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Knight away

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Knight Verse". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Xander meets two powerful beings and goes on a long journey

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Star Wars > Xander-CenteredJCHattenFR1845179,65636241311,36310 Mar 0926 Aug 09Yes
CoA Winner

Chapter 1

Knight away.
Fiction: Knight away.
This is part of the Knight away story.
Author: John "hatten" Carlsson
Beta: Corwin Verner (Hawklan)
Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Or so I claim, except, maybe a strange sense of humor.
X-over: Probably many. But first is Buffy (which belongs to Joss Whedon) and Star Wars (George Lucas).
PS: I do not like the Yuuzhan Vong and the whole story is AU and doesn't follows any canon.

Note from Hawklan: Hello all I'm posting this story here with the permission of Hatten and we both hope you will enjoy it the same as we did.
Also we wouldn't mind a beta reader. I fixed the story as good as i could but i surely missed grammar and such things.

Note2: Tx to Inachis for making this story more readable.


A big thank you to cloudleonsgurl for this nice piece of art.

Chapter 1

Xander sighed. Ever since the LIE and Angel’s banishment to hell, he had felt like something was coming, something bad.

At first Buffy had been angry, really murderingly angry at him. Then she talked to Giles and Xander had no idea what the Watcher had said to the slayer, but it was a calmer Buffy that confronted him and asked him why he had lied to her.

He told her the truth. That he had been deadly afraid that she would hold back against Angelus, like she had before and that this time it would mean the end of the game for all of them.

Buffy had looked him in the eye, almost spookily calm, trying to find a lie or even a tiny fragment of a lie, but apparently whatever she saw made her nod her head. "You did the right thing Xander. Right now I hate you for that. It's petty and cruel of me. I would have hold back against him. All I saw was Angel" she sighed. "I hope you can forgive me for being petty and cruel" she said, smiling a bit and the tears in her eyes felt like daggers in his heart.

Xander said "Nothing to forgive Buffy. It was like doing something bad, or letting something even worse happen. You know what I choose to do even if I don’t like it. Ever since Jessie I HATE vampires, even Deadboy. But HE is, was, a hero and I respect that" he said to her, looking down on the ground.

She giggled a bit, tears still in her eyes, as she smiled at him. "Thanks" she said. "Strange, I know Angel would be angry with me right now, because he would have done the same thing you did. You do know that I love you and Willow." the young Slayer said before running away.

It was the last time they saw her. For the whole summer she was gone and Willow, Oz, Cordelia and him were forced to fight the vampires and demons alone.

Now, months later, she was back. They had been so happy and Buffy had even taken the chance to talk to him alone. She had forgiven him and even said thanks.

But the feeling of wrongness was getting stronger and stronger.

When it finally happened, it was like something out of Battlestar Galactica or even Star Trek. Suddenly the skies darkened in the middle of the day and a strange shadow was seen above the whole planet. The Astronomer’s and NASA where baffled.

Then the news told them, that one million humans had vanished from New York. Just like that. The next thing that vanished was the gold in Fort Knox. In a second the USA was bankrupt.

Xander just knew he would be next. As he walked into the library, he nodded. "Yo here I am, what's the what G-man?" he said grinning. Never forget a good smile to make the others forget their own fears.

Giles sighed: "Can’t you take anything seriously?" he said. Silently hoping the boy would keep doing exactly what he was doing.

Xander frowned. "Maybe, but nah." he said, grinning. "So what will vanish next? Homework?" he finished in a hopeful voice.

Buffy giggled. "I wish."

While Giles cleaned his glasses, he answered "In fact it's snowing in Africa and apparently a new volcano appeared outside of Berlin," Then he fell silent. And just stared in shock, seeing beings of power suddenly teleporting into the library.

Buffy froze in shock and Willow was trembling, because the pure power they were pouring out was overpowering her new and still weak skills as a witch. Oz blinked. "I am impressed," he simply said, to which Cordelia just nodded.

On the other side of the room, the Angel and the Arch-demon frowned at Oz. They were
not used seeing such a lack of expression and reaction from mortals.

Xander eyes where almost falling out of his head as he screamed out "Holy trinity." They were now frowning and looking directly at him. Not good. "Um, it was Giles that said that," he tried.

The Angel spoke with a voice like music. "We have a problem. Far away in an alternate reality, outside OUR realm of responsibility, a group of greedy fools has found a powerful cross dimensional artifact, which they are using right now to plunder earth of its riches."

The voice from the demon was like claws on a black board, painful to listen to. "Every time they use that artifact, they risk destroying the entire Sol system. Both sides, Good as well as Evil, have invested a lot of time an effort in you mortals and more importantly, in this world." Its body and head were perfect, but it still looked all wrong, like a perversion of perfection. Just looking at the demon made you feel like your eyes could never be clean again.

The Angel nodded; its perfect head was beautiful, perfectly shaped, and made it look friendly, yet deadly dangerous. "The only way we can stop this is to send a mortal that is NOT bound by faith."

Buffy said, "Alright I’ll go."

The Demon answered to that. "He said NOT bound by faith. So no Slayer, witch or watcher can go. Only the werewolf, the cheerleader and," he smiled cruelly "the White Knight. The One That Sees, the Breaker of Destiny and Champion of Chaos can go."

Xander asked in surprise: "Me? I’m a Champion of Chaos? Are you sure Ethan Rayne is not the one you are talking about?" The power of these beings made the Master look cute and cuddly.

The Angel nodded. "It is you, who we would prefer, if you accept the burden. Not because you are stronger then Oz, but because you have the greatest chance of finding your way home."

The Demon said: "You are also the one that has the greatest chance of succeeding. We can boost your powers. Give you the power of the Hyena without the side effects. Even grant you some power from the Sea-Demons DNA that the swim coach gave you."

Buffy and the others looked and felt helpless. The power of the Demon and Angel was overwhelming them.

The Angel said, "Correct, if Oz were to go, we could offer him control over the wolf, nothing more. But you have a lot of mystical changes in your body already, Alexander. We can change the memory of the soldier which possessed you, so that you have the basic skills you need to survive. This is a one way journey and we have no way of returning you here, if you accept this."

The demon snorted. "I don't care if you come back. I just care that you save the Sol-system and Earth. I have billions of souls that could escape my hell if earth is destroyed. That's MY reason for granting you power. If you fail, you and your friends are doomed." He grinned. "So who is going to be exiled, the werewolf or the White Knight?"

Xander sighed. "I knew getting up from bed today was a bad idea. I’ll go if you get Angel back from hell and give me the strength of the fish and hyena and the skills from the soldier. Before I go, I need time to say goodbye to my friends."

The Angel nodded. "We have four hours before the next attack begins. You’ll have to be fast."

The Demon snorted. "Right."

The Angel smiled. "He is right, Brother Lucifer. We are banishing a Champion of Chaos to save ourselves and a Champion of Light will be returned in his place. A price is paid and a balance is struck."

Outside, Cordelia grabbed Xander. "What are you doing, you dork?" she asked.

Xander smiled. "I thought you broke up with me?" he asked, before kissing and hugging her close to him. "I'm saving all of us. It's what I do," he said, leaving the still weak kneed Cordelia behind him.

"Damn him," she panted, but what a kiss that was. She would not cry, no way, he had cheated on her with Willow, so no way.

It took Xander only an hour and he was back. He had emptied his mom’s and dad's secret jewellery stash and stolen his dad’s gun, a big magnum. Without a word he grabbed an axe and a short sword from Giles’ weapons rack. He also took a backpack with food and two military combat knifes in the back. He was done.

"Buffy, Willow, Cordelia, come here. There’s just one thing I wanted to say to you, before I go."

The three girls walked over to him and he did not bother to say anything, he just grabbed Cordelia and kissed her like she was the queen of the universe.

While Cordelia was still seeing stars, he kissed Buffy like she was the Saviour of the universe, leaving a weak kneed slayer behind him before he grabbed Willow, kissing her like she was the Goddess that created the universe.

He gave Oz a nod. "See you later brother," he said. Turning to Giles, "G-man, I hope you know that you are everything I ever wanted in a father. Thanks Dad, and get a new car. You have the money. Besides you have to. I put your car on fire. Mr. Angel, Mr. Demon, let’s go."

The two higher beings blinked. Outside the library a tiny car was burning "So be it." They spoke as one and Xander could feel the hyena’s power racing through his body and his lungs switching and growing in size, his muscles become tighter and more powerful as his DNA changed. His mind was filling it up with knowledge, new instincts, and the basic information that he would need, and then the world vanished.

Giles blinked, "Thank you son." Then he blinked again. "What, wait, my car...?"

Oz looked at the girls who were still gone and in dreamland. That was ONE hell of a kiss. They still looked happy and a bit stupid with a dreamy happy look on their faces. "I wish I was a girl." He said, just joking. Behind him a vengeance demon giggled. "Wish granted..."


Around him the universe buckled and twisted, as the laws of nature, physics and biology both mystical and mundane, changed in nature and form. Like a force of nature Xander crashed out from a hole in reality and landed gracefully like a cat on a gigantic mushroom like tree.

He felt stronger then before and, taking a quick look over his own body, he noticed his arms and legs were like steel, packed full with muscle like an elite fighter would have. In the polished blade of his knife he could see that his eyes were flashing softly green and yellow to the beat of his heart. His hands could feel tiny gills on his neck. "They lied. The assholes lied. I'm a fish," he whined. Then he frowned, would it really matter here?

Looking around he felt it. A strange flash of light and energy that made the hair on his neck stand on end, coming from over there, without even thinking he was gone. All it took was one leap and he was airborne. Jumping between the strange mushroom like trees, before climbing down to the ground and then running as fast as his legs could carry him.

To most humans it would have looked like a green blur was moving between the shadows of the trees.

The power build-up was gigantic and, as he arrived in the centre of an old ruin, he saw a strange ring shaped machine with two monoliths standing beside it. In between the monoliths he could see a holographic image of earth.

Strange, demonlike beings where everywhere around the machine, a big snaillike freak was in the middle near a control station. Ugly, piglike monsters were standing guard a bit further away.

Xander watched. He saw what he needed and what he could do to destroy the machine. He suspected that the strange chamber that pulsed with an interior light was some kind of power generator and a bullet in that would probably be bad. Near him there was one of the ugly pigs with an axe in his hands, a good one, bigger than his own axe. Taking up his magnum he aimed at the power generator.

PANG, all the freaks looked up, trying to find the source of the thundering sound.
PANG, the Fusion Generator cracked.
PANG, the piglike monster’s head suddenly exploded.

Xander quickly put the gun away and moved, while rushing away he quickly ran to the pig and grabbed the axe before running deeper into the thick jungle. Behind him the snaillike monster looked at the power-generator. "BooShooda Na sha," he screamed in Huttese. Like a green blur Xander rushed away, dodging behind a rock when the world suddenly turned white and burning hot as flames of plasma destroyed everything in its path.

Hours later...

"Ouch. Ouch." Xander whined as he stood up. The jungle was destroyed, well some of it at least. The part near the ruin and the dimension machine was pretty much gone. His jacket and pants were burned, but at least he had a new axe.

Going back he found out that the machine was not completely destroyed. Frowning Xander walked to the survivors. The snail being was alive. "Fee. If I could only find a French cook, I would be rich." Xander said, looking at the freakish being. It looked back with a look of surprise and perhaps fear, at Xander’s green and yellow eyes, the beat of his heart still causing a pulsing in the barely noticeable glow.

"Ha.Nashoo. Hutt Goro. MaShee rekona," it said.

Xander frowned, "So you're Goro the Hutt and you would reward me IF I help you." He frowned; knowledge about languages apparently was a part of the upgrade package the unholy duo gave him.

Xander grinned. "Did you know that it was MY planet you and your friends were plundering?" He asked with a wicked smile on his lips as he pushed a button on the axe, which suddenly started to purr with an evil sound.

Goro screamed "No no." With a splat the vibroaxe cut the snails head in half.

A moment later Xander frowned, that was stupid. He was now mostly alone, only a handful of the Hutt hired help were still alive. Looking around, he walked up to another soldier and found something which looked like a gun. Grabbing it, he frowned as his hands apparently knew what it was. Safe setting, unsafe, and trigger, a burst of plasma flashed out from the blaster as Xander grinned, taking the blaster.

Instinctively understanding of basics of the object, Xander thought it was a blaster. Probably a heavy gun, but he had no idea if it was a good one or not.

Digging around, he finally found something that felt like explosives to him. At least that was what his hands were telling him. The idea of making a mistake felt bad. It almost made him afraid, which was good. Whatever this round ball was, it would create a BIG explosion.


With google eyes Xander looked at the hole where the machine once stood. "That was a BIG boom." A thermal detonator, his mind whispered, a micro nuke without the dangerous radioactive fallout. Just a short blast of plasma, which was as hot as the sun itself and unstable to carry around, a perfect diplomatic aid.

Shrugging his shoulders, Xander walked away. Following a path through the jungle, where the snail gang seemed to have moved often.


Hours later, he found landing pads with ships, strange looking alien ships, like something from Battlestar Galactica. It was chaos and confusion, everybody was in shock over the situation, and nobody stopped him or even noticed him.

Xander frowned as something guided him towards a fitting ship. It was not that big, only about 30-40 meters long and looked a bit like a turtle. He could read words on the side: "Ghtroc Industries Class 720 Freighter."

"From now on, your name will be Enterprise." Inside the ship, he saw that it was empty. He quickly closed the door, hoping the owner died in the explosion. Finally finding himself in the cockpit, Xander frowned. What now? Looking over the million and one buttons and shifts, he realized that he had NO idea what they were. "Great, what do I do now?"

A ghost like voice whispered in his mind, "That button to power up."

Xander blinked. "Alright ghost, I am listening for now, but if you trick me, I will never talk to you again." he said, pressing the indicated button. He had nothing to lose.

The engine started to power up.

"Pull the lever up and then switch the five green levers up." the voice said. Xander nodded and suddenly the ship was floating up. He grinned as he switched the levers on and suddenly he was flying at a mad break neck speed. The voice now screaming, "pull up pull up!"

Pulling everything he could at the same time, Xander managed to make a loop de loop and almost crashed in a lake before he found the right thing to pull up with. Flying slower now, the ship entered space. Xander looked around. "You do know I have NO idea where I am, what I am doing or where I'm going, right?"

The ghost was silent for a moment, before saying "My son is going to help you."

Xander grinned. "Cool. Anything you’d like me to say to your kid? And what's your name?"

A short moment later, he could see the ghostly outline of a friendly man who looked to be in his late 40´s or something, a man who had been hurt badly by life, from birth to death.

"Anakin Skywalker," the ghost said, smiling at the dimensional alien whose presence here had sent a shock wave through the Force.


It took hours before Xander and the ghost had managed to calculate the jump to Yavin 4 and the ship vanished in to hyperspace.


Later in hyperspace

"And that's the story. The life of Alexander Lavelle Harris, all 17 years of it," Xander said to the ghost as he looked at the auto-chef. Whatever had owned this ship before he stole it had great taste. Sure the food was blue, but it tasted great.

The ghost was silent as it listened, together with generations of Jedi, judging the young man from an alternate reality. If what the boy said was true, that Hutt almost destroyed a pre-space planet in an alternate reality. The boy clearly believed that what he said was true, but he also said that Demons loved trickery and lies. And that Angels where not always willing to give out the whole truth unless it was needed.

It was silent in the ship as Xander ate his meal. "So, do you think you could teach me how to run this ship?" Xander asked, hoping the ghost was still there.

"Yes, Xander, I can teach you how to run the ship," the ghost said.

Xander grinned. "Sweet. So let's start," he said, standing up eagerly.


Hours later in the engine room the ghost was feeling surprised. It seemed that the basic knowledge Xander had been given to accomplish his task included basic machinery and engines, even computers, but not how to pilot a ship.

The boy could perhaps learn how to repair an ion engine in only weeks. Logical, if what they said to Xander was true. They knew a great artifact had to be destroyed and their champion had to know how to use whatever tools he could steal and use, if he failed in a surprise attack. But piloting a star-ship was not a part of his knowledge. Anakin smiled as he began teaching the young man the basics of piloting a starship.


Days later

Xander frowned and said: "This feels weird."

The ghost just said: "Do or do not. Focus Xander, you have the gift. Stretch out, feel the cup with your mind and lift it." He had done it the day before, so Anakin wasn’t worried.

Slowly the cub started to fly as Xander focused his mind. His eyes glowed green and yellow, as one object after another started to fly around him. "Look, I'm a solar system," Xander said, as cup after cup started to fly in a circle around him. "Mercury, Venus, Earth and the moon." A tiny piece of sugar started to rotate around the cup Xander had named Earth. "Mars and Jupiter" The cubs suddenly fell down.

Xander grinned, "That wasn’t so hard. Right?"

The ghost of Anakin nodded. "You have great talent, young man. A great responsibility and danger come with that power." He said, sounding deadly dangerous.

Xander answered, "Yea, the Vader story you told me, right?"

Anakin looked at him. "With powers like yours and like me and those of my family, we do not have a choice. The dark-side is always there, a danger to anybody who is too prideful or untrained.”

A sudden alarm spooked them. "What's that?" Xander asked.

The ghost answered him, "It is the ship’s alarm. We enter normal space and the Yavin system in 20 minutes."

Xander frowned. "Already?" he asked in surprise. The ghost had said that because Xander was so untrained, the hyperspace road they had taken was longer and slower than the quicker and shorter road.

But crossing the galaxy in only 20 days was still pretty incredible.

End of Chapter One
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