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Yellow Crayon

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Summary: Little Xander gave Little Willow a Yellow Crayon, it was a touching moment. What happens when someone witnesses this moment? Can we say typical Harris luck?

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Author's Notes: Two short things, first off WIPs' I know, I know get back to work on them. SIGH. Secondly, only my twisted mind could cook up something like this, or at least I'd like to think so. Enjoy.

Disclaimer: Joss and ME Productions own all things Buffy, the characters from RAINBOW BRITE. Yep I went there. Those characters belong to Hallmark Cards, I make no claims otherwise. They aren't mine people I just cooked up this nutty idea, let's see a few more classic 80's toons to go and I think I can corner the market on BtVS/80's Toons crosses. Possibly. LOL Anyway, please don't sue me or cut off my well you know. Castration be out says I, arrrr. LOL

The children of the Earth could be the most creative and colorful when drawing pictures, adults more often than not lost that edge after a certain age, it happened to the best of them. Maybe that’s why she liked to secretly watch children when they had art class.
She looked like a ten year old little girl, but that wasn’t the truth, like all of her kind she was an immortal who had been charged with governing the colors of the world, even the universe. Her name was Shy Violet and she was a Color Kid, or at least that’s what Rainbow Brite had called them when she first joined them. Their real name for themselves was unimportant in the long run.

Today she was watching a group of young kids as they drew pretty pictures; she loved watching children and snuck away some times when Murky wasn’t causing mischief just to watch them. This group in particular was being real creative and fun, smiling she walked from picture to picture trying to decide who was the best and what they were trying to depict.
One of them had drawn a purple polka dotted giraffe with wheels for feet. Another had made a plum colored ocean filled with colorful fish, and still another was making what looked like a ten story high pink bunny with monstrous fangs and a crazy edged weapon in its hand.
That child must have run into a vampire at some point and was unsure how to describe it, the poor thing. One little red haired girl broke her yellow crayon and started to cry, Shy Violet felt for the child and was about to fix the crayon with her special crayon repairing device which sadly hadn’t been tested yet when a nervous looking dark haired boy timidly presented her with a yellow crayon.
Shy Violet burst into a glowing smile at this one act of kindness, to her way of thinking anyone willing to give the gift of color was a truly pure soul and one of the best people on Earth. Approaching the boy she placed a hand on him, he couldn’t feel it, but it didn’t matter.

“I’m going to keep my eye on you Alexander Harris,” she whispered.

“My name’s Willow what’s yours?”

“Alexander,” he replied nervously.

“Al… Al…Al… Xander,” Willow finally said beaming through the tears. “My Xander,” she stated wrapping the uncomfortable looking boy in a big ‘thank you’ hug.

Over the years she watched the boy grow up, her touch had passed on something of innocence to him among other things, and she saw the hardships his life faced every day because of his parents and the place he lived. But through it all he endured a nobility in his soul born of a desperate need to believe that things could be better. Sometimes after a particularly painful beating she would go to him and comfort him even if he couldn’t actually feel her hugging him while he cried.
It was this way that Shy Violet fell in love with a human because through it all he never lost that spark in his soul that made him who he was. She watched him even after he became a teenager and she saw him do an almost unthinkable act, and then collapse afterwards in tears though he hid it well the following morning she knew he was in pain and hoping the girl would notice, she didn’t.
Shy Violet learned to feel jealousy and hatred towards Willow after that, emotions her kind seldom experienced or desired, as time continued to pass she slowly began to wish that he could see her. And that she could be in a body that wasn’t eternally ten years old in appearance, especially after she discovered the existence of reproduction.
Human reproduction was something her kind had never witnessed before, when it was time for a Color Kid to be born she just appeared, for some reason they were mostly all girls. The boys were a rare sight indeed. Shy Violet was fascinated at the concepts of reproduction, it made her question her own origins, and she also experienced longing then. But she never tried to do anything about it because it just wasn’t their way.
This must have been why they didn’t typically watch teenagers or adults, to avoid learning about everything humans did and question everything.

As time continued to progress she grew increasingly jealous of Willow, always close to Xander and rarely appreciating him for what he contributed. At last though she became concerned when the red head lost her female lover and turned to dark magic completely, she kept an eye on her favorite boy hoping he wouldn’t do anything rash ignoring calls to return to Rainbow Land and fix something Buddy Blue had broken.
Her worst fears were realized when he confronted his friend to help save the world, desperate to protect him from himself she rushed to his side and just in time too. Leaping into the path of the magical bolt that would have killed him she took the full brunt of it, they of course didn’t see her, or hear her when she cried out in pain. The magic played over her ripping down to her very core and she felt the intense burning of her insides, if this is what death felt like no wonder humans grieved for their lost loved ones. She couldn’t stop now, the witch was blasting him again, forcing herself to take the next blast she screamed again and lost her glasses as she fell to the ground.

“Violet!” a familiar voice cried out almost in a panic as Rainbow Brite appeared rushing to her side. Willow was going to attack again she had to stop her from killing him. “What are you doing?”

“P-P-Protect Xander,” Violet replied struggling to get up.

“He’s a teenager, why are you trying to protect him?” Rainbow Brite couldn’t understand, she’d been taken from Earth at a young age changed from her human body into one that resembled the Color Kids; she actually was ten years old for the rest of eternity. Violet pitied her, her lack of understanding.

“He gave color to a little girl once,” she tried to explain with a sad smile.

“You could die.” Violet laughed.

“If it means he gets to live I don’t care,” she said and she forced herself to her feet. What she saw made her heart fall, he was hugging her, her! The witch who not five seconds ago had been trying to kill him, if only she could be visible, if only she could be physically older so she could tell the witch off and not come off as a bossy brat like some little kids were.

“Violet why are you glowing?” Rainbow Brite asked nervously backing away from her friend. Blinking her mind cleared and she glanced down to find she was in fact glowing, her body suddenly exploded into renewed pain and she cried out collapsing to the ground, the pain was ten times worse then before. In front of his very eyes she felt the fires spread as her limbs started to grow, and grow, and grow until she wasn’t a Color Kid anymore. Now she was a Color Adult, but he still couldn’t see her, he left with Willow.
At least her clothing grew with her, but the pain wasn’t over yet and neither was the peculiar development, some of her hair fell from her head and something passed between her and the silky violet strands. In a flash a second Shy Violet lay asleep at her feet.

“What is this?” the grown up Violet wondered confused and intrigued both at the same time.

“You covet the human, this is the way of things, she will take your place with no memory of Alexander Harris or the time spent watching him and you shall take my place.” Appearing before the three of them was an auburn haired woman who looked somewhat like Rainbow Brite if she’d grown up and had red hair.

“Your place, I don’t quite understand. Who are you?” Violet asked.

“Once long ago I was like you, a Color Kid, but I too fell in love with a human boy and I became the mother of the Color Kids. Now it is your turn to assume my place so that I may rest in the eternal sleep, it is the natural order of things.” The woman’s explanation filled her heart with sadness and Shy Violet moved to embrace her, Rainbow Brite still looked confused as she helped the other Shy Violet to her feet.

“Rainbow Brite what are we doing here?” the other Violet asked.

“Nothing, you just… You were lost.” The other Violet eyed her grown up self curiously and then noticed Rainbow Brite was crying.

“Why are you crying Rainbow Brite?” she asked.

“I don’t know,” her friend replied. “I think we should go home to Rainbow Land now,” she suggested. The Color Adult Shy Violet approached her friend and knelt down giving her a hug.

“Goodbye Rainbow Brite,” she whispered, “don’t be said this is what I’ve always wanted now I get to be with Xander.”

“G-G-Goodbye Vi…” Rainbow Brite stopped herself from saying the name and then she took the copy and left still crying, still upset, Violet turned to the other woman.

“What now?” she asked.

“He has been gifted with our immortality, but it will not be easy for him to leave his friends. It never is,” she replied with a sigh. “You’ll have to win his heart before you can officially take my place and you will also need to show him Rainbow Land, explain its place in the order of things, they won’t be able to see either of you there anymore. Except Murky Dismal but you have nothing to fear from him, he doesn’t bother himself with Color Adults.” The woman smiled mischievously. “I wish you good luck Shy Violet.” Violet smiled in return and hugged the other woman.

“What was your name before you became like me?” she asked forever curious.

“Scarlet Red.” Violet frowned the only Color Kid she knew with the name Red was Red Butler.

“There’s no Scarlet Red in Rainbow Land, wasn’t a clone created of you too?” Scarlet Red smiled a sad little smile.

“She’s still there, but her destiny meant she had to be reborn on Earth and become a human,” Scarlet Red revealed with a pained expression. Being the smartest among the Color Kids Violet realized who she was talking about immediately.

“Rainbow Brite.” Eyes wide she re-adjusted her glasses having recovered them shortly after the ordeal of growing up had finished.

“Rainbow Brite,” Scarlet Red confirmed with another sad smile, “now go and win your man’s heart. It will be arduous, he will deny you at first, they always do, but in the end they can not escape their destiny.”

“How exactly would you recommend I win him over? Tempt him with sex?” Violet asked at last using the term humans called reproduction. Being in the body of an adult now she didn’t feel ashamed for wanting to use the word.

“That’s not exactly the best way to go about doing it as you probably should know from watching him with Anya,” Scarlet pointed out. Shy Violet blushed and then realized something else extremely important.

“Can adults see me now?” she asked.

“Only Xander and his friends if you so desire.”

“Oh I desire, I have some words for them,” Violet declared in a huff. Giving Scarlet a final hug goodbye she started down the bluff after the others, when she got through with them they’d be sorry they ever messed with her Xander.

“Try not to alienate or antagonize them too much,” Scarlet cautioned, “you’ll never land him if he sees you as a harpy my dear.”

“Right, good idea, thanks for the advice Scarlet Red.”

Shy Violet didn’t want to just barge in, but she longed to speak with her Xander at very long last so she decided that even if she was intruding on an emotional moment it was now or never. Fixing her glasses and straightening out her new violet hued mini-skirt she marched right up to the door of Sixteen Thirty Revello Drive and promptly walked right in, using her magic to pass through the wooden door without bothering to knock. For her trouble she got a fist in the face and a big bruise appeared on her cheek, ignoring the pain she eyed the younger blonde woman who was massaging her hand, it was Anya.

“What did you hit me for?” Violet asked.

“I thought you were something else,” Anya said, “who are you and why are you here?”

“I have come to speak with Xander Harris and his friends, which you no longer are, my name is Shy Violet and that hurt,” she stated.

“And I thought Buffy was a horrible name,” a younger blonde commented as she joined them in the front hall.

“What do you need to talk to Xander for?” Anya demanded angry that Violet had said she was no longer one of Xander’s friends. It hurt even if it was slightly true, but not for any reasons the girl in front of her should be able to know about.

“That’s between him and me,” Violet replied feeling that the straight forward approach would probably be wise.

“Is your first name really Shy?” the other girl asked. Violet smiled and circled Dawn curiously; she’d never seen a key like this before.

“Always has been, are you really the Key of Dagon?” she asked. The girl paled. “Fascinating, I’ve always wondered how somebody could use magic to fashion a human shell out of a mystical key. It isn’t that easy after all. You’d need months of preparation, at least three separate pieces of the templates genetic makeup and a very powerful caster. Not to mention the complications that could arise if anything was the tiniest bit off, for example if they’d accidentally gotten your mother’s DNA instead of your sister’s. Can your blood still open dimensional gateways or did that go away, I’d love to study some of it if you’ll let me I’ve been trying to come up with a new protection device just in case that fool Murky actually does manage to get his hands on the Rainbow Belt again that could instantly summon it back to Rainbow Brite’s hands.”

“Alright nobody is experimenting with my sister’s blood,” the Slayer stated emerging from the kitchen. Violet was faced with a very sharp sword and an equally angry Slayer. “Just how do you know about Dawn? What do you want with Xander? And why does your hair look like that?” Violet blinked owlishly and took a step away from the sword, immortality did not equate invulnerability and she had no interest in losing her head. Having no body meant not being able to discover all the joys of what adults could do, and she already had a list of every position she wanted to try at least four times. Not out of any real urges, it was just her way, always make lists and plan things out for the future otherwise she’d never get any of her inventions finished.

“I know about Dawn because I have observed you for a long time due to your association with Xander, what I want him for is a private matter between us that you don’t need to know about because quite frankly it is none of your business Miss bossy two-shoes and judging from his track record you wouldn’t approve anyway. As for my hair it has always been this natural violet in color, if you bothered to pay attention you would have noticed I am also wearing violet shoes a violet skirt and matching violet top, in fact even my underwear is violet. Hence the name Shy Violet, it’s one of those theme things, I never questioned it after all what would be the point. I am supposed to be in charge of the color violet so I wear violet clothes and have violet colored hair to indicate my station.” Her explanations didn’t appear to erase the Slayer’s suspicions so with a sigh Violet moved and sat down on the couch. “I will only talk to Xander now about my reason for being here, I should have known better then to approach a Vampire Slayer with my problems, our worlds just aren’t compatible by any stretch of the imagination. I suppose that’s why we aren’t supposed to be watching over teenagers and adults even though we are already well aware of the night life in your world. Until he is finished consoling that witch friend of his who is a total bitch, uh I’m sorry I’m still just a little bit upset about what she tried to do to Xander, I believe it would be safer for me to remain unseen.” And with that she vanished right in front of their eyes, Violet giggled at their reactions and settled in to wait, it could be a long time but she didn’t have anywhere else to be. Not now that she had a clone in Rainbow Land running around to see to her work.

Days passed and Buffy kept Xander out of her house, she also kept trying to find the strange violet loving woman not realizing that she’d never left the living room of her house, Violet was patient she could wait and wait she did. Moving around the living room examining the television set, the stereo, late at night she would take them apart while everyone was asleep. She’d always been fascinated by human technology Rainbow Land had no need for such frivolities, but that didn’t stop the Color Kids from misappropriating a few things back in the past. Canary Yellow had fallen in love with some band called Jem and the Holograms back during the eighties and had all of their records, it wasn’t the same as the CDs though that humans used nowadays. Shy Violet made a point of picking up the new Jem CDs for Canary feeling the urge to give her a gift even if she couldn’t see the Color Adult.
Red Butler had wanted to learn how to play music, he got an electric guitar and made Violet modify it so it would match his color theme, and he abandoned it after three days because the Sprites couldn’t take any more of his ‘music’. Indigo however found an interest in baking, she picked it up from their friends in Strawberry Land, a little out of the way dimension where Strawberry Shortcake lived. Indigo liked all the smells she could make when she baked so she got an oven and asked Violet to make it run on Star Sprites. Violet had been more then eager to help seeing as how she had an insatiable sweet tooth. Color Kids didn’t need to eat human food to survive, but they did enjoy all the wonderful tastes that could be made.

A month passed with her dismantling and rebuilding every appliance in the house with none being the wiser, Mister Giles and the witch left for England to begin curing her of her magic addiction. Dawn was made ready for high school and Anya dropped off the face of the Earth, but Violet knew better, the woman had become a demon again and was working for D’Hoffryn which is why she was never around. Violet never once thought to just leave the house and go find Xander; after all she was immortal and had no desire to scare her would-be husband and lover off by turning into some stalker. So she just did what came natural to her, absconding with a few notepads and pens from Dawn’s school supplies she began to draw up plans for all of the stuff they’d need in their house.
Assuming Xander wanted to move to Rainbow Land, but Violet was an optimistic person, and since he was now as immortal as the rest of the beings inhabiting Rainbow Land she didn’t see much of a choice for him once all the Scoobies died.
Finally her persistence paid off and Xander walked into the house one day with a bag full of groceries and Buffy in tow.

“It’s about time,” she said reappearing in front of them both.

“Gahhh!” Xander cried almost jumping out of his skin.

“You,” Buffy said reaching for a weapon only to find they weren’t where they should have been.

“I moved them when I heard you coming,” Violet explained with a cheeky smile.

“You’ve been sitting there this whole time?” she accused glaring darkly at the violet loving woman.

“Wow talk about persistent,” Xander commented with a laugh.

“Well I did become this way because of you Xander Harris, the least you could have done was hear me out.”

“You want to run that by me again?” he asked. “This time maybe in English.”

“Guys,” Violet said with a sigh. “Is there somewhere we can talk in private?” she requested eyeing Buffy briefly with a hint of distaste.

“Uh uh, I’m not letting you get him alone,” Buffy declared.

“Afraid I might eat him? Maybe after we’ve gotten to know one another better,” Violet said with a wink. She was intentionally mimicking Faith’s old habit simply to rile up the petite blonde. “Honestly though the only things I need to sustain me are Star Sprites,” she said with a shake of her head as she pulled a few sprinkly looking violet mini-stars out of her pocket and popped them in her mouth like candy.

“Oh my god she’s an alien, it finally happened.”

“Don’t be absurd Xander,” Violet said with a pout.

“If you aren’t an alien then what are you?” he demanded. “Is this another super hot demon jonesing for the Xan-man deal, cause I’ve had my fill of those after Anya.” His tone was one of joking, but Violet could hear the raw pain still there underneath the false cheer.

“I used to be a Color Kid, now I suppose Color Adult will suffice as far as what I am,” Violet replied reluctantly. She didn’t want to talk about this in front of Buffy, she didn’t know how the Slayer would react to finding out that the Earth’s colors came from some mystical dimension filled with little cherub faced children. It wasn’t that absurd from her perspective, from Buffy’s who knew how she’d react.

“Color Kid, Color Adult,” Buffy repeated in a sarcastic and mystified tone.

“Color Kids are those in charge of safeguarding the colors of the world, we, I mean they make sure Earth has all the colors of the rainbow helping give it happiness and hope. Did you really think that the forces of evil were the only ones out there? We, they live in Rainbow Land and are immortal, never aging. Humans generally can’t see us when we use our magic to visit Earth though it isn’t often we come here, once in a while we can choose to let someone see us if we want, mostly kids. In fact only kids, that’s why my name is Shy Violet, I used to be in charge of the colors in the violet spectrum, and I made a lot of interesting and practical gadgets. But that all changed on Kingman’s Bluff,” she explained readjusting her glasses and blushing. Buffy’s expression told her exactly what the Slayer thought of her ‘tall tale’ but Xander’s expression remained unreadable.

“That. That sounds like a fairy tale or something,” he said in obvious shock.

“It sounds crazy,” Buffy said glaring at Violet. “A bunch of immortal little kids in charge of the colors of the Earth living in some magical happy time fun land, what are you on lady?” Violet shook her head and moved to the pair of them, Buffy inched away from her with an uneasy look on her face while Xander remained stuck in perpetual denial mode.

“If you need visual proof to believe my story then I guess I have no choice Slayer,” she said and then she grabbed both of them by the wrist and dragged them through a rainbow which appeared out of nowhere. In an instant they were standing near the village where Shy Violet had lived her entire existence, except that brief time the evil shadow took over everything. The two humans stared in utter disbelief at all the bright colors and the Sprites running to and fro. Violet knew that no one could see them, because humans have never been to Rainbow Land after growing up, not even Rainbow Brite’s little crush Brian. Not that Rainbow Brite would ever admit to crushing on the human boy.

“Oh my God,” Buffy blurted.

“I’m right with you Buff,” Xander said his jaw dropping.

“I can see that girl’s panties,” Buffy stated pointing to Patty O’Green. “Do they always dress that way?”

“Now I see why adults never come here, I never noticed before but some of us do have a tendency to dress in ways that might come across as provocative to dirty minded people… I never thought you were a dirty minded person Slayer,” Violet remarked with a curious look.

“I’m not, I mean kids just shouldn’t dress like that it’s not right, what if somebody showed up and tried something?” she demanded sounding almost like a protective mother. Violet laughed.

“The only somebody around here besides the Color Kids is Murky Dismal, and he’s a pushover as far as villains go,” she revealed.

“Hi Violet,” Rainbow Brite said startling her from the moment. At first she thought her old friend was talking to her directly, she had seen her as an adult back on Kingman’s Bluff, but no it was the clone she was talking to.

“Hi Rainbow Brite,” Shy Violet replied the Color Kid waved at her friend and continued tinkering with one of her inventions. Violet walked up to her younger self with a deep sense of loss, she could never reclaim the life she used to lead all because she’d fallen in love with a human over the simplest of things. That stupid yellow crayon, yellow wasn’t even her jurisdiction and yet she’d been moved enough to spy on Xander all of his life because of some unseen destiny.

“Did we go back in time?” Xander asked nervously as he moved to join her.

“No, that’s my other self, she was born the day I became a Color Adult,” Violet explained softly.

“Yeah about that, when did that happen exactly?” Buffy asked.

“I told you Kingman’s Bluff, the day Willow tried to end the world.”

“What?” Xander whirled to face her and Violet smiled wistfully.

“Do you honestly think you could have survived those attacks she used by yourself? I was there Xander; that was the blackest of black magics, stuff no Color Kid has ever been exposed to. I took the brunt of their power and I hypothesize that was the reason for my change on top of my feelings towards you,” she revealed once again blushing. Buffy and Xander shared a knowing look and Xander smirked.

“So when did you fall for me?” he wondered. “When you were this little?” he asked pointing to her clone.

“I told you we never grow up, except I guess in special circumstances like this one, so yes I was my old age appearance wise. To be blunt I’m at least several thousand years older than Anya, Color Kids have been around since way before humans, we also see to the distribution of colors to the entire universe.” Violet laughed at the expression on Xander’s face after hearing that, but she still hadn’t addressed his first question. “I fell in love with you the first day I met you, though I still didn’t understand what love was, some of the more complex human emotions are simplified in our world. It was the same day you first became friends with Willow, I saw what you did. I was watching the kids draw.” She blushed again. “I liked to watch children draw, they always used so many imaginative combinations of colors, it made me feel warm inside and some of what they came up with gave me a few ideas for the inventions we use here in Rainbow Land. Then you gave Willow your yellow crayon because she broke hers and started crying, you gave Willow the gift of color, to a Color Kid that’s the most important thing you could ever give.” Violet smiled timidly in Xander’s direction and then turned to look at her old home again watching her other self as she worked. She never noticed before but she could be a little absent minded when she got going, did she really used to talk out loud describing every detail of what she was doing to herself?

“You fell in love with him because he gave Willow a yellow crayon?” Buffy asked completely baffled. “Tons of kids give each other their crayons, heck I gave Tommy my purple, brown and red Crayons back in third grade,” she said waving her arms about absently, “I can’t believe you’ve never seen a boy give a girl a crayon before.”

“I know, I’m not stupid my IQ is at least equal to Willow’s perhaps even greater, but there was just something different about the way Xander gave his to Willow alright, I could try and explain it to you but I’ve been trying to figure it out for years myself and I’m still drawing a blank.” Violet shot Buffy a glare daring her to question her, Xander looked at her with a complete loss for words, he thought that moment was a special memory between Willow and him now he found out this strange mystically empowered woman had also seen him do it back when she was just a kid.

“You… You watched me ever since didn’t you?” he finally asked.

“Yes, I couldn’t stay away from you. I wanted to hold you and comfort you so many times, but children born near the Hellmouth can never see us, too much dark energy infused into their souls,” she explained softly a longing in her tone that made Xander back away from her in stunned amazement.

“Then how come we can see you now?” Buffy asked once again suspicious of Violet’s true motives.

“Color Kids are charged with protecting the world’s colors, we never asked where we came from ever. We just existed and never thought about it you know. Apparently Scarlet Red used to be a Color Kid, until she fell in love with a human too, then she became a Color Adult. I’m not sure who was the Color Adult before her, I should have asked, but anyway Color Adults give birth to Color Kids,” Violet explained feeling her cheeks grow red hot. She was still innocent to the way that worked; after all she’d only been a Color Adult for a month and hadn’t even really thought about the reproductive side of things since making her list on positions and promptly ignoring it in favor of what their new home was going to need.

“Are you saying we’re like their parents now?” Xander demanded his cheeks growing red to match hers. Her face became a mask of apprehensiveness, she hadn’t thought about that.

“Er, I don’t think so, but the new Color Kids yet to be born, we’ll definitely be their parents,” Violet replied softly.

“You are certifiable, why would I ever give up my kids to live without me in this whacky place? Why would I even have kids with you?” he said it angrily, but his anger was more directed at himself, she had seen what his parents were like. He didn’t believe he could ever be a good father for anyone, which was probably why he’d made sure Anya used the before and after pills every time they had sex, not that Violet should even know about that, was she blushing again?

“Color Adults are just as immortal as Color Kids Xander, you’re destined to be with me now so that means you are immortal too,” she revealed in a low nervous tone. Xander stared at her in shock, Buffy did too and then she stared at Xander poking him in the arm to see if he was any different.

“Cut that out,” he snapped, “if I’m immortal I sure as heck don’t feel any different. What does it mean to be immortal huh?”

“You’ll never age, never get sick or catch any diseases if you got anything from Anya and didn’t know about it or Faith or anyone else you might have had sex with then it’s gone, basically you can’t die,” Violet replied listing it off mechanically it was old hat to her she saw no reason to sugar coat it.

“I notice you didn’t mention injuries,” he said calling her on the one thing she really never wanted to have to tell anybody. Especially not in front of the Slayer, Buffy could use it against her some day.

“You can be injured, just not fatally, but if something or someone does something severe enough to you for example if they cut off one of your body parts it won’t grow back. And it can’t be re-attached, naturally I mean I know some types of demons can re-attach their heads when they get them cut off like that Lorne character, but we’re not built that way,” she explained.

“How do you know that?” Buffy demanded eyeing her with a morbid sense of curiosity.

“I have studied different brands of immortality for a considerable length of time, Color Kids are immortal so are Strawberry Shortcake and her friends as well as the ponies of Pony Land. We are not invulnerable, you’d be surprised how many beings equate the two together,” she explained. “Fortunately Rainbow Land is a safe place so no one can really hurt you here, but if you go back to help your friends… you would have to live with whatever consequences came of it for the rest of eternity,” she said in a forlorn tone. Violet knew Xander couldn’t ignore his friends no matter how hard she wished it. She took his hand in hers and smiled slightly up at him. “I know I can’t stop you from doing what you do, but couldn’t there be some other way?”

“I…” Xander turned away from her and stared at the people and buildings all around them with a lost look.

“I don’t think he’s coping very well.” Buffy patted Violet on the shoulder, her tone was sympathetic both for Violet and Xander; it was a far cry from her attitude since coming to Rainbow Land. She took a step towards her friend and placed her hand in his forcing him to look into her eyes. “Maybe you should send us back to Earth I think we need some time to talk by ourselves.”

“It’s not easy is it, to learn you’re going to outlive everyone and everything you ever cared for.” Violet lowered her eyes feeling like she might burst into tears. “I’m sorry Xander, if I knew that falling in love with a human would lead to this… I’ll send you home, when you’re ready just call for me and I’ll come to talk and if you want bring you back here.” With those words she sent them back to Buffy’s house and then she collapsed bursting into fresh tears, strong arms wrapped around her and she looked up into a stranger’s eyes.

“There, there my little girl, it’s ok,” he said smiling warmly at her.

“Who are you?” she asked through the tears.

“I’m your father Vi honey, the women go to the eternal sleeping place, but we men stick around for a couple more centuries to help ease the new Color Adult into her role as mother,” the stranger explained. “Scarlet Red’s husband took my place though, he couldn’t bear to part with her, and it’s not uncommon so I volunteered to carry on with my duty.”

“Oh. Father?” The man nodded and Violet wrapped her arms tightly around him. “Daddy.” She wept into his chest and the man patted the top of her head soothing her nerves. “I always wondered where we came from in the back of my mind if we had parents like humans did, but my research never showed any evidence.”

“I know.” He chuckled. “Come on I’ll show you where Color Adults live,” he said leading her off down the path that led away from Rainbow Land’s castle.

“I have so many questions,” she admitted.

“I’ll answer what I can, I promise you that much, but I won’t be able to stay long,” he returned.

“What was my mother like?” Violet asked tears shining in her eyes, smiling he continued to lead her to her new home and began to regale her with the tale of her mother. A woman by the name of Ocher Yellow.

Days turned into weeks, weeks became months and in that time Violet grew more and more worried for Xander, she didn’t look in on him she wanted to be courteous towards his privacy and feelings, thus she busied herself fixing up the house the way she hoped he would want it. She also learned a lot about the role of the Color Adults before her father Ronald went into the basement and joined her mother in the eternal sleep, which wasn’t as bad as it sounded.

Rainbow Land was created by God and bestowed upon two of her first chosen light bringers, Bartlow Black and Wendy White, they gave birth to the first seven Color Kids and created the Sphere of Light and the Rainbow Belt to help oversee the distribution of all the worlds’ colors. Time passed and in the beginning the Color Kids all grew up to be Color Adults still overseeing their sacred duty, until the coming of the Dark Shadow, he imprisoned all of the Color Adults and stole the Rainbow Belt trying to destroy Earth’s hope.

Bartlow Black escaped him and managed to use the Sphere of Light to imprison the Dark Shadow in the Gloom Pits. He couldn’t free his wife or children though so he used the power still left in the belt to turn himself into seven brand new Color Kids sacrificing himself so that Rainbow Land could be restored. Eventually Wendy and the first generation were freed by the efforts of the new generation who told Wendy what Bartlow did, Wendy devastated by this revelation entered the eternal sleep and left her children in charge of the new Color Kids.

Years passed uneventfully until the Color Adults discovered that unlike the original Color Kids their children weren’t immortal, and a quest was born out to discover a new source of immortality. The first Dismal came to Rainbow Land during that quest and settled near the Gloom Pits, to stay forever young the third generation of Color Kids all ate the Star Sprites and everything happened as it did now in the current generation, with one of the Color Kid girls eventually falling in love with a human and producing the next generation of Color Kids.

This was done so that eventually all of the current generation could be rewarded with the eternal sleep as God had planned for them, but the Dark Shadow used the Gloom Pits to slowly regain power until he could return, that’s when the prophecy about Rainbow Brite was discovered. She was destined to destroy the Dark Shadow once and for all, because she was reborn as a human and only a human could eliminate the creature known as the Dark Shadow, apparently.
Scarlet Red used to be Red Butler’s twin sister. But she never remembered a twin for her friend, then again to get technical all of the Color Kids as it turned out were actually brothers and sisters even if they didn’t know it or resembled one another. Indigo had black skin, LaLa Orange had a crush on Red and she had to wear glasses where none of the others had vision problems.

It was all very fascinating so Shy Violet decided to write it all in a book just in case Xander chose not to come back. Like the one husband who left Rainbow Land in his grief forever and was known on Earth simply as The Immortal.

“Shy Violet.” Waking from a restless doze Violet couldn’t believe it, he was calling for her, quickly getting dressed she rushed down to Earth and the man she longed to see again. Praying that he was actually interested in getting to know her as a person.

“Xander,” she cried appearing in a place she didn’t recognize. It was colder then she expected and a fog was rolling in. “Where, where are we?” she wondered.

“A castle in Scotland,” he replied staying just out of her sight in the shadows of the relatively small room.

“Oh Xander you called for me, does this mean, should I dare to hope?” she asked. Xander chuckled bitterly at her question and her heart fell, had Xander called her just to tell her he’d decided to stay away from her?

“I tried to ignore everything you told me Vi,” he admitted with a soft sigh, “first I buried myself in what we do as a group. I tried to rekindle my past romance with a woman I thought I loved. She died when Sunnydale collapsed,” he said shocking her to the core.

“Sunnydale collapsed,” she repeated awed, “the level of mystical energies required alone to destroy a Hellmouth are beyond calculation. No one has ever destroyed one before,” she said flabbergasted.

“Yeah I know, there was this amulet, it was a whole prophesized thing,” he quipped with a dark chuckle.

“Interesting,” Violet remarked her curiosity piqued, “do you still have the amulet?” Xander shook his head taking a step out of the shadows but keeping his left side hidden from her sight.

“I wandered aimlessly, I wound up at Dracula’s place and Buffy had to come get me.” Violet gasped and Xander smirked at her reaction. “Heard of him huh?”

“I was always fascinated by anything and everything about the place we gave the colors to, I spent a lot of time researching Earth, did you know the Slayer was empowered by a benign entity close to a demon on the genetic level? It isn’t a true demon, but a half breed who was created part demon and part fey by God, she was shunned by everyone so she agreed to let the Shadow Men hide her in the body of their chosen demon hunter and you… don’t care.” She saw his expression was one of mild interest but also bemusement, Xander laughed and held out his hand in a gesture of acceptance and sympathy, she took his hand and let him pull her closer into his arms. At last she was being held by those arms she’d fantasized about all those lonely nights.

“Giles and Dawn might like to know that, Buffy not so much,” he said.

“What happened after you came here, I’m assuming you did come here after the Dracula thing,” she said.

“I met someone, she was beautiful and strong and funny… she was killed during a Slayer thing. Buffy told me I shouldn’t let it get to me so much, but she’s been in no shape to give me advice in the feelings department. She’s used people before now she seems to be falling back into that pattern,” Xander said his voice was bitter and pained. Everything that happened must have really taken their toll on him, wrapping her arms around him she rested her head on his shoulder trying to imbue him with feelings of comfort and relief.

“Then you called me to take you home?” she asked once more daring to hope.

“I called you to take me out of this life for a little bit, so I can get to know you. Maybe let my heart and soul finally heal,” he whispered a tear falling onto her cheek. Glancing up with a radiant smile she gasped in shock at the sight that greeted her, at last she could she his face, his whole face and the eye patch covering his left eye.

“Oh Xander,” she said reaching up and briefly touching the rough leather material, “you love them all so much you risked your own safety for them.” It was obvious to a person as smart as she was, Xander was so self-sacrificing for his friends. And sometimes they could be so insensitive to that trait, no, ignorant.

“You don’t look at me and see something to pity?” His question once again took her by surprise and she smiled.

“Never, I’ve watched you grow up Xander Harris, you are a selfless pure soul. That you can’t see your own self-worth is the only thing I pity about you,” she said softly her cheeks flushing with her emotions. Xander smiled and caressed her hair running his fingers through the tresses.

“Maybe I can learn to love somebody again,” he said in a gentle tone. Her heart soared and she daringly gave the man who’d capture her heart a chaste kiss, her first kiss, it was everything she imagined and hoped it would be.

“Do you need time to say goodbye?” she asked.

“I took care of that before calling for you, Willow understood, she was a little curious about Rainbow Land. I told her I’d bring pictures back maybe, take me away from all this oppressive darkness,” he requested in a tired tone of voice. Smiling she summoned her powers and in an instant they were back in Rainbow Land, leading him up to the house she hoped that she could help take his mind off of the troubles he had because of the life he chose for himself. Eventually he might want to go back there, but for right this minute she had him all to herself and before he started pining for his friends she vowed privately to herself to get started on that list of hers. She may be immortal, but even immortal women had needs.

The End

The End

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