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The Blood that Binds

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Summary: It was her blood that gave her a destiny. It was the blood of all that gave her a new life.

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Anita Blake > Kendra-CenteredIntheIndigoFR181919059406 Mar 096 Mar 09No
Hello All, so this is my first story in ages and by ages, I mean AGES. I don't have a beta but I used spell check, so I hope any wrong punctuation isn't too bad. If you find fault with any aspect of the story, then please let me know, but do it kindly. Tact is good. Tact is our friend. Anyway, I've always been very disappointed that there weren't more Kendra centric stories out. Hell, even ones where she's a major secondary character. So, I figured I should write something. Even it's small like this. This gonna be a two chapter thing, just to test the waters and my skills, for now. Thanks for reading!

BTW: I made this a higher rating just in case I go crazy and up the violence or sex.

Disclaimer: Joss Whedon owns the Kendra and Laurell K. Hamilton owns all of the Anita Blake characters.

Chapter One

There was blood. Lots of it. And then there was pain as well. Lots of that too. She opened her eyes in a mad panic, only to see an inky blackness all around her. Blinking back tears, her eyes finally noticed the darkness shift and begin to glow, as if the blackness itself was also a light. Fright, something she didn’t usual experience, made her heart jump, causing the burning in her veins to increase and the blood to pour out of her neck and over hands even faster.

The glowing darkness shifted closer and finally enveloped her and in that instant all the pain, fear, and panic left her. Warmth, love, and an unfathomable peace took their place. Now she wanted to cry for whole different reason. Her life had been a Spartan one; the only love she’d ever known was hers, for the hunt. Now she was being overwhelmed with it: unconditional, boundless love. It broke her already weakened heart.

A woman's calm voice came from the blackness, startling her, “Kendra, please do not cry my child. I know you have lost much, but I come with a gift for you: A new life, a better life. One in which you will get to experience love, happiness, and a true childhood. You will however, have a specific purpose in this new life, other than to experience what you once lacked. Dangerous days are ahead, although not for a few years to come. Lives in your old world and in countless others are at stake. Ordinarily, I would not request the help of one so soon after their death, but time is of the essence and I feel that you are the one for this task. Knowing the realm gods that you've previously dealt with I must make it clear that if you do not choose to take on this new life and task, you will not be punished. You will pass on to a higher realm. Please remember this is an opportunity to really live. Not many souls get a chance quite like this one.”

There was a pause and just as Kendra was about to reply, the husky voice spoke again.

“I realize this is a lot to process, but time is of the essence. We have only a short window in which to insert you into your new world and that time line.”

Before her head could decide, her heart spoke for her. In that same instant Kendra felt a tug on her body and the sensation of flying through the air. Though her eyes were closed, she could see a bright, white light rapidly coming closing. As she disappeared into the light, the voice spoke one last time.

“We will speak again, as we still have much to discuss. Have no fear. I will come if you need me.”

And with that, Kendra suddenly found herself standing in a sitting room, staring a gorgeous…vampire covered in frills. Then for the second time in her short life she felt a sharp slice across her throat and warm blood pouring down her chest.


Jean Claude wandered around his sitting room trying to think of something to occupy him. Anita was out of town for the week, Asher was brooding in his room again and none of his other diversions sounded appealing right now. His usual undead calm had left him. He was on edge and could not stay still. Why was he so very restless this night?

The answer came to him in the scent of blood and unimaginable power whispering in the air currents in the room. Fully alert, he turned from the mantle, his eyes searching the room. The scents got stronger and stronger until they made is eyes bleed a glowing sapphire blue and his skin a shining translucent white. So pure power, it was like a current running from the center of …everything, straight into the center of his being. He had no choice but to drink it in.

In a moments time the current began to diminish as the power reigned itself into one concentrated spot near the coffee table. There was a brilliant flash and when it was gone all that was left was a lingering scent of blood and power and….a young, black girl?
Before Jean Claude could even really register what happened, her throat split and she reached up to stop the blood that came pouring. With confused, panic filled eyes, she reached one bloody hand out to him. As he mirrored her gesture, her eyes rolled up into the back of her head and he rushed forward and caught her, just before her head hit the coffee table.

The End?

The author is currently looking for one or more beta readers for this story. If you are interested, please leave a private review.

You have reached the end of "The Blood that Binds" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 6 Mar 09.

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