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Extracts from the New Dawnmeister Chronicles

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Summary: Day to day happenings in the new watcher council.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > GeneralBurningLightFR15135,3221279,9525 Mar 0919 Apr 09Yes

Funky Orange Horror or My sister the Spatz

BtVS belongs to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy Productions. This fan work is not for profit.

Sunday 16 May 2004

Today is a day to remember.

Buffy and Faith were out doing the Senior Slayer Sunday Bonding thing as usual and ran into a grigaloth.

Now Faith takes her training seriously and knew to keep away and take it out from a distance, while my idiot sister rushed in and attacked with her axe.

Well you can imagine what happened next. Yep it exploded like all grigaloth do when they die. My idiot sister was completely covered in florescent orange demon gunk. I am glad chose not to be her watcher, she never uses her brain. God my sister is so embarrassing. I feel so sorry for Giles.

Now the gunk would not usually be so bad, but as it was grigaloth gunk, so it ate through her clothes.

So anyway most of the senior watchers were meeting at Cleveland House today as we were examining all the baby slayers.

Xander Harris, Andrew Wells (personal assistant to Xander Harris), Rupert Giles, Robin Wood, Linda Adams, Cheng Wei, Sam Zabuto and I were present (me as personal assistant to Sam Zabuto). Seeing a naked orange Buffy covered in gunk storming in with Faith nearly pissing her self laughing. Not to mention all the slayers being tested.

Cheng Wei was non verbal and Andrew almost passed out while Linda did.

Anyway Vi is now squad leader and is going to be transferred to Paris as she can speak French almost perfectly.

Chao-Ahn is now a fully qualified hunter slayer. Specifically Xander’s personal hunter slayer. She is making a lot of improvement in English, Sumerian and Egyptian these days too bad she has a mental block with the Latin. At least she is no longer terrified of Giles or his drawings.

Something was going on with Xander and Sam they were drinking a lot tonight after the tests I think they finished a large bottle of whisky. I really want to know what’s happening.

Xander, Andrew and I are going to stay here for the next week or so as the next batch of newly chosen are arriving. Giles is leaving Buffy and Faith behind as he is needed back in London. He and Sam need to speek with and I quote "those ponces Blair and Brown". I wonder who they are?

A/N anyone who gets the significance of the drinking gets a gold star
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