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The Rider

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Summary: YAHF Xander dresses as a biker for Halloween and becomes Johnny Blaze. It seemingly disappears when the spell ends but Kendra's death reawakens the Spirit Of Vengeance.

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Marvel Universe > Ghost RiderRubyPaladinFR1835,56445917,61515 Mar 0919 Jul 09No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15



Author’s Notes: For an idea on what William Emerson looks like, picture Michael Clarke Duncan.

Chapter 2


Somehow, it seemed as though a beacon was drawing him towards the mansion. He stopped at the gate and pressed the button for the intercom. Before he could speak, the gates swung open as if he was expected.

“I don’t like this, Kitten.” Dru said from behind him.

He rode up to the front door and turned off his bike. They got off and walked inside. A large black man in a blue pinstripe suit greeted them at the door. He held a black leather briefcase with ‘Griffin & Draco’ embossed on the side of the case facing them.

“Greetings, Mr. Harris.” The man said to them. “My name is William Emerson. I’m the executor to Mr. Charles Prescott’s will.”

“What’s this about?” Xander asked.

“If you’ll follow me, I’ve everything set up to show you exactly what this is about.” Emerson said gesturing the two to follow him.

They followed the lawyer down the hall and entered an office where a television had been set up as well as a few chairs. Xander and Dru sat down as Mr. Emerson turned the television on. A man with gray hair appeared on the screen smiling.

“Hello Alexander, or as my lawyers insist I call you, Xander, I’m sorry we never got the chance to meet but I’m told you’ll do me proud. You see, I first need to ask you for forgiveness for what I put you through by turning you into Ghost Rider. What I did is unforgivable but I’m sorry. If it helps, you’re my sole beneficiary to my will. The moment you walked into my home, you became a multi-billionaire. That is yours regardless of what you may decide to do. I had no living relatives to contest this.” Mr. Prescott said. “Now, I will tell you my reasons. My only son played football in college and had entered into a managerial contract with Wolfram & Hart. A month later, he was killed by a drunk driver and I found out from my lawyers from Griffin & Draco that my son’s contract held a clause which sealed his soul within a hell dimension that the firm controls. I tried every way in the world to get my son’s soul freed from the contract.”

Xander turned to see tears rolling down Dru’s cheeks. “The rich man was so sad, Kitten.” She told him.

“Then, a seer under Griffin & Draco’s employ foresaw the events that would occur in your hometown on Halloween. The seer saw enough to know that you held the greatest possibly of retaining the most aspects of your costume and the seer instructed the firm to manipulate events so that you would go as my son’s favorite super hero that night.” Mr. Prescott continued. “I was informed that I wouldn’t live to see this day so I had my will changed to have you inherit everything I own. I know it can’t make up for what I had done to you but I hope that you decide to follow the plan that William and his fellow lawyers at Griffin & Draco created. I’ll understand if you don’t but I hope you will. Goodbye.”

The television faded to black and Mr. Emerson opened up his briefcase. He pulled out a couple of forms and handed them to Xander to look over. A smirk crossed Xander’s face.

“Rather simple forms you got here.” Xander remarked.

“I believed that these would be sufficient.” Mr. Emerson joked handing Xander a pen.

After filling out the papers, Xander gave them back to the lawyer who placed them back in his briefcase. Xander sighed and looked out the window.

“If I do decide to do this, how in the hell will I be able to locate these lawyers?” He asked. “I doubt they go out shedding the blood of the innocent.”

“When the sun goes down in fifteen minutes, we contracted a local coven to essentially place mystical beacons that you should be able to detect quite easily.” Mr. Emerson informed him.

“Let me guess the plan.” Xander said. “Basically, I do a great deal of damage to Wolfram & Hart’s infrastructure and then offer a deal. They accept the deal knowing that my Penance Stare burns the soul and since their souls are under contract with them, they lose more assets by trying to keep Mr. Prescott’s son’s soul than if they release it.”

“Precisely, Xander.” Mr. Emerson said. “So I take it you accept?”

Dru looked over at him. “You should help the sad man, Kitten.” She told him.

Xander shook his head defeated. “Why do I let myself get talked into these things?” He asked himself. “Will you be alright by yourself?”

“If you don’t mind, I’m going to an event tonight and I need a date.” Mr. Emerson said looking over at Drusilla. “I would be honored if you would go with me.”

“I believe the lawyer will make certain of it.” Drusilla said. “It’s almost nightfall.”

“Have a good night, you two.” Xander said as he headed out the door.

He didn’t bother waiting for a reply. Night was falling and he could feel the Rider yearning to come forth. Xander got onto the motorcycle as dusk fell and transformed into the Rider. He sped off into the night as he felt the first beacon light up. It didn’t take long to reach his destination. The lawyer was exiting a demon brothel with a rather large grin on his face. He wasn’t going to have that grin for long. The Rider pulled off his chain and hurled them towards the lawyer. The chains wrapped themselves around him and the Rider dragged the screaming lawyer over to him. A few people from inside the brothel took a glance outside but one look at the Rider made them retreat back into the establishment. The lawyer somehow managed to fish out a business card.

“Wait, I work for Wolfram & Hart.” He said.

“I know, Mr. Park.” The Rider said. “Your soul is stained with the blood of the innocent. Feel their pain. Look into my eyes.”

Gavin Park screamed as the Penance Stare was performed on him. When it was over, the Rider dropped the lawyer to the ground and walked back to his bike. His night wasn’t through yet.


Drusilla had chosen to wear a simple white strapless dress to the event. It was some kind of fund raiser but she wasn’t really interested. She stayed close to Emerson as he walked over to a gray-haired man.

“Holland Manners, so nice to see you again.” Emerson said though it was clear from the tone of his voice that he wasn’t being honest.

“William Emerson, I see you aren’t going stag tonight.” Manners said before he got a good look at whom the rival lawyer had brought with him. “Drusilla, nice to see you again.”

“The feeling isn’t mutual.” Drusilla replied.

“I must commend you, Bill, for how you pulled this little joke off.” Manners said with a laugh. “I guess I’ll have to check with security to see how you got a master vampire past the wards that specifically prevent that sort of thing.”

Emerson reached into the pocket of his suit jacket and pulled out a simple silver cross on a necklace chain. He walked behind Drusilla.

“I was going to give you this afterwards but I think now is the perfect time.” Emerson said putting on her.

“It’s pretty.” Drusilla said appraising her gift. “Thank you.”

A look of surprise washed over as he saw the cross wasn’t burning her. He took a step back mainly out of surprise and he wasn’t the type of person that liked being surprised. A chuckle could be heard coming from Emerson.

“Now, now, Holland.” Emerson said with a smile. “You look like you’ve just had someone walk on your grave.”

Before Holland Manners could reply, a redheaded woman in a black dress walked over to him.

“Sir, it’s the office.” She said before handing over the cell phone she had been holding.

“Yes...what?!” Holland exclaimed. “I’ll be right there.” He hung up the phone.

“Something the matter, Holland?” Emerson asked.

“Just a negotiation that went south, Bill.” Holland replied. “I need to get back to the office.”

“Another time, Holly.” Emerson said. “See you later.”

“Ta ta, Mr. Manners.” Drusilla said smiling. “I hope you have a pleasant night.”

Holland Manners walked away from them and Emerson allowed himself a chuckle. He turned his attention to his date who had picked up a glass of champagne from a server. She slowly took a sip from the glass.


Kate Lockley ran after her perp that she’d been chasing for the last fifteen minutes. She was suppose to be off duty and while walking past a neighborhood grocery store when she heard an alarm erupt from the place and a man dressed in dark clothing tear away from the store. She ran after the man but he was quite adept at eluding her. Finally, the man found himself in a dead end alley and nervously pointed his gun at her. She returned the favor pointing her service pistol at him.

“LAPD!” She exclaimed. “FREEZE!”

Thankfully, the man dropped his gun and his bag but Kate knew the look in the man’s eyes. He was afraid. It was clear to the detective that it wasn’t her that he was afraid of based of where he was looking. She turned around to see something she knew couldn’t exist. It looked like a flaming skeleton dressed as a biker was walking towards them.

“David Allen,” The biker said. “your soul has been stained with the blood of the innocent. Time for you to feel their pain.”

Thinking quickly to try to save her perp from whatever this thing was, she stepped in front of it. “Wait, I’m a cop.” She said pulling out her badge. “I can make sure he gets the punishment he deserves.”

The biker looked at her and Kate briefly wondered if it was checking her out. It turned to look at the perp.

“Promise to behave and do whatever the nice lady cop says, David?” He asked

“Yah.” The guy said with fear laced in his voice.

“Got handcuffs?” The biker asked her. Kate fished out the handcuffs. “He’s yours, officer.”

“Detective, actually.” Kate replied before wondering why in the hell she felt like apologizing.

“Remember David, if I see you again...” The biker said before putting two bony hands to his mouth and letting out a sharp whistle. Kate was shocked when she saw the demonic looking motorcycle pull up. The biker got onto it and revved the engine. “...nothing will save you from me.”

The demon biker let out a bone-chilling laugh as he rode away. Kate turned to find her suspect collapsed on the ground. She walked over to check his vitals when she smelled a rather foul odor coming from him.

“It figures.” She said to herself as she rolled the guy onto his stomach. “I always end up with the weirdos on my day off.”


It was the next morning when Holland Manners called the emergency meeting to discuss the attacks on their workforce. He sat at the head of the table as he saw three of the brightest lawyers enter the boardroom. Lilah Morgan followed closely by Lindsey McDonald and Lee Mercer. More people arrived and then the meeting started. Everyone opened the manilla folders that had been in front of them and leafed through the files.

“So, Gavin’s contract was terminated.” Lilah said with a smirk. “I thought it might happen eventually.”

“Mr. Park’s contract wasn’t terminated, Miss Morgan.” Holland replied. “His contract was destroyed when his soul was exposed to a strange type of hellfire.”

“Hellfire on this plane of existence?” Lee Mercer asked. “How is that even possible?”

“We don’t know but we’ve lost quite a few people tonight because of it.” Holland continued. “Their eyes seemed to have been charred from exposure.”

“How the hell did that happen?” Lindsey asked. “Ghost Rider hit them with the Penance Stare?”

That remark caused those in attendance to turn their attention towards Lindsey who looked at them a bit strangely.

“What?” He asked. “No one ever read comic books as a kid.”

The End?

The author is currently looking for one or more beta readers for this story. If you are interested, please email the author or leave a private review.

You have reached the end of "The Rider" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 19 Jul 09.

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