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1,000 More Miles

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Summary: A sorta sequel to 1,000 Miles. Willow / Bruce

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DC Universe > Batman > Willow-CenteredcoulduseprozacFR1531,239033,7308 Mar 098 Mar 09No

Bloody Vampires

Title: 1,000 More Miles

Disclaimer: Don’t own anyone in this story. They characters all belong to smarter and richer persons then I. Please don’t sue, this is just for fun and no money is made from it.

Summary: A sorta sequel to 1,000 Miles. These are in no certain order and of no determined length, although they won’t be under a 100 words. Crossover with BtVS and the Batman films.


Alfred paused for a moment in his self appointed undertaking to think about what he was doing. The old man would have never thought that Gotham’s criminal underbelly would have an even darker underside but the things that went bump in the night had shortly become a part of their life soon after the arrival of the red haired woman Master Wayne had returned with from Las Vegas. “Bloody vampires,” he snorted before picking up his knife and continued the task of making a sharp pointed wooden stake for Master Wayne to carry as he went about his nightly business.
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