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I've Loved You So Long

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Summary: A Look at the Lifetime Relationship between the Slayer and the Hunter

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Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Dean WinchestersuperslayerFR1867381,87821244121,75517 Mar 0923 Aug 12No

Chapter Ten - In Her Element

After Joyce went to bed, Buffy brought the guys upstairs to her room to stock up on supplies. She opened the chest by her bed and removed the top drawer to reveal an assortment of weapons.

“Nice chest,” Dean replied.

Sam shot him a look.

“Weapons chest, weapons. Get your mind out of the gutter Sammy.”

Buffy took out a couple of stakes and shoved them in various pockets of her leather coat.

“You guys want any of this?”

Dean shook his head, “We got it covered.”

The three of them retreated downstairs and through the front door. Dean retrieved his keys and stopped by the car. He opened the trunk and revealed his secret weapons stash. Buffy peeked inside and gasped with glee.

“Wow, impressive.”

Her eyes flickered with excitement when she saw a weapon she liked. She brushed a finger along a long silver dagger with a serrated edge.

“Oooh, shiny. I like shiny. Can I have it?”

Buffy batted her eyes.

“No, get your own. I paid a lot of money for that.”

“I’ll fight you for it,” she replied, feigning an intimidating look.

Dean removed a knife with a curved wood blade.

“Is that wood?”

“Holy wood.”

“Ooh, me likey, can I have it?”

Buffy batted her eyes.

“No, get your own.”

Buffy drew her lower lip down, pouting.


Dean shut the trunk and stuffed the knives in his pockets, hanging onto his favorite. As they walked into town, Buffy removed her knife and compared it to Dean’s.

“Mine’s bigger by an inch,” she quipped.

“It’s not the size that matters, it’s how well you use it. And I use it very well missy.”

“You think you’re that good huh?”

“Hell yeah, I’ve been doing it my whole life. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to see me in action.”

“Not if I kill everything first.”

“You wouldn’t.”

Buffy shrugged, a small smile knitting her face.

“Didn’t your mother teach you about sharing?”

“I’m an only child, I don’t need to share.”

Sam’s mouth dropped as he listened to Buffy and Dean’s suggestive banter. Not once did his brother crack a smile or wink flirtatiously or chuckle offensively. Sam scratched his head in disbelief.


Buffy led Sam and Dean through town, her senses on high alert. When nothing set her internal alarm off she headed toward the cemetery. Buffy twirled her stake as she passed through the cemetery.

“Here demon, demon…” she called.

Dean rolled his eyes, “Are you serious?”

Suddenly, a vampire rose from a fresh grave and snarled at her.

“I’ll be damned,” Dean said.

He skipped through the rows of graves excitedly.

“Here demon, demon!”

Buffy frowned, “Hey! Get your own schtick.”

The vampire attacked Buffy, knocking her down to the ground and growling in her face.

“Ugh, somebody had fish for their last meal.”

She punched the vamp in the face, sending it stumbling back. She sprung to her feet as the vamp charged toward her. She spun into a roundhouse kick, slamming her foot into the vamp’s head. She followed the attack with a combination of punches and kicks before throwing the vamp to the ground and plunging her stake into the heart. The vamp exploded into dust. Sam glanced at his watch and exhaled in awe.

“Woah, you’re fast.”

“Yeah, I really need to control myself because it didn’t last long enough for me to really enjoy it.”

Dean came back over to Sam and Buffy, disappointment riddling his face.

“Dammit, those undead bastards didn’t rise up for me.”

“That’s because I’m cuter.”

“So much for getting some action tonight,” he grumbled.

Buffy dusted herself off. “No worries, that was just a warm up.”


Twenty minutes later, Sam, Dean and Buffy were sitting around the north side of the cemetery waiting for some demon activity.

“Ugh, this place is dead.”

Buffy frowned at Dean, “Hey, I’m the only one allowed to pun.”

After ten more minutes passed, Dean got to his feet

“Okay, I’m getting tired of waiting.”

“Yeah, me too. We’ll make one more pass and then check out a couple of other demon hang outs.”

Buffy weaved through the graveyard one more time before leading the guys out to the clearing. She passed through the downtown district, letting her senses drive her. When they reached an abandoned shipping factory, she paused. She swung her eyes around at the dilapidated two story building before vaulting gracefully onto a dumpster. She propped herself up to a window ledge and peeked inside.

“Trouble?” Dean asked.

She nodded, jumping to the ground. “Big time. Okay guys, I know you’re both way skilly but don’t get too confident in there. Remember, you’re not me.”

Dean's eyes widened at her English. “Skilly? If you don’t get kicked out of school, you’ll surely flunk out.”

Buffy frowned and punched Dean in the arm, hard.


He grimaced and rubbed his arm.

“Watch it Winchester, I can kick the crap out of you now.”

“Oh, I’d pay to see that,” Sam said with a wicked smile.

“Shut up Sammy or I’ll let you die in there.”

“Shhhh,” Buffy said, “You’re not doing well with the whole element of surprise thing. Just follow my lead and don’t get crazy.”

Buffy quietly crept over to a side door and pried it open just wide enough to allow space for the three of them to slip inside. Sam and Dean both gripped their knives apprehensively as Buffy silently charged forward. Eight vampires were gathered in the back of the building in heated discussion. Large, rusted shipping crates lined the factory providing enough coverage for Buffy, Sam and Dean to sneak up behind the vamp crowd. Sam and Dean hung back as Buffy climbed onto a stack of crates piled five feet high, positioning her on top of the vampires.

“Hey, are you guys having a party without me? How rude.”

Eight vampires turned around and looked up in surprise.

“Slayer,” a vampire hissed.

Buffy raised her stake in the air and got into her fighting stance.

“Oh, you’ve heard of me?” she said.

“Kill her!”

All at once, eight vampires flaunted their fangs and charged toward her. Buffy propelled herself off the stack of crates and into the air. She twisted her body around as she descended toward the ground and landed directly behind the vampires. They swung around in surprise but quickly got back into their game faces and went rushing toward her.

Sam and Dean watched in amazement as the vampires attacked Buffy from all sides. She swiftly launched a defense, using a combination of jumps, spins, punches and head butts.

Dean shook himself out of his awe and dove right into the battle. Sam followed suit, attacking a vampire closest to him.

Eight minutes later, it was all over.
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