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Summary: The story of Angel and Harry. From beginning to heartbreak to mending....

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Harry Potter > Angel-CenteredMaverikSummersFR1813,766151,6464 Mar 094 Mar 09Yes
Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or Angel or Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They all belong to the greatness that is J.K. Rowling and Joss Whedon. Please enjoy and be warned of the slashy goodness!

Okay this is the second edition of Over. I had some things to change, because I realized I had changed a few things in the middle of writing the story and I had left something out. So it didn't change too much. Just a bit more information and easier descriptions.

Over, A Harry and Angel Story

"This never should have happened..."

The words whispered on the wind were easily carried away, almost silenced by the sudden burst of cool air, carrying the words with the still-glowing embers of the cigarette held between his tanned fingers.

The twenty-one-year-old stared up at the star-filled sky, wondering and wishing until he couldn't anymore. He'd never felt so alone in all of his twenty-one years as he took yet another drag from his cigarette before letting it fall to the cobblestone street beneath his feet, crushing the embers under the heel of his boot.

His dark emerald green shirt was slightly rumpled, as if he'd slept in it and untucked from his black slacks. Harry's trademark glasses were nowhere to be found, as he'd foregone them long ago after allowing a witch to cast a spell on his eyes to strengthen them. The spell had to be re-cast every day, as much of a pain as it was. But it was better than glasses, that was for sure.

He'd never expected to be back here....back in London, back where it all began for some and ended for most.

Sitting on the shadowed steps of Number 12 Grimmauld Place, Harry Potter sat back against the other steps, staring up at the stars overhead and allowed his mind to go back to happier times...


3 Years Earlier...

The first half of the night had been a blur to Harry, getting dragged from Grimmauld by Draco Malfoy no less and forced into what Draco deemed 'clubbing attire' in an alley before the blonde Apparated them to some very distant place called Sunnydale.

The club they slipped into was named The Bronze, apparently a rather popular hangout spot. Apparently Draco Malfoy did not mind mingling with Muggles as long as he was being admired and having fun.

The music was loud as people sat in chairs, playing pool and drinking or dancing to the music played by a live band.

The band had a rather odd name, but good music. Dingoes Ate My Baby.

Harry followed Draco onto the dance floor, the two young wizards slipping and sliding against each other as they danced to the music. Harry had never felt this alive in awhile, feeling the music's bass pump life into his veins as he lost himself in the pulsing beat and the warmth of others surrounding him.

It seemed almost an eternity later that Harry's eyes strayed from the dance floor, spying a darker shape near the dance floor shadowing a table.

The teenager couldn't help but feel a zing of something he couldn't identify string through his body at the sight of the stranger...He maintained eye contact with those deep brown eyes and turned back to Draco, feeling slightly embarrassed only to find Draco had wandered off with another dance partner.

Harry sighed, turning around to find another partner of his own only to almost run nose-first into the hard chest of the one who he'd been staring at. He hadn't realized he was quite so...tall. "Um...sorry." he said, his British lilt coming in loud and clear.

Amusement seemed to light those brilliant eyes and Harry felt himself flush lightly before he banished it.

"Dance?" asked the man in front of him, simple and to the point.

Harry blinked, shocked that he would bring it up so fast but he smacked himself inwardly. They were in a dance club and he had to admit he probably looked like a whore in the size-too-small pants that were missing a stripe up the sides from bottom to hip, tied together with black leather strips all the way up his legs to show that he probably wasn't wearing any underwear with the sensible black boots and deep red shirt. His glasses were on the bridge of his nose, as par usual.

This man looked....well, everything just seemed to scream "I am dangerous" and "Sex". His black button-up shirt was opened up on the first few buttons, revealing a creamy slice of his built chest, the shirtsleeves rolled up to his elbows like he was going to be working and tucked into his black jeans and boots. His short dark hair hung down in his captivating eyes and Harry nodded lightly, letting the larger man take his hand and lead him into a new dance as the band took a break and the DJ took over.

"My name's Angel." He said softly in Harry's ear as they danced and Harry smiled softly. The man's embrace was cooler than the room, making Harry feel as if this was calming him more than it really was. His entire body was on fire...


The music's hypnotic tone took over and the two lapsed into silence, moving perfectly together as if it was all choreographed.

Angel took Harry's hands, putting them where Harry's back was to Angel's chest, moving them to the music as if they had all the time in the world.

As the music drifted from song to song, each more hypnotic than the next, the two slowly felt alienated from the rest of the world, all alone on the dance floor pressed against each other as much as they could be through their clothes.

Every touch sent electricity through their bodies, making small sounds escape them at random moments where their bare skin would touch.

Angel's lips would ghost over Harry's nape.

Harry's hand would gently run up the length of his forearm.

Harry turned his head to look at his dance partner, not noticing or caring about the time or who was staring at them. Green eyes caught brown and for a moment it seemed like the entire world had stopped.

Angel stared down at the form in his arms, feeling protective and needy and....a thousand things he hadn't felt in a while. Before he could stop himself, he gave into temptation and gave those tempting lips a tentative kiss, trying to gauge the other man's reaction.

Harry gave a soft gasp into the kiss but after a moment's hesitation threw caution to the winds and returned the kiss, pressing his soft mouth harder against the firm yet yielding lips of his partner.

Both were completely lost in sensation, unwilling to back away until Angel remembered that the boy was human and needed to breathe before backing up, feeling breath he didn't need escaping his body.

Harry and Angel stared at each other for a good long moment before Angel took his hand again and led him off the dance floor, leading him out of the Bronze and out to a car.

Harry felt a moment of apprehension fill him but then he tossed it away and followed Angel into the car, taking the passenger's seat in silence as Angel drove.

Moments passed in silence the entire trip to Angel's apartment and before either of them realized it they were inside Angel's apartment, standing in the studio apartment filled with odd knick-knacks and the large red-dressed bed in the corner.

Angel glanced at Harry suddenly feeling slightly nervous. "Um...if you want to leave..."

Harry shook his head, walking closer to Angel and standing up on tiptoe and kissing those cooler lips with his warmer ones, feeling bolder and yet more frightened than he'd ever been in his life.

Angel shuddered at the sudden warmth and pulled the younger man closer, drowning in sensation, in his heat.

Harry moaned into the kiss as he felt those cool hands lifting his shirt over his head, leaving them both bare-chested.

As soon as his back hit the soft sheets of Angel's bed Harry completely lost himself to the sensation of skin against skin, cold against hot and hard against soft...

Harry felt the sudden sting of pain, the burn later in the night of entry and forced himself to relax, wanted to feel more...wanting more of the man above him, seeing the perfection dangling just out of his reach.

Angel was drowning in the boy's scent, in the pumping of his blood through his veins as his passion rose with each stroke of Angel's body within his own, feeling his body getting crushed by the velvet heat that was the boy.

All too soon and not soon enough it seemed to end...and sleep overcame them.

The next morning Harry had awakened feeling happily sore all over, blinking softly at the unfamiliar bed and the ache in his body that spoke of hours of exertion. He sat up with a soft wince, feeling pain arc up his back and concentrate near his arse and his neck. He blinked, reaching up to touch his neck and felt the two indentations, confused. He glanced back at his still-sleeping bedmate, wondering what in the hell had gotten into him.

Brilliant idea Potter....he thought to himself, shaking his head as he laid back in bed, trying not to move too much. Moving in pain was bad.... Follow a handsome stranger out of the club and have a one-night stand.... For some reason the sudden thought of 'one night stand' made his heart ache. He shook his head, trying to rid himself of the thought.

He glanced over at Angel, suddenly seeing he was awake. "Um...morning...?" he said awkwardly, smiling softly.

Angel smirked, stretching in a full-body roll with a contented sigh. He then blinked, thinking. Wait...why wasn't he crazy? Why wasn't he Angelus....? The taste of blood rolled over his tongue and he gasped, realizing what he'd done. He'd bitten Harry in the throes of ecstasy, tying them together in their pleasure....for some reason biting him had caused him to keep his soul...

Harry was bright red, looking away but felt confused when that hand that had given him so much pleasure cupped his face and pulled him in for a good-morning kiss...


The next couple of months were filled with Harry making weekly trips back to Sunnydale and then LA when Angel had moved out of Sunnydale.

Letters were owled back and forth between the two when Harry was at school, although Angel had a rough time accepting the whole 'owl' thing.

And when Harry had had to explain his magic....well that was a rather interesting conversation. Of course it wasn't everyday that your lover turns the annoying yappy dog next door mute.

Harry had been extremely happy when Angel had first called him 'love'. He'd been so happy that he'd kissed Angel, pushing the older man back onto the bed they'd just left. Needless to say they hadn't left the bed for a while afterward...

Almost five months into their little relationship, if one could really call it that, Harry had finally admitted everything to Angel. His life from beginning to end. His parents' death, the Dursley's, Hogwarts, Sirius and Severus and then Voldemort's death...his defeat at Harry's hands.

Angel had kissed his forehead, running a hand through his wild hair as he'd held him close and commented on how he always seemed to fall for the heroes...

Harry hadn't asked what he'd meant, far too content in his lover's arms.

When Harry turned nineteen, a year after their meeting, Harry had been feeling wierd for quite a while.

He'd been rather sick in the mornings, his old favorite foods made him queasy, and his body was far more sensitive than normal.

At Hermione's insistance, he went to St. Mungo's to get tested for being sick.

Then Harry'd found out....After the initial shock he'd been ecstatic and couldn't wait to tell Angel.

It had been nearly two months since they'd seen each other, as Harry had been busy with his Auror training.

Harry headed home as soon as he could with his multi-vitamins and supplements to take to keep everything going normal. He headed into the floo and floo'ed to Angel's place automatically.

But when he got there Angel was nowhere to be found. Harry sat down on the couch after searching the apartment for the souled vampire, falling asleep on the couch eventually.

He awakened to the sound of sobbing and a girl's voice.

Harry blinked, sitting up. "Angel?" He inquired softly, getting up off the couch and heading into the mini-kitchen where a light was on.

A redheaded girl, one he'd seen in a picture on Angel's mantle, Willow if he recalled, was holding Angel gently as the vampire cried.

Harry blinked. "Angel? What's wrong?" he stepped into the kitchen and froze at the look the vampire was giving him. "Angel?"

"Go...just go, Harry. I don't want you here."

Harry felt his heart slowly beginning to crack, but refused to believe what he was hearing. "Angel, come on, what is going on?"

"GET OUT!" The vampire suddenly roared, and Harry backed up a few steps.

Willow watched in shock as she saw certain heartbreak enter the eyes of the boy and his gaze then hardened. "It's her, isn't it?" he asked softly, voice broken.

Willow blinked, then nodded. "Buffy..." her own voice cracked at the word.

Harry had known that Angel had loved someone, someone very close to his heart still...apparently someone he loved more than Harry.

Harry bit back his tears and nodded. "Alright." he didn't even say good-bye as he left for his home, not even hearing the yelled 'wait' from the kitchen.

It was then that Harry Potter returned home to Grimmauld Place, throwing everything he had into remaking the place. He quit the Aurors and barely spoke at all to any of his friends. Once Harry Potter's heart was was very hard to piece back together.

~^~ Present Time....(two years later)

Harry had still not heard from Angel, and he knew there was only one thing keeping him alive right now.

He knew it was rather stupid, losing his heart to a vampire who's heart had obviously been already stolen by someone else...a beautiful golden girl full of laughter and emotion that drove Angel insane...

"Daddy?" a soft voice came from the door and Harry turned with an automatic smile, taking in the sight of the most precious thing he owned and the reason he was still here.

"Hey sweetie." He said, hauling up his baby girl into his arms and snuggling her close. "You should be in bed." The thick black hair was his, curly in a way his mother's had been, but the eyes....those eyes were Angel's...

"Daddy cwy..." she said softly, snuggling into her father, the man who had given birth to her.

Harry smiled, carrying her inside the house, unknowing of the brown eyes watching him from across the street.

Harry put her back in her little bed, smiling at his most precious treasure as he tucked her in and hummed a lullaby to her until she fell back asleep, closing those beautiful brown eyes.

Harry headed downstairs, cleaning up the kitchen from his most recent cooking disaster until he heard a knock at the door. Thinking it was Hermione, as she had a habit of coming in from her and Ron's apartment next door Harry just kept cleaning, calling out "Come on in!"

The door opened and closed and all was silent until a rather familiar form filled up the entryway to the kitchen. "You should know better than that, love."

Harry froze in mid-swipe at the familiar voice. "..." He turned slowly, almost as if in slow-motion until his eyes took in the full form of Angel...dressed in his customary black and red ensemble.

"Angel..." his voice was soft and then his temper flared. "What are you doing here?"

Angel sighed, shaking his head. "I knew this wasn't going to be easy....I'm not good at apologizing, Harry you know that...."

Harry growled, tossing down the washrag he'd been using to clean the counters and crossed his arms over his chest, leaning back against the counters. "And I should care how good you are at anything?"

Angel ran a hand through his hair, a sure sign he was nervous. "I'm....I'm sorry. For the way I acted...there was no excuse....but she was dead, Harry...." His voice caught slightly before he cleared it. "Buffy was dead."

Harry's eyes softened but he turned away, trying to not let himself be buttered up as he always was by Angel. "I heard she's fine. Dating that grandchilde of yours I heard." He continued cleaning. "Why are you here, Angel?"

"I'm surprised you've kept up with them..." he said, the silent vampire wandering the kitchen with curious eyes. "It's been two years...."

Harry snorted. "Surprised you kept count." He snapped the rag and rinsed it out, the sound of rushing water drowing out the sudden movement of the vampire and the arms that wrapped around him.

Harry jolted in the arms, almost trying to get away before the familiarity rushed back and Harry's inherent romantic weakness took over. But still his pride remained and he pulled out of the warm arms that he had missed so much. He drew his wand from the holster at the small of his back, holding it threateningly in his hand. "...You left me."

"I know." The voice was remorseful, almost enough to make Harry forget what he wanted to do.

"I hate you, you know."

"You have every right to."

"....give me one good reason to take you back..." Harry took a deep breath. "Liam O'Flaherty."

Angel looked up at his human name, shock written clearly across his face.

"I looked up everything I could about you once you left me. It wasn't hard to find everything, if you knew where to look. The Ministry somehow finds a way to keep track of each vampire in existence, keeping record of who they were before turning." Harry's green eyes stayed concentrated on the brown orbs of what he used to consider 'his' vampire. "Tell me what makes now so different from then. Is there no way she'll take you back now? Is that it? Or did she die again and you want someone to cry to?" Harry knew he was being hurtful and he didn't care. For once in his life he deserved to be be hurt.

Angel flinched, feeling the anger behind the words spoken by that polished British accent that he used to love so much softer and more emotional than Spike's. "...There is no way I will ever not love Buffy...but I realized something a while back. It took me this long to track you down, actually. You never told me where you stayed so I never knew." Angel took a deep breath he didn't need, as if steeling himself for what was to come. "But I know that...even though I still love part of me can ever forget the love I held for you, Harry James Potter. The love..." he stepped closer to the human, taking his face between his hands, his thumbs caressing the sides of that beautiful, defined face. "...the love that I still feel. I can't live anymore without you, Harry....I tried. God knows I tried. But I couldn't. Every night was like torment, every sunrise without you there to hold me and tell me that you would protect me instead of the other way around...I never thought I would miss that, no matter how many times I fought you...I guess I needed the knowledge that someone was willing to protect me as I was as willing to protect them."

Harry tilted his head up, looking into the taller man's brown eyes, his own green orbs swimming with questions, all questions that had been unanswered. Those words, Harry knew, were forever stuck in his heart. The emotions Angel was feeling bounced through his heart as they always did. They'd always been tied to each other more than others ever had been or would be. No one would understand each other like they did, share everything with each other as they had....or as Harry thought they had.

Harry cleared his throat, that one thought clearing his mind. "If....If I forgive you...If I let you back. You have to promise me, Angelus...promise me you will not lie to me unless it is imperitive to my health or the life of anyone we hold dear. I held nothing back from you, Angel. I told you everything and yet you continued to keep secrets from me. No more. I am tired of people keeping me in the dark about things I needed to know. I wanted to know about Buffy, but I had to find out from Anya, that demon shopkeeper in Sunnydale. I want to know everything there is to know about you, Angel. Everything. The good, the bad, and the terrifying. I can handle it and you know this. So please...." Harry licked his lips, trying to concentrate with those cool hands on both sides of his face. "Don't lie to me anymore...."

Angel watched him for a moment and his crooked smile came across his face as he chuckled. "Always one for high demands, Potter." He said, running the back of his hand down Harry's cheek fondly. "But I think that's one demand I am more than willing to acquiesce to. Just....never call me Liam...ever again."

"...." Harry stood up on tip-toe and kissed him, all of the pent-up passions of the past two years bottled up and finally let out in that one kiss.

Angel, just as eager as Harry, slowly slipped the brunette out of his shirt and hauled him up onto the counter, uncaring of the water still going as he devoured the younger man's mouth.

Unfortunately the moment was broken by a small voice.


Harry and Angel froze and Harry looked over Angel's shoulder at little Rosalie, holding her stuffed bat close to her chest in her Little Mermaid pajamas.

"Everything's okay, Rosie, go back to sleep."

Moment broken, Rosie blew a kiss to her daddy and then hobbled back up the stairs, Harry watching her every step of the way. He didn't let himself breath until he heard her bedroom door shut. He felt the tense muscles under his hands and looked up into those inquisitive and unbelieving brown eyes.

Harry did the only thing he could do....he gulped.

He had some explaining to do.....

The End

You have reached the end of "Over". This story is complete.

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