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The Dollhouse's Destroyer

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Summary: They wiped away his conscious and suppressed his soul. They didn’t know that some things couldn’t trump instinct.

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The Destroyer

Disclaimer: I don’t own either Dollhouse, Angel, or, just to be safe, Buffy. They were all created by Buffy.

Author’s Notes: This is going to get retconned all to hell but, hey, those things happen. This is in answer to Kristen’s challenge. Also, this is set after the seventh season of Buffy but the fifth season of Angel doesn’t happen. Also? I only have a vague idea of where this story is going.

The Destroyer

He took care to clean his blades. They were important, the most important things in the world to him. Well. Almost. Vengeance was more important. And ‘Caroline’.

Connor snorted. ‘Caroline’. If she hadn’t been introduced to the Dollhouse, he never would have started to remember who he was. He would have gone on forever just being a doll, a blank, easily manipulated slate. It’d been bad enough when the woman that looked just like Fred started working there. There’d been twinges, flashes of memories.

Connor could admit that he went a little…crazy when most of his memories poured back into him in one painful jolt. His hands tightened around the cloth that was wrapped around the blade, then he hissed as the blade sliced easily through cloth and skin to draw blood. He laid it aside and went to wrap his hand. He was still a little crazy; he knew that, too. It was just, the memories were coming back but they hadn’t come back all the way, yet. He remembered doing bad things, loving the wrong woman, fighting monsters. He just couldn’t remember the minutiae. Couldn’t even really remember if that had really been his life or if it had been one of his activations.

He remembered ‘Caroline’, though. Faith. Her name had been Faith, not ‘Caroline’. He wondered why she would come to the Dollhouse, why she would agree to let someone have that much control over her.

He went back to the attentively cleaning his blade. He felt sort of bad because he’d sliced up the Fred-alike. If he hadn’t thought she was someone else, she’d probably be dead, though, instead of just having constant reminders of her day job. And ‘Echo’. He was going to rescue her. He was going to help her not be an empty, childlike shell anymore.

He’d had many names before he’d entered the Dollhouse. Stephen Holtz. Connor Angel. The Destroyer. And then they programmed him to have others. Only one mattered now, though. Only the one that combined all of those pieces mattered now. Alpha. He’d been their first. And he swore he would save Faith, protect Dr. Saunders in an act of contrition, and burn that hellhole to the ground.

Alpha. The first; the beginning.
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