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The Fifth and Sixth Rangers

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Summary: Six chapters, two hundred words each, on the lives of Rangers as they join the empowered Scooby Gang.

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Television > Power Rangers > Mighty Morphin Power Rangers(Current Donor)ShieldageFR1531,424052,86417 Mar 0916 Oct 13No

I wonder what it says in the manual...

BtVs by Whedon & M.E., Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers by Saban Entertainment and Fox Kids.

Season Two

The Scooby Gang was eating lunch in the Sunnydale cafeteria when their communicators beeped. Nodding to each other they retreated to the library.

"So, Big Giant Head," Cordelia asked as she touched the fashionable accessory on her wrist. "We received your message, what is it?"

"I have gathered you here," came the voice of Zordon. "To announce a momentous occasion, saddened only by the reasons behind it. This is the first time that one of the core five power crystals - Red, Blue, Purple, Green and White - has been passed on from its original bearer to a new member of our team. To lose Angel, especially under such... circumstances. It is a tragedy. But we must look forward to a bright new future, where we stand together, united in hope."

With sufficient drama, the library's double doors swung open, revealing the home team's newest member.

"Well," Oz announced, showing off his newly color-coordinated clothes. "At least I'll always be ready for St. Patrick's Day."

"So, Dorothy." The Blue Ranger chuckled as he nudged the Red Ranger. "Been to the Emerald City yet?"

"Stop it, Willow," cried Buffy, a few seconds later. "We do not use the taser-whip on Xander!"


One of the Later Seasons

In a cavern far below Sunnydale...

"As you know," spoke the floating head of Zordon. "It's a tradition to hand this particular power crystal over to the 'visiting member' of our team. Kendra died while bearing it proudly. Faith corrupted the honor of the mantle and proved herself unworthy. Now, warriors of light, I present to you whom I have chosen. May he do... his new station... justice."

Snickers arose as a figure stepped from the shadows. He was a bit wider around the shoulders than the previous owners.

"Of all the fuck-," snarled Spike as he removed his shiny new helmet. "I am not gay!"

A few weeks later as Spike was walking down a darkened street in civilian clothes, a harsh cry broke the silence of the night.

"Run! It's the Pink Ranger."

"What?" Spike tackled the fleeing demon to the ground. "How the bloody hell did you know that? The soddin' visor is supposed to be opaque!"

"That's no help seeing as your 'secret' identity is kinda transparent, I mean... You're wearing a black leather jacket over a 'Real Men Wear Pink' shirt."

"Oh." Spike grimaced, his fangs retracting. "Well... They do. I'm living proof."


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