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Echoing Laughter

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Summary: Response to Challenge: Echo isn't quite the empty doll they think she is and Alpha is going to make sure it stays that way...

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Television > DollhouseFaithWinchesterFR2154,4270144,1908 Mar 0922 Mar 09No

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy or Dollhouse, they are both the property of that wonderful man, Joss Whedon. Sadly, I make no money from this

“Hello, Echo.”

She opened brown eyes and looked over at the young blond man standing beside her. Her face was calm, serene.

“Did I fall asleep?”

“For a little while,” he said, in the same soft, neutral tone.

“Shall I go now?” she asked, blinking.

“If you like,” he told her and she smiled, getting up out of the reclining chair and walking gracefully across the room to the door.


“Faith, catch!”

Dark hair flying in her face, Faith spun around, catching the stake in midair and driving into the chest of the vampire behind her. It exploded into dust and she let out a whoop of laughter.

“This is it, B, this is what we were made for!” she shouted, as the blond girl dusted her own vamp.

"Great, I always wanted to be destined for grass stains," Buffy said, wryly, dusting off her pants.

Faith was still laughing when she reached down to help the dark haired boy up off the ground.

“How’s the head, Xander?” she asked him, eyeing the purple lump that was forming above his left eye.

“Throbbing, but intact,” he said, wincing a little.

“Thanks for the stake, nick-of-time guy,” she added, clapping him on the shoulder.

“Just doing my part in the battle to destroy evil… and keep my head attached to my shoulders, however much it may hurt,” he said, falling into limping step beside the two girls. Faith laughed again as they left the graveyard…


Echo looked up from her food and smiled, friendly, as the dark haired young man known as Alpha sat in the chair across from her.

“Hello,” she said.

“Hello,” he replied and she thought for a moment that there was a wound above his eye, there on the left… but when she blinked it was gone.

“The fruit salad is very fresh today,” she told him, pleasantly and he nodded.

“Yes, it is.” He paused and she had the sudden thought that he should be saying something, something that would make her laugh. Then the moment passed and Echo returned to her meal.

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