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Summary: She would be Buffy no longer, she would be the only thing that remained of herself; a warrior.

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Movies > 300, Frank Miller'sDuskyDushkuFR1862,24042211,7268 Mar 0911 Feb 10Yes

A Soft Head.

I own nothing from Buffy nor anything from 300.

The oracles were drugged up, crazy and molested.
If its hard to follow the text, sorry, but they're soft-in-the-head, its not easy to follow the thoughts of someone who's drugged and insane.


Ephanaeis watched the girl, no…woman…as she killed the Ephors.

She had appeared at the entrance of the cave, a childlike shadow in the flickering light cast by the flames. Her shadows gone…gone, unseen.

Startled, the Ephors had shouted at her, demanded to know her name and by what right, (heh, as if anyone could be enough to stand against them,) she would show her face.

The woman, clad in strange, shadow-like clothing…always swirling….floating away from her…no, no…that was mine own clothing she was thinking of……that’s right, it was strange, the woman had skin that looked black, black like the beetles that the Ephors said she must eat.

But they had been wrong…wrong wrong wrongwrong bad bad wrong…

She knew, Ephanaeis knew!

She had done nothing wrong, no, when they had taken her, when before the dust swirls underneath her cave and when the gods cry out their lights in the dark, she had known.

Grabby, gnarled horrible little dirty fingers….she used to break them before her head got soft…

But now that she had come, the shadow, the one who had killed the bad ones who made her head not right.

She had known they would pay.

And now…oh! its not the woman’s skin that was black, her cloths are choking her…choking her all over her body. So tight they must be.

Green, staring into greengreen bright green Ephanaeis knew what the woman wanted.

But she could not have it.

The little, tiny so very very small, thought Ephasaeis, the little warrior was dragging her out of the cave.

Out…outside the cave.

Ten years since she had been allowed out to see more than the gods weep their tears, their tears in the sky are so much brighter than-



Green eyes met hers in another glance and she felt herself lifted.

The Ephors were gone now, she knew it would happen, one day; they had paid.

And now she could go, she, the woman was taking her with her.

Like a little birdie, away from those dead, hard places behind her.

It was too bad that birdies, they crash when they fly outside the nest. Ephanaeis had already crashed when she had flown once...

But it had happened…she had known….she hadn’t been bad badbad….

One of the gods had cried and a bright little star had fallen in the dark.

She was still in the dark, yes, surrounded by the dark, but her eyes-

her eyes were just so very green.

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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking