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Giving the Gift of Death

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Summary: It's time for George to take on her role as head of the team and the "adventures" that whoever is in charge has decided to haze her with.

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Television > Dead Like MeAsarStarFR1553,106144,24415 Mar 0913 Apr 09No

Chapter 1: Grey Envelopes

Title: Grey Envelope
Rating: K
TtH Prompt: #49 - First Times
Fandom: BTVS/Dead Like Me
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters featured here. They belong to their respective creators and production companies. (Joss Whedon --> BTVS; Brian Fuller and Showtime --> Dead Like Me
Spoilers: Dead Like Me movie and Season 7 BTVS
A/N: Sorry for the severe lack of BTVS characters
Summary: George gets an out of town assignment.

The knock came on the door to her apartment late in the evening, right as she was sitting down to dinner in front of the television. It was the second strangest thing to happen to her that day, coming in at a close second to the post-its rained down on her head and her fighting it out with Roxie over whether or not she'd been chosen as the new head of their group. She almost didn't recognize the knock, imagining it to be part of the television show she'd turned on. Either way she still check the door, only to hear the elevator doors closing down the hall.

Strange, she'd thought, before turning to go back into her apartment. As she turned, the grey envelope caught her eye. Had she just been served? She picked it up anyways, deciding that dead people couldn't be sued and just in case she'd close the door quick to make sure there wouldn't be anybody trying to snap a picture to prove time or anything.

The envelop contained a list of last names, first initials, times, and places. This was the list of people that would die the next day. Her first time getting the list of people to die and all of them were listed to be in the morning in a place called Sunnydale, California. That was certainly not Seattle. Great, she'd have to call everyone in to give out assignments tonight if they were going to make it there in time. Her first time calling the gang in for reaps and they'd murder her for ruining their nights. Hopefully this was just reaper hazing and it wouldn't be a regular theme for her role as leader.
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