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The Dollhouse's Destroyer

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Summary: They wiped away his conscious and suppressed his soul. They didn’t know that some things couldn’t trump instinct.

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The Miracle Child

The Miracle Child

He was just getting back from his last surveillance on the Dollhouse employees, specifically Boyd, the only handler to actually live anywhere but a Dollhouse apartment. Dr. Saunders never left the Dollhouse, so he only got to see her through a camera lens. One minute, everything was as normal as life ever was for him and the next, there was a prickle down his spine and everything went black.

He woke up in a cage. He stilled as he felt the familiar thrum of a predator nearby and contemplated faking sleep.

Before he decided, though, someone took a deep breath and a woman’s tired voice said, “You’re awake. I just want to make sure you’re not still nutso boy, then we’ll let you out.”

He rolled his head and saw a blonde, the blonde sitting opposite him with her back to the wall, legs stretched out in front of her. “I can’t remember your name. I remember your face from a photo, I think, but I can’t remember your name.”

She nodded. “Buffy. Buffy Summers. I dated your father. Er, do you remember your father?”

He nodded. “Mostly. A lot of it’s,” he twirled a finger, “mixed up. Mixed up with everything else.” He stopped talking, closing his eyes. “Why is she there?”

Buffy leaned forward. “I’ll tell you in a minute. Do you remember anything else, about the place?”

He opened his eyes, feeling a sort of shrewdness all of a sudden. “Sure. And if you help me get her and the woman that looks like Fred out, I’ll tell you everything.”

She smiled, just a pretty smile. He started to sweat a little. “We were going to get her out. Honestly, we were about to move in when you went gonzo so we had to wait until security slacked off.”

He studied her for a minute. “She doesn’t just look like Fred, does she? Dr. Saunders is Fred.”

Buffy’s mouth pinched. “Something happened, at Wolfram and Hart. Something not so good. She’s the only one that’s left.”

Connor curled into a fetal position, hands clenched. “He was okay when I went in. They were okay.”

She nodded, scooting a little across the floor. “Yeah, yeah, they were. You’re Dad, though. He made a deal and it turned on him. It shut down Wolfram and Hart, worldwide, but it turned on him and Fred was the only one that got out because he sent her to find us before it hit. When it hit, she just disappeared. Went from standing right in front of us to gone in a split second. She turned up later at the Dollhouse.”

“Faith didn’t really know Fred,” he said, rocking a little. “She wouldn’t give up her freedom for Fred. She wouldn’t let them take away her self.”

He didn’t kick out when a dainty, powerful hand wrapped gently around his ankle. “She might have. Faith was on a real redemption kick. But, no, she didn’t go in for Fred. She was going to get Fred out, but she didn’t go in for Fred.”

He stilled, everything in him screaming, scratched raw. “Me?”

“No,” Buffy said, squeezing his ankle. “No, she didn’t know about you. When we found out, you were on the list.”

“Why?” he asked. “Why did she go in?”

Buffy closed her eyes and leaned her forehead against the bars. It would be so easy to snap her neck. Except, she was a Slayer. She’d probably kill him. She drew a picture out of her pocket and showed it to him. “Do you remember her?”
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