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Tony and his Sister

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Summary: First story in the series, set during Tony's childhood, he has a sister and she is a slayer. What do they do when the Council kidnapps her? Are they going to get her back?

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The deal

Tony and his Sister

Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or NCIS!

The deal

After gathering the evidence in the bedroom, they took the whole DiNozzo family to the station. The police tried their best to find the little girl but they didn’t find her in the next month. In addition to their search, Marcus DiNozzo hired three different private detectives whose work finally paid off. One of the detectives called him about a month after his daughter’s disappearance saying that he had found her in England but that it will be hard to get her back because the people who had her were very rich and had much influence on the government. Nobody would believe that they had kidnapped a child.

Hearing these news, Marcus immediately flew to London and tried to talk to the organization that had his daughter. At first he didn’t have much success but eventually they got tired of him and they told him why they did what they did. They told him that vampires and other supernatural beings exist and that his daughter is a potential slayer who could one day become a slayer, become the one girl in the whole world who can stop demons.

Marcus didn’t believe them at first but after they proved it by taking him to the graveyard and actually showing him a vampire he accepted that they exist. However, he couldn’t accept his daughter staying in England, staying away from them. Eventually, he got the Council to agree to send a Watcher with them to America. The Watcher would stay with them and teach Suzanna in their own home, and if she became a slayer they would move with her to wherever she was needed.

Marcus went home to his family after that, with the news that Suzy was fine and that she would be home in another month since the Watcher’s Council wanted her to finish basic training with other potentials in England. After that, every girl would be appointed a Watcher and go live with them and Suzanna and her Watcher would come back to America.

That was the first night in over a month that Tony slept without nightmares or waking up in tears. He was happy that the other half of him, his twin, was coming home to stay. He didn’t care about demons and vampires even thought he was scared of them. He was just happy that he would see his sister again.

Tony spent the day his sister was coming home in the hall, sitting on a chair beside the door, waiting for it to ring.

“DING DONG” Tony jumped from his chair at this, and opened the door wide, rushing towards Suzanna. He hugged her tight, like he would never again let her go. He released her for just a moment to give his parents a chance to say hello before hugging her again.

“Hmm, hmm” a clearing of a throat disturbed them. Tony looked up and saw a man standing beside his sister.

“Tony, this is Adam. He’s my watcher.”Suzy said, taking Tony’s hand to keep the contact between them.

“Hello Mr. And Mrs. DiNozzo! My name is Adam Selir. I’m going to be teaching your daughter for the next few years.” Was the introduction offered to Marcus and Isabella.

“Welcome to our home Mr. Selir. I hope we will all learn to get along.” Marcus said.

“I hope so as well.”

“Come in, please. I’ll show you to your room. It’s right across Tony’s room. Our room is right between Anthony’s and Suzanna’s while you have a guest room on one side and a bathroom on the other. Tony and Suzy share that bathroom while you have a bathroom in your room, as do we. There’s another bathroom on the first floor but that one is usually just for guests.” Isabella DiNozzo informed him while leading him up the stairs.
“Here is you room. Feel free to unpack and freshen up first and then you can ask Tony and Suzy to show you the rest of the house.

“ Of course, Mrs. DiNozzo. Thank you!”

“Call me Isabella, please. And my husband is Marcus.”

“I will, thank you. You may call me Adam, as well.”

“Well, I will leave you in peace now. I will see you at dinner if not before.”

“Thank you, Isabella.”

The End?

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You have reached the end of "Tony and his Sister" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 7 Mar 09.

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