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Gunn in Gotham

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Summary: Series of TTH drabbles about Gunn's adventures in Gotham

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DC Universe > Batman > Gunn-CenteredBeatriceOtterFR78916042,98310 Mar 0910 Mar 09Yes

Bad References

Neither Batman nor Angel nor their respective characters and settings belong to me.


When Gunn gets out of the hospital, it’s time to rethink his life. Crippled, he can’t fight; besides, he was pretty burned out. Others can fight. He’s learned that life goes on. He takes stock, and picks a new path.

“I have to say, Mister Gunn, I’m leery of hiring a lawyer whose last firm was Wolfram and Hart.” Dent puts down his file and stares at him.

“I wouldn’t work for anyone who wasn’t,” Gunn said. “But have you read the reference letter? They didn’t like me, by the end.”

“I think it’s bad enough to take the risk.”
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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking