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Meeting of the Minds

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Summary: HP, Buffy/Angel crossover, varied characters and how they may meet. parings vary, from slash, to conventional

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Harry Potter > Multiple PairingsnightslayerFR1845,138053,36915 Mar 091 Aug 09No

Angel and Harry

All right, boys and girls, some of my pairings are, slash, het, and all that is between. There are going to be threesomes, and girl-somes and other-somes.

This is an implied-slash


Angel came because Albus called.

Not that Angel carried a great deal for Albus, but he did owe a life debt.

He of course let Albus believe the debt was to the Gryffindor line. That was fine with Angel. The less the nosy old coot knew the better he was sure.

So Angel came, a debt called in. His goal, to protect Harry Potter, and teach him all he could.

Even if what he could teach him aren’t really what others wanted Harry to learn.

“You’re holding it wrong!” Angel couldn’t help the irritation from entering his tone. They had been practicing sword-work for more than two weeks and Harry was showing no improvement.

“I’m sorry; I can’t seem to hold the sword up for long.” Angel nodded, he already knew Gryffindors sword was just too heavy for the petite young man. He had seen it when Albus had handed the sword to Harry. If Angel hadn’t been a vampire he wasn’t sure if he could have handled the sword. Gordic Gryffindor had been a very large man.

“That’s it. I don’t care what Albus wants. Put that antique wall ornament away. We’ve wasted enough time on this ridiculous notion that it must be the Gryffindor sword that must strike down the Slytherin heir. Like everything has to do with this ridiculous school rivalry.” Turning Angel dug through the weapons closet before pulling out two, twin long daggers.

The daggers ran the length of a man’s forearm, truly making them more small swords then daggers. Beautifully hand crafted silver, detailed to look like vines. The swords looked as if they let out their own internal light.

Turning, his mouth open to continue talking to Harry, Angel met with a miserable looking young man. “What’s wrong?”

Watching the wizarding worlds hero cast sidelong looks towards the sword Angel waited for Harry to explain to him.

“Albus said that all true Gryffindors could use the sword.”

Angel snorted, while striding forwards, “To be honest with you I cant’ remember even half of Gryffindor’s line being able to wield that sword. If I recall properly, even those of his immediate family, that is his three children, his five grandchildren and his eighteen great-grandchildren. Only maybe twenty of them could wield the sword. One of his own children, a daughter wasn’t even able to. You see part of being able to wield a weapon is having the weapon fit your body. You are far to petite too ever wield Gryffindor’s sword properly. This isn’t a fault of your own. It is your body type.” Holding out the twin swords to Harry he watched as the boy took them from his hands. They fit nicely, and Angel knew they would work far nicer.

“They’re warm.” Angel watched the awe cross through the young man’s eyes.

That’s all the proof Angel needed.

Sliding around him, Angel placed his hands on Harry’s shoulders, running them down his arms till his own hands were intertwined with Harry’s.

“They were Abrieal’s, Gordic’s wife, and she in turn gave them to Glinda. Gryffindors youngest child, and only daughter. It is her line you are descended from.” Leaning down Angel’s lips pressed against Harry’s ear causing the younger man to shiver and press just slightly back. “I could smell it, Glinda was her mother’s child. Her powers, her frame and thoughts. There were many rumors that Gordic never even helped produce Glinda, that it was Abrieals magic that helped her conceive the daughter she wanted. These were Abrieal’s swords. Abrieal had two sons and a daughter. That daughter had two sons and a daughter, and that daughter had two sons and a daughter. So on and so on.”

Angel let Harry pull away from him. He watched, dark eyes smoldering with something unnameable as Harry began to put things together.

“What did Albus tell you about why I was here?”

Harry looked up meeting Angel’s eyes. “He said you owed Gryffindor a life debt that Albus was collecting for me.”

Grinning Angel spoke. “Yes, and no. I do owe your line a life debt but not through Gryffindor, and not through your father.”

Holding up the twin swords, Harry motioned towards himself. “You owe Abrieal the debt. Or a daughter of Abrieal.”

“I killed a daughter of Abrieal. Her line had turned from Wizarding magic and began following a more earthly magic. They were called gypsies at the time. Her family cursed me, and as I lay there withering in guilt. My soul unable to deal with the destruction and death I had dealt and my demon unable to comprehend the emotions running through my soul, they took pity on me. They couldn’t undue the curse, but changed it. Merged my soul and my demon. Then extracted an oath from me, that I would come when called should ever a child of Abrieal need me. I came when your grandmother was being hunted, though I came too late. Though barely, her hunters were still standing above her warm body. It had been a long time since I’d take such pleasure in the disembowelment of a person. I wanted to ensure that your line would not be bothered by these ‘people’ again.” Removing the blades away from Harry’s hands he let them slide to the floor.

“Your mother was, maybe three or four. She had been hiding in a closet that your grandmother had magically sealed with her last moments. When I opened the closet she just crawled into my arms.” Opening his arms he wasn’t surprised when Harry sank into his lap.

“One of my childer had family still alive. I took her to them. Explained what I could, of her past and her future.”

“If you knew about my mum, why didn’t you help her when they were being hunted my Voldemort.” Angel had been waiting for this question

“Because she told me not to. I was there when you were born. She told me things were going to change. That I needed to stay away till someone called for me. When I left all she told me was your name. Harry Potter.”

“So what are you trying to tell me?”

Reaching over towards the swords he pulled one up and placed it in Harry’s hand. “You have no sister, nor a brother. But you are you mothers son. Abrieal’s line has always had the ability to do what others never thought. Don’t allow them to dictate to you.”

Angel looked down as Harry buried his head in his shirt.

“Will you stay with me till this is all over? I need someone who is just thinking of me. No one else but me.”

Pulling Harry further into his arms Angel finally saw where his redemption was coming from. It was here, with this young man in his arms.

“I’ll stay till you send me away.”


Hey Everyone. . . .So I don't own Harry Potter, or Angle, Or Buffy. Wish I did, I mean. . .think about how rich I would be. . . . . .

Sry, lost myself there. I would like to thank Joss and JKR for letting me borrow there characters to have my wicked way with them.

I'm always taking ideas so if you have a special request let me know. I don’t' promise it promptly but I’ll get to it, promise.

thax to EvaMcGregor for bouncing ideas off of! and helping me fine tune the chapter
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