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Meeting of the Minds

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Summary: HP, Buffy/Angel crossover, varied characters and how they may meet. parings vary, from slash, to conventional

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All right, boys and girls, some of my pairings are, slash, het, and all that is between. There are going to be threesomes, and girl-somes and other-somes.


“This wasn’t my idea you know? I didn’t ask for this.” Cordelia whipped around her eyes dark, smoldering with rage.

“I’ve been kidnapped, held hostage, and told I will be marrying you in ten hours. Tell me how you would react if you were in my position?!” Snarling Draco flung the book he had been handling a crossed the room.

It said something that both of them felt better when it hit a lamp causing it to shatter.

“You think I don’t know. I can’t walk out of this room anymore then you can. I’ve been stripped of everything, including my magic, and in ten hours my life is going to be bond to you as much as your going to be bond to me.

Cordelia stared at the shattered lamp for many moments. I’m a squib, like my parents and my parents, parents. We’ve always married squibs from powerful families what changed?”

“The war. The war with Voldemort. The magical community has been cut in half. Devastating losses on both sides. Whole wizarding lines have been wiped out. Squibs fled or died. Your parents wouldn’t’ be able to find a suitable partner for you. So they did what my parents did. They went looking for the next best thing. Someone to boost there power.”

“If you can’t add to the blood line, then add to the money.” Cordelia sneered. “and what do you get out of this? If my parents get power, why would your parents agree to the arrangement.” I always heard the Malfoy's were very blood selective.”

Draco nodded walking over towards the liquor bar. He pulled out two bottles of wine, one with a dark brown cork another with a light tan one. He popped open the tan bottle, and poured himself a large glass, he raised a single eyebrow in question at Cordelia. Her sharp nod was all he needed to pour her one as well.

“My family was not on the winning side. Or I should say my father wasn’t. With his death our family was cleared or all charges. Mostly due to paying off some and threatening others. My mother was able to take over the family vaults and business. But she can only hold them for one year before she will begin to louse them to distant relatives of the Malfoy line.”

“I don’t’ get it. Your of the Malfoy line, why don’t’ you just take over. And what the hell does that have to do with me?”

Draco snorted, “I can’t take over the Malfoy business till I produce a ligament heir. The only way to do that is to marry a woman that my parents sign off on. They must sign the marriage contract of the marriage and any child produced from that union will not be seen as a Malfoy. My mother legally took over the business sixty-two days ago. Which means I have 303 days, or a little over ten months to get married and conceive a heir. My mothers decided that the Malfoy name needs a ‘pick-me-up’, and what better way to show we don’t follow Voldemort then to marry a squib.” Draco took his shot in one group. “If it wasn’t my life being screwed with then I would have said it was a pretty ingenious move.”

Cordelia took Draco’s empty glass from his hand. Neither spoke as Cordelia empted the bottle into there refilled glasses, she through the bottle and its tan cork into the garbage beside her.

“So it looks like were both in a bind. Neither of us can inherit with out are parents consent. So it leaves us with only a couple options. One, we freak out. Refuse the marriage. After awhile our parents will probably cave seeing as we are both only children. But as you say you still have ten months. The wait could be very uncomfortable. And while I’m sure we both could out wait anyone, I’m not willing to go months stuck in a small room with out the comforts of life.” Draco nodded obviously in agreement.

“Two, we could give in, get married and become one of the most powerful families in both wizarding and muggle world. Of course the down fall would be we would have to produce two heirs. A first born male, for the Malfoy line and a female for the LeFay line.”

Draco and Cordelia shared a look there eyes meeting a crossed the room. “Looked at like this it would seem rational to go with the married option.” Stepping forward Draco opened the closest holding there bonding outfits.

“We would have to make our own agreements, I would bare your son right away, but I would want my daughter no more then a year later, after which were moving back to the muggle world.” Cordelia stepped forward figuring the satin off-white gown hanging on one wall.

“Should either of us take a lover the other shall be notified. As there are certain fundraisers and parties that both of us will have to attend.” Cordelia nodded her understanding.

“The arrangement isn’t all bad of course. The contacts our names will open up for each other will double our fortunes.”

“That and the power of our blood will give our children great advantages.” Draco added.

Draco walked back over to the liquor cabinet just as the door opened admitting Cordelia's and Draco’s parents.

“So have you decided?” Draco stepped out of the way, handing Cordelia’s father a bottle with a dark brown cork allowing him to take over pouring the drink for there mothers.

“You two shouldn’t be drinking, not with such an important event coming up.” Draco snorted sliding across the room and out of his mothers reach.

“What would the guest think, I mean what would people think if they knew the bride and groom were being forced into marriage just to keep some money in the family?” Cordelia watched as her parents and Mrs. Malfoy sipped on the freshly opened bottle of liquor.

“Don’t be so over dramatic Cordelia. We’re doing this for you.” Cordelia’s eyes narrowed. Her mouth opened to refute the obvious lie when all three adults began to convulse in there chairs. Cordelia and Draco shared a look before taking off in opposite directions. Cordelia headed towards the floo network, calling for saint-muggos doctors, and Draco headed towards the adults trying to figure out what ever was happening to them.

It took only moments for the medic-wizards to arrive and confirm the death of Mr. and Mrs. Chase, and Mrs. Malfoy. Death by poison. Cordelia and Draco stood in stunned silence as wizards came and went. They both talked to auroras, gave statements.

Then everyone left.

“Well. . . “ Draco and Cordelia jumped as two owls began tapping against the window. Draco flicked his wand towards the window and watched as one owl made its way towards him and another towards Cordelia.

“It a message from the Ministry, there going to come up with a decoy for the muggle papers. A car accident in one of the hills or some such rot. The official statement was that I was shopping in London, coming back from a business lunch there car was hit and they both died on impact.”

“I’m being cleared of any involvement. The bottle was obviously for me.” Draco looked around the room.

“On be half of the Malfoy corp. I would be very interested in continuing any business adventures that are currently on the way.”

A slow smirk crossed Cordelia’s face, her head tilting up slightly as she was watched Draco. “and on behalf of Chase corp. we happily agree. I’ll keep you on our mailing list.” Cordelia turned and walked towards the door. “Oh our trip to Greece is still on for this year right?”

“Yeah, got a owl from Pansy and Blaise last week, we’re all looking forward to it.”

The two shared look before Cordelia showed herself out.

“You think they would know not to try and hid anything from us.” Draco let out a shark bark of laughter as he walked towards the liquor cabinet. He picked up the small brown cork and tossed it into the garbage beside him, pulling open the cabinet drawer he pulled out another bottle of wine with a tan cork, by passing another with a dark brown one. “

Hey Everyone. . . .So I don't own Harry Potter, or Angle, Or Buffy.

I would like to thank Joss and JKR for letting me borrow there characters to have my wicked way with them.

I'm always taking ideas so if you have a special request let me know. I don’t' promise it promptly but I’ll get to it, promise.


The End?

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You have reached the end of "Meeting of the Minds" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 1 Aug 09.

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