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Gunn in Gotham

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Summary: Series of TTH drabbles about Gunn's adventures in Gotham

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DC Universe > Batman > Gunn-CenteredBeatriceOtterFR78916042,98310 Mar 0910 Mar 09Yes

White Knights

Gunn liked his new boss, over all. Harvey Dent was a good guy, a true warrior for good in a city drowning in corruption and evil, albeit a less demony evil than LA. He had guts, he had style, and he didn’t spend his life brooding. It almost brought back memories of the good days helping the helpless, except without demon guts, prophecies, and apocalypses. And using Wolfram and Hart’s gift of knowledge to clean a city up appealed to his sense of irony.

Still. He didn’t get too attached. He knew what happened to white knights, in the end.
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