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Euclid Alone

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Euclid Alone 'verse". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: A personal vision of how Xander could have changed post-season seven. This is a slash story. However, there will be no explicit sex scenes. Don/Xander pairing (Dander?). A Buffy/Numb3rs/Kelley Armstrong crossover. Xander's real father, too.

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Television > Numb3rs > Xander - CenteredchurkeyFR153532,66537186142,2956 Mar 099 May 09Yes

The Red String of Fate

Xander was musing on the vagaries of fate. He recalled an old Chinese myth about the ‘Red String of Fate’ that he had come across when he had just begun to research his bio-dad and his demonic gift. The myth was that the gods tied a red string around the ankles of destined lovers. This destiny transcended time, place, and circumstance. In a lot of ways this seemed to describe his and Don’s situation. Neither had seriously considered spending their life with another man, yet here they were, in love and looking forward to a future together.

He still didn’t believe in soul mates, finding the idea absurd and juvenile. Buffy had thought that Angel was her soul mate, a vampire whose soul was more slippery than an eel. In some ways, Xander didn’t really believe in destiny. He’d broken a prophecy, after all.

Chance, however, he did believe in. It was quite clear to him that random things happened all the time. That chance brought change, for good or ill. This is what he considered good or bad luck. Good luck equaled good changes and bad luck equaled bad changes.

In considering all of the unexpected, but unbelievably good, changes his life had undergone since leaving the Hellmouth. He had actually worked out the probability that he would end up with Don. They were almost infinitesimally small. With his gift for probability, Xander knew that given similar circumstances, he would choose Don every time. Perhaps that is what they meant by being destined lovers.

Xander didn’t really care for all that, though, and simply thanked his good fortune.

AN: Ah, so we are finally done with this story. Don't worry everyone, I have some one-off stories that I will probably write. Maybe some more 'chance' interludes, because they are a great deal of fun to write. I definitely have a one-off in mind concerning Dawn and Colby, because I'm super curious about what happened there.

I have another story in the works right now, look for it in the next week (not sure about the title yet).

I would like to sincerely thank everyone for the reviews and support. This was a very humbling experience for me. You have all been so gracious and generous with your support.

Also, a particular thank you for FelineFeral for being the beta of this story.

The End

You have reached the end of "Euclid Alone". This story is complete.

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