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Tony and his Sister

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Summary: First story in the series, set during Tony's childhood, he has a sister and she is a slayer. What do they do when the Council kidnapps her? Are they going to get her back?

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NCIS > GeneralxoverfanforeverFR1521,291042,9836 Mar 097 Mar 09No

Suzanna's disappearance

Tony and his Sister

Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or NCIS!

Suzanna's disappearance

“SUZY!” a loud scream was heard in the huge house belonging to Marcus DiNozzo, waking him and his wife. They jumped from the bed and hurried to their son’s bedroom. He was sitting on the bed, with eyes wide open and breathing hard.

“Tony? What’s wrong? Calm down, sweetie.” Isabella DiNozzo tried to calm her son. He looked at her blankly, not really seeing her at first. Isabella took his hands in hers and looked straight in his eyes.

“Tony, breathe slowly. It will help you to calm down. That’s right… and in and now out. Well done, honey! Can you tell me what’s wrong now, love?” after hearing his mother’s words, Tony remembered his dream and started hyperventilating again.

“Suzy! Mom, there’s something wrong with Suzy. I know there is!” he cried out, trying to get out of his mother’s hold and out of the bed. At this point Marcus DiNozzo joined in his wife’s efforts to calm Tony down.

“Suzanna’s alright, Anthony. She’s sleeping in her room. There’s nothing wrong with her”

“No, you don’t understand… I know there’s something wrong. I can feel it. Please dad, can you check on her? Please?” Tony pleaded with his father.

“If it’ll make you feel better, I’ll check on her. But I’m sure she’s fine!” Marcus said and exited the room, going into the room at the end of the hall, the room which belonged to Suzanna DiNozzo, his daughter and Tony’s twin sister. He opened the door softly, so as to not wake her up, and looked towards the bed.

“AHHHH…” he screamed and run towards other rooms on that floor. He franticly checked all the rooms in the house but didn’t find anything. Finally, he went to the phone. He dialed the Police and waited for the answer.

“Hello! My daughter’s been kidnapped. She’s not here…” he shouted in panic. By this time, Tony and Isabella came after him and tried to find out what happened. Once they heard Marcus’ words, they fell in shock. Marcus gave the Police their address and then hung up. He gathered his wife and son in his armed and hugged them tightly. He wasn’t very far from their condition but he knew that he had to welcome the Police and tell them what happened first so he couldn’t afford to break down. He stayed this way until he heard a doorbell and then he got up, stood tall and went to open the door.

“Mr. DiNozzo?” one of the policemen asked and Marcus nodded.

“I am Officer Leigh and this is my partner Officer Zeman. You called the station about a possible kidnapping?” the other policemen said.

“Yes, my daughter’s been kidnapped. She’s not in her bed or anywhere in the house and she wouldn’t have gone outside on her own during the night.” Marcus tried to deliver all the important information.

“Are you sure she wouldn’t have gone outside? Maybe she heard something and went to check it out?”

“No, that had happened before. She always woke us up to tell us. And even if she didn’t want to tell us, she would have told her brother, her twin.”

“Of course, Mr. DiNozzo. I’m sorry but we have to ask these questions. Can we look at her room now, please?” the policemen asked.

“Yes, you can. Please follow me.” Marcus said and led them upstairs to Suzy’s bedroom.
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