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Everybody Dies

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Summary: My name is Dawn Summers, I'm 23 years old and I died yesterday. Now I'm supposed to take souls for a living. I'm Dawn Summers and I'm a reaper.

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Television > Dead Like MeNothorseFR1368010123,50810 Mar 0910 Mar 09Yes

Career Choices

Rating: R for language
Word Count: 200
Challenge: #84 Anniversary (for )
Character: Dawn Summers, Georgia Lass
Spoilers: Post-Chosen for BtVs, Post-Movie for Dead Like Me
Disclaimer: Neither BtVS nor Dead Like Me are mine. No money.

Four days after her death and exactly two years after her Ph. D. Dawn Summers sat in a cheap diner, counted her last few bucks and argued with her new boss.

"Look, I'll get a new name, get a rep as a recluse. My old people are used to that. I'm going to set me up with some fake credentials. And I get paid pretty well. I can do it on my own time. And from home. Whenever I find one."

"No way, Dawn." George finished her coffee and started to give out the post-its for the day. "You can't make contact with your old world. You're a reaper now. We live beside the living."

"You don't get it." Dawn got up and blocked George's exit. "I'm one of the few people who actually can work that stuff. If you don't want to reap the whole fucking city, I'm going to have to do this research. I'll work by mail, I'll have no personal contact, you never ever give me a slayer to reap and everything works out."

"Besides, it's not as if being undead was a serious job disqualification in my old company," she added under her breath.
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