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They´re creepy and they´re kooky....

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Summary: Spike goes on a rather interesting date.... Spike-Wednesday.. mention of necrophillia-ish stuff... Come on, it's the Addams Family...

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Television > Addams' Family, TheEleneaFR1811,127021,53114 Mar 0914 Mar 09Yes
I'm not very good at it, I know.. But I just wanted to share this story. I wrote it after a interesting conversation, and a friend of mine dared me to write this. It's un-beta'd, I'm dutch so my grammar might be a bit off... Forgive me, I try to do my best though... And it's a one-shot, so no more.....

I don't own anything you recognise, so please don't sue. I do however own Ted and Harrold...

Mention of Necrophillia, sort of... Consider yourself warned.

On with the story... reviews are greatly appreciated.

(edit) Thanks to the lovely Demona who had beta'd this for me I am able to post it. Like I said, I'm dutch, and not that good at grammar...


He walked through the neighborhood, disgusted by the plain white houses and carefully arranged flower pieces in front of the window. The street was clean, nothing on the floor, not even a gum wrapper. In the distance there was a scream, and an evil chuckle. He soon found out from which house it was: the last one on the block, surrounded by massive green land which appeared to be a swamp. Toxic fumes almost screamed death as they rose into the sky. And there she was, a very stunning pale skinned girl, with long hair braided in two separate long black braids which hung loosely around her shoulders. Her black make-up combined with the black dress gave her a gothic appearance, her stoic face remained passive even when he stood in front of her. Her dark eyes empty hollows of darkness where someone could drown in. There wasn’t even a twitch in her face as he looked at her, and broke into a smile. Now that was his kind of girl.

"The name's Spike, luv," Spike said as he introduced himself. He was mildly amused when her face showed the slightest of movement and made a very small, almost deadly smile.

"I know all about you William," Wednesday replied in a deadpanned voice. "I’m Wednesday."

"And just how do you know my name luv?" Spike asked, holding a knife in his pocket firmly between his fingers. When she didn't respond he looked her in the eye while raising the knife, ready to make a threat. She didn't seem to take offence.

"You think my family would let you go out with me if they didn't know who you are?" she simply answered, and looked at him. The moon shone in her eyes and created a mystical look. Anybody with a sane heart would run, but Spike couldn't care less. His heart was already dead anyways. "They always look after me, and after hearing about you, they instantly wanted to meet you, William the bloody."

"I like them already," Spike answered with a smile on his face. He’d thank Angel later for setting them up.

They walked on a crooked path along the swamp, the deadly fumes clinging to their bodies. A hand could be seen walking, or actually tapping through the garden holding a syringe. Another scream could be heard and the large mansion door opened.

Wednesday entered and Spike followed her, marveling at the gruesome appearance of the house.

"It seems nobody of the family is home, make yourself comfortable on that chair and I will be right back," Wednesday said as she walked towards the long stairs.

Spike waited patiently, looking around in the house. The paintings seemed to follow him, a hairy lamp was placed on a table. He reached for it, and suddenly eyes appeared and it tried to bite him. He ran and stood on a chair, watching that thing attacking the wood.

He looked around and found a heavy candle holder which he used to hit the lamp with, with no success.

The large outer door opened with a loud creak and two figures appeared.

"Harrold, what did I say about attacking strangers?" the woman said and the lamp seemed to calm down. "I’m very sorry, he always gets excited when he sees new people."

Spike nodded, stepping down carefully. To his surprise the lamp seemed to be purring when she picked it up.

"Forgive our manners, I’m Gomez and this is my wife Morticia, we are honored to have you in our house William," Gomez said as he shook hands with Spike. At that moment Wednesday walked down, holding a tray of food, and a goblet of red fluid.

"I thought you might be thirsty," Wednesday said as she handed the goblet to Spike. He took a sniff, and gently took a sip. It was freshly killed blood. He broke into a smile.

"Thanks darling," Spike answered as he looked at her parents. They looked old, not their appearance, but their souls. "This is quite a place you have here, I love it."

"Merci William, it’s been in the family for centuries," Morticia replied and gave him a smile. It was the same awkward unnatural smile as her daughter, but it was a bit warmer.

"Tish, that’s French," Gomez said with loud enthusiasm and kissed his wife's laced arm.

Just when he looked around a boy ran in, about twenty with a very red face. He stopped and puffed for air. "Mum, you have to see this? Ted is having some fun," he said during breaths and looked at their guest. "I’m Pugsley, nice to meet you William."

"You too," Spike answered as he followed everybody outside. What he saw was something he would never forget. Ted turned out to be a skull, probably from one of his victims. And it was rapidly moving his bones. A small eye bone stuck out, and it appeared to be poking in and out of a dead body. It made absolutely no sense at all. It seemed to be fucking a dead body, and it was dead, or undead as well. Talk about necrophilia.

The hand he’d seen earlier was tapping against Wednesday’s leg, holding an empty syringe. It was rapidly tapping, creating some sort of language, and Wednesday sighed.

Ted seemed to have stopped, and just lay on the ground lifeless.

"Thing, what did I tell you about resurrecting dead people? You knew how Ted was like when he was alive, it’s worse when he’s dead. You knew we had to dismember him. Can you imagine what happened if you resurrect other certain body parts?" Morticia said, "Gomez dear, could you get the antidote? Sorry about that William, we should be more careful to where our potions are."

"That’s ok, I’m never going to forget that, that’s for sure." He chuckled and Wednesday dragged him back into the house.

He would thank Angel later, right now he had a spooky evening planned with a very spooky girl.

The End

You have reached the end of "They´re creepy and they´re kooky....". This story is complete.

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