift of eternity, the strength of the world, the light of the heavens, and the force of the wind. So the Powers readily agreed... only learning later that if she ever lived long enough to receive these “powers” it would apparently prove to the Valar, to Manwë, that this soul was no longer needed in their world and would readily be returned. For that reason, the Powers’ greatest fear, that of losing their greatest weapon, was why so many barely reached the age of fifteen. Not that there were that many who had a chance, mind you. The contract saw to that. It stated simply that this Enlightened Slayer would not be needed half as often as the normal one (if you can call a slayer normal). Therefore, instead of every century, she would only be born every Millennia or so. Give or take a couple decades.

It was the very first in this new line of Enlightened Slayers (she was technically the fourth in the basic outline of slayers.) who actually retained a spark of enlightenment. It was she who had stayed evil’s overbearing hand, and sent it fleeing in terror to slip beneath the shadows and cracks of the world. It was she who had turned the tide in the favor of all that was good. Truly she had displayed much strength and great potential. Yet, even with her great destiny looming near, she could not escape the glorious slayer tradition of dying young. Therefore, at age seventeen, older than any slayer before her, she conceded to fate and the machinations of the Powers at the hands of a Baglamora demon. Needless to say she never attained her true enlightenment, and the Powers were allowed to keep their precious soul.

But I am not here to tell you of the “could-have-beens.” No. This story is of THE One. The one who defied all conceptions about how her life would be. The one who broke all rule, rhyme, and reason. The one who defied the powers and their attempts to keep her from her destiny. She was different. Unique, and not just meaning from normal slayer to enlightened slayer. Though the first slayer she was not, she truly was the first (and last) of her kind.

To Be Continued in the next chapter... Deals Were Made to be Broken

(Please don't be afraid to be honest. Loved it? Liked it? It made you cry out in sheer orgasmic ecstasy? You loathed it with a disgust that cannot be put into words but you'll try to anyway? You developed an acute case of Tennis elbow due to reaching for the Pepto a dozen times?... PLEASE TELL ME! Be mean, be cruel, be harsh, or be sickeningly cheery! I don't care! I just wanna know... Honestly! You're honest of all honest opinions! Thanks so much!
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